How to watch Turkish channels / series with a VPN

Turkey is the second biggest TV series exporter country after the USA. Being in the middle of the world and reaching out to many different cultures, Turkish TVs and their series are so popular among Europe, Asia, Latin America, and MENA countries.

While the popularity created so much demand on the Turkish TV channels, unfortunately, the geo-restriction agreements make the Turkish contents less reachable outside Turkey. Yet, I am here to fix this problem and help you stream Turkish TV channels and series anywhere in the world.

In this article, I will teach you how to virtually be in Turkey and stream Turkish channels/series with a VPN service. Also, you will learn the most popular Turkish streaming platforms for each different category of your choice.

Analysis: Because of the copy and broadcasting rights, Turkish TV channels and series are not available outside Turkey. Especially during the live streaming hours, you can watch the channels only if you are located in Turkey. The issue is called geo-restriction and it can easily be bypassed with a VPN service.

Solution: The quickest and the easiest way to go around geo-restrictions is to use a VPN service. Simply, we will be using a premium VPN that has a server in Turkey. The connection to this specific server will change our virtual location to Turkey and grant us a Turkish IP address. This way, we will be watching Turkish TV channels and their original series anywhere in the world.

A quick guide to streaming Turkish TV channels and series with a VPN:

  1. Visit SurfShark VPN -it has fast and reliable servers in Turkey/Antalya.
  2. Click on the “Get SurfShark” button and choose a plan.
  3. Enter your personal details and complete the purchase with a preferred payment method.
  4. Check your e-mail for the login details, and log in to the SurfShark portal with your credentials.
  5. Navigate to “Apps and extensions”, download the VPN app for your device, and install it.
  6. Start the VPN app, log in with the same credentials.
  7. Navigate to “Locations”, type “Turkey” to the search bar, and connect to the Turkish server.

That is it! Now you have a Turkish IP address.

As for the last step, visit BluTV -the best Turkish channel streaming portal covering all channels from Turkey, and register to the platform.

Once your account is created, all of the Turkish channels will be available to you.

By using a VPN service, you can easily access Turkish streaming platforms and start watching your favorite TV channel or series.

If you are familiar with the VPN services, then the short introduction would be sufficient for you. On the other hand, there might be some other visitors not knowing the power of VPN services and how they work to bypass geo-restrictions.

Let me give you more details…

Understand geo-restriction problems

Geo-restricting is a way of blocking users from accessing certain online content by analyzing their current location through IP addresses.

For our case, when you try to watch a Turkish TV series -let’s say: “Sadakatsiz” from Kanal D, you will be getting the following error:

  • “Bu içeriği bulunduğunuz bölgeden izleyemezsiniz”
  • Translation: “You cannot watch this content from your region”

Geo-restrictions are the biggest problem for the streamers. When you try to access Kanal D outside Turkey, you will get the error message on this image.

To give you another example, here is a geo-restriction sample from Fox TV’s brand new series “Evlilik Hakkında her şey”.

  • “Video oynatılamadı, ağ ya da sunucu hatası veya belirtilen format desteklenmiyor. Sayfayı yenilemek için tıklayınız.”
  • Translation: “Failed to play video, network or server error or the specified format is not supported. Click to refresh the page.”

Fox TV is another popular TV channel applying IP blockage to visitors.

In short, any of these contents are only available to Turkish IP addresses. When you try to access the TV channel’s live streams or their series, you will be getting stuck with the streaming embargo.

The main issue roots in your original IP address. The streaming platforms analyze your IP and figure out where you are from. If you do not have a Turkish IP address, then you will be locked out of streaming the channels or TV series.

That is geo-restriction! Yet, do not worry! We will fix that problem with a VPN service.

How to watch Turkish channels with a VPN

VPNs are professional privacy tools helping users encrypt their online data through a server. The online data hits the server and gets encrypted with a protocol. Such a move both secures our online traffic and assigns us the IP address of the selected server.

In other words, when we prefer to connect to a VPN server in Turkey, we get a Turkish IP address. This helps us be in Turkey virtually and bypass the geo-restriction mentioned above.

Now that we know how VPN works, let’s pick a reliable service to overcome this issue.

Choosing the right VPN

Picking a random VPN would not be a good option. Streaming content from a specific country requires dedicated servers and optimizations. Therefore, we should be so picky about this.

According to my extensive research and reviews, SurfShark turns out to be the most sophisticated and quality VPN provider compatible with Turkish TV and streaming platforms.

To make use of this service…

  •  Visit SurfShark’s official website and click on the “Get SurfShark” button.
  • Choose a plan depending on the period you want to watch Turkish TV channels/series and input your personal details.
  • Select a payment method and finalize the purchase.

If all goes smoothly, you will receive a confirmation e-mail including your username and password.

VPN app installation

Are your login credentials ready? If so, let’s download the VPN app for the device we want to stream the TV channels.

  • Log in to the SurfShark portal.
  • Navigate to the “Apps and Extensions” menu.
  • Click on the VPN app compatible with your device and initiate the download process.

Once the download is complete, install the app by following the instructions. Make sure to give all permission to the VPN for a proper installation.

Connecting to Turkish server.

That is it! Your VPN is ready to use and now it is time to connect to the Turkey server. Required steps are pretty easy.

  • Launch the SurfShark VPN app.
  • Access to the “Locations” menu.
  • Type “Turkey” to the search bar and connect to one of the available servers with a single click.

SurfShark has servers in Turkey and it can grant you Turkish IP addresses to bypass geo-restrictions.

SurfShark button turned green? Great, now you have a Turkish IP address and you are ready to access any Turkish streaming platform you like.

Yet! Which one will grant us the all TV channels and popular series online?

You will find the answer to this question in the section below.

Registering to BluTV

Being one of the biggest TV streaming platforms in Turkey, BluTV offers more than 60 Turkish channels, hundreds of series and movies you can enjoy.

To register BluTV, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the official BluTV website.
  • On top of the website, you will see the registration form.

BluTV registration form.

  • Enter your name, last name (Ad Soyad); email (e-posta adresiniz) and password (parola).
  • Accept “İletişim izinleri”, and “Üyelik sözleşmesi” by ticking them and click the “Ücretsiz dene (Try for free)” button.

Once you have done that, BluTV will take you to the payment page where you need to input your credit card details.

Yet, do not worry about this, the free trial is for 7 days and you will not be charged till that time.

BluTV payment page.

To make things easier, please check the translations of the required fields.

  • Kart numarası (Credit card numbers)
  • Ad Soyad (Your name and last name)
  • Ay (Month) – Yıl (Year)
  • Yıllık abonelik seçersen ayda 29.90₺ yerine 15.90₺ (If you choose annual plan, you will pay 15.90₺ instead of 29.90₺)
  • İzlemeye başla (Start streaming)

Not familiar with the currencies? Make sure to check the latest TRY value online and try to figure out how much you will pay in your local currency.

Secondly, you can pay with global and local cards. If the purchase is a success, you can now start streaming Turkish channels and series around the world.

Once you purchase BluTV, you can start watching popular Turkish TV channels.

or some series…

BluTV also offers original Turkish TV series in English dubs or subs.

Is BluTV not enough or are you looking for more Turkish content in different categories?

Let me introduce you to the most popular Turkish streaming platforms.

Where to watch Turkish TV channels and series? (Alternatives)

BluTV might be missing what you are actually looking for and I am here to fill the whole gap of your needs. By checking the alternatives below, you will be able to unlock many other Turkish contents.

Local websites

Streaming platforms are a great way to watch the contents live and free. However, you might need the saved version of the events or series. In this case, the best way to go is to find the local channels one by one.

To do so, decide which Turkish channels you want to watch. Let’s say you want to watch “Osmanlı Kuruluş” from TRT. You can either visit the “TRT Diziler” (TRT Series) menu or if you prefer to watch a single channel, use the following terms, for example:

  • TRT – search for “TRT canlı izle”
  • Fox – search for “Fox canlı izle”
  • Kanal D – search for “Kanal D canlı izle”

Make sure that you are connected to SurfShark’s Turkish server and watching the channel through the official website.

TV series/movie platforms

On-demand streaming is getting more popular each day by growing in numbers. Currently, there are not many of them at the moment, however, I am pretty sure that you will enjoy the available ones.

Netflix Turkey

Netflix Turkey is one of the fastest-growing streaming platforms for Turkish series and movies. Partnering with many different producers, Netflix can be your favorite stop if you like to watch Turkish productions in Turkish and several other languages.

If you are into TV series only, Netflix Turkey can be your best choice.

As for the Netflix originals, you do not need a VPN service. However, without a Turkish IP, you will not get the full catalog opportunity. Make sure to get a Turkish IP before accessing the Netflix Turkey catalog and enjoy the series/movies to the fullest.


PuhuTV is the first on-demand streaming platform in Turkey. Along with the award-winning TV series “Şahsiyet”, PuhuTV hosts hundreds of Turkish movies, series, and documentaries.

Another on-demand platform PuhuTV has popular series as well.

PuhuTV is free to watch and you can stream any of its content even without registration. Top contents such as Şahsiyet, PuhuTV originals, Fi, and more are only available to Turkey territory. Therefore, before accessing the platform, connect to SurfShark’s Turkey server and disable adblockers. Otherwise, you won’t be able to watch the shows.

Gain TV

Gain is a brand new platform focusing on the young population and creating content specifically for them. Currently, there are no subtitle or dub versions of the contents.

Personally, I do not recommend Gain TV at the moment as it lacks series and movies. Still, it is growing and looking promising for the future.

Turkish sports channels

A huge sports fan? Then, Galatasaray, Beşiktaş, or Fenerbahçe would make some sense to you!

Leaving the teams behind, broadcasting rights are getting tight in Turkey that, now, you can only watch the sports activities from official paid channels.

Let’s dive into the sports streaming platforms from Turkey and learn which platform airs which sports activity.

S Sport Plus

S Sport Plus is a sports-only streaming platform operating in Turkey. The company hosts popular events such as Premier Lig, Serie A, LaLiga, NBA, Formula 1, NFL, UFC in Turkey.

If you want to watch Premier League in the Turkish language, then S Sport can be your top choice.

Starting from less than 1 USD, you can enjoy those sports events with S Sport Plus. However, you must have a Turkish IP address to access the platform.

As of now, SurfShark is not working with this provider. Therefore, you can choose an alternative VPN service such as VeePN or CyberGhost.

Exxen Media

Exxen is the fastest growing on-demand streaming platform in Turkey and it has the streaming rights of Champions League, Europa League, and Europe Conference League.

Exxen offers UEFA Champions League for a reasonable price in the Turkish language. You need a VPN service to access to this platform.

Till the end of 2023, Exxen holds the streaming rights of the mentioned sports events. With less than 4 USD, you can start watching your favorite football games with Exxen.

CyberGhost and VeePN are again the most recommended VPN providers for Exxen.


It has been years, the Turkish Football league has been hosted by BeinConnect. There are also some rumors that Exxen will be purchasing the streaming rights of 2022-2023 matches. Still, it is not clear.

In any case, if you want to watch the Turkish football league, BeinConnect is the only option and I do not recommend it as it requires a Turkish ID and Turkish Phone number for verification.

Summing up the Turkish TV streaming

Geo-restrictions are everywhere and they ruin our chill time when we try to stream content from other countries. The same goes for Turkey as well.

Turkey is the second biggest TV series and movie exporting country after the USA. While some of the contents are available through third parties, unfortunately, many of the popular shows are not available immediately. In this case, you either want to watch the streaming live or access the local on-demand streaming platforms from Turkey. However, this is the exact point geo-restrictions kick in.

The fix the problem above, I came up with a VPN solution. As the best and the fastest way to watch Turkish channels and series outside Turkey, I suggested you, my favorite VPN provider, with a Turkey server.

Simply after purchasing the service, we change our IP address to Turkey by connecting to the SurfShark Turkey server and regaining access to any Turkish platforms or channels.

Last but not least, knowing the fact that each user’s expectation is different, I divided the streaming platforms by category and helped you find what you actually need faster.


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