Learn how to use Booking.com in Turkey with a VPN

Enjoying your holiday in Turkey? I bet not! There are plenty of censorship problems going on in Turkey. The biggest one for the ex-pats and travelers is Booking.com censorship. Because of the unfair pricing conditions, the Turkish government forced booking.com to stop its service and it is not like to be back again. In this short article, I will be addressing the Booking.com censorship issue and teaching you how to bypass the problem with a VPN service.

Why is Booking.com blocked in Turkey?

Back in 2015, TURSAB sued booking.com with unfair pricing and competition.

Verdict! Booking.com found guilty. When you visit the website, you will see

“Unfortunately, it’s only possible for our customers in Turkey to book international properties with us right now. We’re working on resolving the issues that have prevented us from offering you our full range of services. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your continued business with Booking.com.”

The very reason why you are seeing this notification bar is that you are visiting Booking.com with a Turkey IP address. By simply changing our IP address to somewhere else will fix the problem. In order to do that, we have to spend some bucks as almost all free VPN services are blocked in Turkey or they do not work properly.

Yet, do not worry about it. If it is one-time usage, you can use the service and ask for a refund.

How to unblock Booking.com in Turkey?

The steps are super easy. We need a VPN service. Please follow these steps.

  • Visit Booking.com and check if you see the notification bar or not.

  • We verified booking.com is not in use now.
  • Visit NordVPN and purchase the service for 1 month or more according to your stay in Turkey.

Question: Why do I have to purchase a VPN service?

Answer: It is the best and safest way to change our IP addresses.

Question: Is there anywhere else I can make use of a VPN service?

Answer: You can access USA Netflix, BBC iPlayer, bypass censorship on betting, gambling, and adult websites. A VPN service will also help you hide your online activities from the Turkish government and internet service providers.

Note: Any website you visit in Turkey has to be recorded and kept for at least 2 years (according to data retention law in Turkey)

Moving on… Here comes the hard part…

  • After you have purchased the NordVPN, you have to install the Google Chrome extension on their app page and log in with your credentials.
  • Select Netherland server and connect. Now you have a Netherland IP address.

For mobile users…

You have to enable obfuscated server feature in the app and connect to any obfuscated servers with NordVPN. Once you establish the connection, you can reserve your favorite hotel with booking.com.

Note about obfuscated servers from NordVPN:

Enable Obfuscated Servers feature in NordVPN app settings and connect any servers below.

Singapore # 116-117;
Germany # 311-314;
France # 147-150;

If Obfuscated servers do not work – disable this feature and try connecting to standard NordVPN servers:

United States # 2392-2395, 2481-2484, 2489-2492, 2497-2516;
Italy # 44-47;
Japan # 115-126;
Australia # 192-211;

Assuming that you will not be able to detect mentioned servers, most probably your servers list has not been updated yet. Our recommendation would be to log out from the NordVPN application and log in again.

In order to connect to these specific servers, click on the magnifying glass icon and search for the country and a server number with a hashtag.

For example France #149.

If you need any help regarding this issue, do not hesitate to share your comment below.

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  1. Hello ,
    Is there another way to change the IP address without Installing VPN app. …???

    • Hey Karhi,

      You may also use Proxy servers and install them manually. However, they are time consuming and not as secure as VPNs. Secondly, you may ask one of your relatives (outside of Turkey) to handle the booking for you.

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