How to watch Sweet TV outside Ukraine with a VPN

When it comes to TV streaming, Sweet TV stands out to be one of the best options for the Ukraine channels. Ranging from 28 different channel categories, Sweet TV offers more than 260 channels in 4K video quality. Yet, we have a problem!

Because of the licensing and broadcasting rights, Sweet TV is required to air most of its content to Ukraine territory only. When you try to access Sweet TV outside Ukraine, then you will be stuck with the limited version of Sweet TV for a greater sum.

This would raise two different issues for anyone outside Ukraine:

  1. If you are already registered with Sweet TV, then it will not be available to you in another country.
  2. If you do not have an account with Sweet TV, then you would not access the full catalog at all.

No matter in which situation you are in, we will solve the problem with a VPN service. Simply, we will change our IP address and trick Sweet TV as if we are accessing the website from Ukraine.

Analysis: Geo-restrictions are becoming critical each day and nowadays, big streaming companies are obliged to abide by copyright and license agreements. As for Sweet TV, the company can offer its full service to Ukraine territory only.

In other words, it holds the broadcasting rights to Ukraine IP addresses. Therefore, when you try to access the platform with an IP address of another country, only a limited catalog will be available to you.

Solution: As a shortcut solution to this problem, VPN services can help us drastically. We just need a working VPN with a Ukrainian server. This way, we can connect to it and get a Ukrainian IP address. This will enable us to stream Sweet TV from anywhere in the world.

A quick guide to watching Sweet TV from anywhere:

  1. Visit VeePN service provider – it has working Ukraine servers in Kharkiv.
  2. Choose a plan, enter personal info, and finalize payment with a preferred method.
  3. Upon successful payment, you will receive login credentials to your email address.
  4. Navigate to, click on the “SIGN IN” button, and enter your login credentials.
  5. Download the VPN app compatible with your device from the Set up new devices” section, and install it.
  6. Launch the VPN app, and log in with the same credentials.
  7. Navigate to “Locations”, search for Ukraine and connect to the Kharkiv, Ukraine server.

That is it! Now you have a working VPN solution for Sweet TV to access the full catalog from anywhere in the world!

When you have a Ukrainian IP address, you can watch Sweet TV anywhere in the world.

If you are not quite sure about how the VPN works and helps us bypass geo-restrictions, let me guide you with an in-depth analysis.

Understanding Sweet TV geo-restriction

Like many other streaming platforms, Sweet TV holds certain broadcasting rights of online content for specific territories. Mainly focusing on the Ukrainian market, Sweet TV airs 261 TV channels, several TV series/movies for the Ukraine IP range only.

If you happen to access the Sweet TV outside Ukraine, then the number of the channels will reduce to 100 and you won’t be able to stream sports events as well as many other important channels from Ukraine.

To show you the case with an example, please refer to the images below…

Here is the non-Ukraine catalog:

The image depicts the streaming options from the non-Ukraine sweet tv plan.

Here is the full Ukraine catalog:

On the other hand, the Sweet TV Ukraine version has the most channels, movies, and sports events.

The very reason for such a differentiation is our IP address. Sweet TV analyses the visitors’ IPs and offers the catalog accordingly.

In other words, when we have a Ukrainian IP address, we can access the full catalog. If we are visiting Sweet TV from another country, then we get to use limited plans and pay higher amounts.

Let’s learn how a VPN can help us fix this problem!

How to watch Sweet TV with a VPN

The best and fastest way to change our IP address and encrypt our online traffic is to use a VPN service.

VPN services transfer our online data through selected servers in a specific country. If we connect to a server located in Ukraine, then our online data will travel within the chosen server and we will be granted a Ukrainian IP address.

Simply put, no matter in which country we are in, if we use a VPN service with a Ukrainian server, we can change our local IP address and start watching Sweet TV.

Choosing the right VPN

Choosing a random VPN for Sweet TV would not be a good decision. Several VPN services got blocked by the system and even if you have a Ukraine IP address, you might not access the portal.

It is quite possible that Sweet TV blocks VPN services. In this sense, make sure to work with a working VPN solution.

After doing decent research, I came up with the best VPN provider working with Sweet TV. In this tutorial, we will be using VeePN as our main VPN provider.

The company has servers in Kharkiv, Kiev, and offers 20+ Mbps download speed -good enough to watch Sweet TV in Full HD quality.

  • Visit VeePN’s official website.
  • Choose a VPN plan suitable to your budget and enter your personal data into the form below.
  • Complete the purchase with a preferred payment method.

If the purchase is a success, then the system will send you an e-mail consisting of payment confirmation details and login credentials.

VPN app installation

If you have your login details now, it is time to download the VPN app and finalize the installation.

  • Visit VeePN’s official website.
  • Click the “SIGN IN” button on the top-right corner.
  • Enter your user credentials and hit the “Log in” button.

After signing into the VeePN website, you can download the VPN apps compatible with your devices.

Right after that, VeePN will put forward available VPN apps.

  • Click on the VPN app compatible with your smart device.
  • Once the download is complete, install the app by following the instructions. During the process, make sure to give permission to all VPN requests.

Connecting to the right VPN server

If you have completed all of the steps above, then your VPN is ready to use.

As a final VPN step, let’s connect to the right server and start watching Sweet TV.

Related to our case, we are supposed to get a Ukraine IP address.

  • Launch the VeePN app on your device.
  • Navigate to the “Locations” menu -depicted as a flag on the left-mid of the app.
  • Type search “Ukraine” to the search bar and connect to the Kharkiv, Ukraine server.

VeePN has several servers in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Each of these servers will grant you access to the Sweet TV platform from anywhere.

The green bar depicts that the VPN connection is a success and you are assigned a Ukraine IP address.

Now, log in to your Sweet TV account and enjoy the endless TV streaming.

Now, you can watch Sweet TV with VeePN. Enjoy the full catalog.

I am pretty aware that you might not have a Sweet TV account yet. If that is your current situation, let’s create the account together.

Sweet TV account creation

As mentioned earlier, to access the full catalog, we need to have Ukraine’s IP address. Therefore, connecting to the VPN server before visiting Sweet TV’s official site is a must.

So, make sure you are connected to VeePN’s Kharkiv server then follow the steps below:

  • Visit Sweet TV’s official site and click on the “Activate free” button.

You can log in to Sweet TV with a Ukrainian phone number or social media platforms.

The website will pop up a notification to register with a Ukrainian phone number; Google, Facebook, or Apple ID. Choose a registration method and activate your account. Right after that, Sweet TV will offer you the available plans. Choose one to your liking.

Whether you can go for a free plan for 1 week or other paid plans which grant you greater channel and TV series/movie selections.

For sports streaming, make sure to go for M Plan or L Plan.

In addition to classical Ukrainian plans, you can also choose to watch Walt Disney, Universal, Paramount, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bross contents in the Ukrainian language for an additional fee.

Sweet TV catalog comparison

Much has been said, but why should we even bother focusing only on the Ukraine catalog of the Sweet TV?

Well, in order to make things clearer, I decided to create a comparison table for Ukraine and non-Ukraine Sweet TV catalogs. This way we will do the math and understand why Ukraine IP is a must for us.

FeaturesSweet TV UkraineNon-Ukraine
Channel categoriesFull catalogLimited
Sport channelsX
Universal StudiosX
Disney PlusX
Sony PicturesX
4K qualityX

Sweet TV is full of entertainment if you have a Ukrainian IP address. The chart itself explains it all. Both local and international channels are only available in the Ukraine catalog. When creating your account, make sure you make the right decision with the right plan.

Summing up the Sweet TV streaming

As seen on the chart above, in order to watch Sweet TV with the best opportunities, the Ukraine catalog is what we should be looking for.

Whether you have a Sweet TV account or you are planning to create a new one, I taught you how to access Sweet TV’s full catalog outside Ukraine.

By following this simple tutorial, you learned the geo-restriction problem, the necessity of a VPN service, and how to change your IP address to Ukraine so that you could access Sweet TV’s full catalog.

In the article, we used the VeePN service Kharkiv, Ukraine server to be virtually in Ukraine. After connecting to this server, Sweet TV thought that we were accessing the website from Ukraine territory and letting us access all of the streaming opportunities.

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