How to watch Megogo outside Ukraine with a VPN

When it comes to sports streaming, TV channels, series, and movies, Megogo is the best platform in Ukraine. While people in Ukraine territory enjoy the Megogo to the fullest, unfortunately, anyone outside faces geo-restriction problems. Yet, I am here to fix it.

In this article, we will be using a VPN service that has servers in Ukraine. Simply, we will connect to it and get a Ukrainian IP address. This will help us be virtually in Ukraine and access Megogo anywhere in the world.

Before diving into the details, let me give you a brief introduction to the geo-restriction problem and its quick solution.

Analysis: Megogo is available in 15 different countries around the world. However, its full catalog including Football streaming, all TV channels, and series are only available to Ukraine territory.

In other words, when you try to watch Ukraine-only content such as Premier League, UEFA Championship, Setanta Sports outside Ukraine, the contents will be blocked and you will have no access to them.

Solution: A quality VPN service comes in handy to watch Megogo’s full catalog outside Ukraine. Although not physically, VPN will help us be in Ukraine virtually. All we need to do is to connect right server and get a Ukrainian IP address.

A quick guide to watch Megogo anywhere in the world:

  1. Visit VeePN VPN – it has servers in Ukraine.
  2. Choose a plan and click the “Get plan” button.
  3. Enter your e-mail address, review the order and make the payment with a preferred payment method.
  4. Upon approval, you will receive your credentials in your e-mail.
  5. Access to the “My Account” portal with your username and password and navigate to “Download hub”.
  6. Download the VPN app compatible with your device and install it.
  7. Login to the VPN app with the same credentials, find the Ukraine server, and connect to it.

Once the connection is established, VeePN will assign you a Ukraine IP address and you will be able to watch Megogo’s full catalog anywhere, just like below.

VeePN is the best VPN solution to watch Megogo Ukraine anywhere in the world. Its Ukraine server will get you a Ukrainian IP address and bypass Megogo embargo.

It is super normal that the quick guide might not make any sense if you are not familiar with the way VPNs work.

For those looking for an in-depth tutorial, let me be your guide.

Let’s dive into details, learn more about geo-restrictions and the power of VPN services.

Why is Megogo not available outside Ukraine?

Actually, Megogo can be accessed all around the world. Yet, the full catalog is only available in Ukraine. The reason being is the copyrights and licensing.

Each Sports events, TV channels, TV series/movie are subject to an online license for specific countries. For our case, Megogo holds the broadcasting rights of Football leagues, Discovery +, Paramount+, More TV, Start Ru for Ukraine territory only.

To give you an example, let’s say that you want to watch Setanta Sports or Megogo Football outside Ukraine. Even if you have access to the channel URLs on Megogo, you will be getting the following error…

  • Unfortunately, the video is not available in your region.

When you try to access Megogo outside Ukraine, you will face this geo-restriction problem.

No matter you are registered to the Ukraine catalog before or not, if you are trying to access Megogo outside Ukraine, the restriction issue applies to all outsiders.

The very reason for this issue is that Megogo analysis your IP address and omits your access to the full catalog when you do not have Ukraine’s IP. This is the exact point when we need a VPN service.

How to watch Megogo Ukraine with a VPN?

Now that we learned the reason for the geo-blocking, it is time to fix it with a VPN service. By using a VPN, we will change our local IP address to a Ukrainian one and access Megogo’s full catalog as if we are located in Ukraine.

Simply put, VPN will help us encrypt our online traffic and route through a tunnel. If we choose to encrypt the online traffic in a Ukrainian server, then the VPN will assign us a Ukrainian IP address. This way, we can change our virtual location and trick Megogo as if we are accessing the website from Ukraine.

Choosing the right VPN

Bypassing Megogo geo-restriction is pretty hard. First of all, a random or a free would be no help. Secondly, even some paid VPN services such as VyprVPN are caught by the Megogo. Therefore, you cannot access the full catalog and face the warning below.

Not all VPNs are working with Megogo. If you choose a random one, you might get caught by the system.

At this point, we do need a reliable VPN solution that has a server in Ukraine and works with Megogo without getting caught by the system.

In this tutorial, we will be using VeePN. The company has more than 50 dedicated servers in Kyiv, Ukraine. According to the latest test I ran, the speed performance was also pretty outstanding ( 176.75 Mbps) and you can enjoy Megogo streaming with the best quality possible.

Upon purchase, it will take a few minutes for VeePN to approve your account. Once it is a success, you will get your username and password to your e-mail address.

VPN app installation

All ready? It is time to download the VeePN app compatible with our device. To do so:

  • Visit VeePN page.
  • On the right corner, click on the “My Account” tab and enter your credentials.
  • On the right section, you will see the “Download Hub” menu where you can find the downloadable apps.

Depending on the device of your choice, download the compatible app and initiate the installation.

Click on the VPN app compatible with your device, and install it by following the instruction.

Make sure to give all permissions to the VPN app when asked. Otherwise, it might not work properly.

Connecting to the right VPN server

If all went smoothly, your VPN service should be ready to use.

As we are trying to access a platform only available in Ukraine territory, we are supposed to connect to a server in Ukraine. This is the only way to access Megogo from our current location.

Please take the following steps to change your IP address to Ukraine:

  • Launch VeePN VPN application.
  • Expand the server list by clicking the arrow on the left top corner of the VPN.
  • Type “Ukraine” to the search bar and connect to it.

Unlike many other providers, VeePN has servers in Kharkiv, Ukraine. By using VeePN, you can access all of the Ukrainian platforms anywhere in the world.

Now that we have a Ukraine IP address now. It is time to enjoy Megogo’s full catalog.

Visit Megogo now! You will see that Sports events and many other geo-restricted menus are back.

CyberGhost Ukraine IP is the best way to bypass the Megogo embargo.

As you have full access now, you can watch your favorite TV channels and sports events just like below…

Creating Megogo account

For those who do not have an account yet, I have not forgotten about you!

Please keep in mind that you can register to Megogo outside Ukraine. However, if you do so, you cannot watch sports events, Amediateka, More TV, or Start Ru. In order to make the payment in UAH, and have access to the whole Megogo catalog, we need a Ukraine IP.

If you have not done yet, please do so and follow the VPN tutorial above. Once you are connected to the VeePN Ukraine server, follow the registration steps below.

  • Visit the Megogo website.
  • Click on the icon “Try for 29 UAH” and click “Sign Up”.

The system will require you to enter your phone number. If you have an Ukraina number you can write it down there with a strong password. You will receive an immediate SMS with a verification code.

If you do not have a Ukraine number, then there are two ways to receive SMS from Megogo.

  1. The best and fastest way is to download the Viber app to your smartphone and enter your global number.
  2. The hard way is to visit, create an account and buy a “single use only” Ukraine phone number for 0.22 USD.

Once you enter your verification code, enter your credit card info (it does not have to be a Ukrainian card) and complete the purchase of the trial package.

If you do not have Megogo account, make sure to create one after changing your IP address and add a credit card to the payment system.

If you need additional services, you can always add or delete services from the “Subscription management” menu.

Here are the additional services you can make use of through the Megogo Ukraine catalog.

The payment is a success?

Welcome to the Megogo world!

Being the only option for Champions League, VeePN will help you stream Megogo Football as well.

3 VPNs to watch Megogo (Alternatives)

Things might not go as expected. Streaming platforms tend to block IP addresses from VPN services. Such an intervention might devoid you of accessing Megogo. Yet, we are not helpless.

After analyzing several other VPN services. I found out the alternative solutions to help us watch Megogo in case of an IP blockage.


RusVPN is a privacy-oriented VPN provider based in Panama. Unlike many other VPN providers in the market, RusVPN does not seek server expansion or streaming, instead, it mainly focuses on user privacy and speed performance.

Related to our topic, RusVPN has dedicated servers in Ukraine and it can bypass Megogo restriction!

With the suggested VPN services, you can also stream Amediateka as well.

When analyzing the VPN services with the Ukraine server, I placed the RusVPN on the list as well because of its outstanding download speed performance up to 179.36 Mbps. Such a result helped me watch Harry Potter in 1080p Full HD quality without any buffering issues as seen above.

Being compatible with Megogo, you can also use RusVPN for many other Ukrainian streaming platforms such as OLL TV, Setanta Sports, 1+1, etc…

Those are the sweetest parts. Unfortunately, RusVPN is not budget-friendly. Contrary to VeePN’s inexpensive plans, RusVPN starts from 1.99$/month.

A single account will grant you 10 simultaneous connections so that you can share the Megogo experience with your friends and family as well. is a Malaysia-based VPN provider. Mostly known for its free version, is one of the rare VPN providers offering Ukraine servers to access Megogo with its paid version.

Once you are connected’s Ukraine server, you can enjoy your favorite shows and sports events as seen below. is an expensive yet working solution for Megogo.

Additionally,’s stables servers with 50+ Mbps download speed will enhance your streaming experience by eliminating any disconnection issues.

If you decide to as your main VPN provider for Megogo, then you need to spare more bucks than any other VPN provider in the market. The cheapest plan starts from 4.99$/month and it will help you connect a single account to 10 devices simultaneously.


ExpressVPN is a pretty new provider both in the market and on our list. The company has servers in Kharkiv, Ukraine and it works pretty well with Megogo.

ExpressVPN is another outstanding VPN service with a Ukrainian server. Connect to it and start streaming Megogo.

Even the streaming quality was amazing, the best speed you can get with ExpressVPN is around 20 Mbps. It is good enough to stream the content with the best quality possible. However, it may let you down when you try to watch Megogo on TV for 4k quality.

Leaving the cons beyond, let’s talk about the pros.

ExpressVPN is the most expensive VPN provider on our list. The plan starts from 6.67$/month and grants 5 simultaneous connections.

What you get with Megogo Ukraine

Megogo has several catalogs for each different countries and the best content-rich country is Ukraine. The company has the broadcasting rights of the TV channels, movies/tv series, sports events, and more…

On the other hand, when you try to access Megogo outside Ukraine, you do not get to enjoy the platform to the fullest because of the geo-restrictions. To make the compression simpler, let’s learn what we get when we are in and outside of Ukraine.

Megogo UkraineOther countries
Channels382 Channels57 Channels
Football leaguesX

Simply put, when you are outside Ukraine, you won’t be able to access the whole channel/movie catalog, football leagues such as Champions League, Premier League, Europe League, Conference League, Laliga, Seria A, Bundesliga, League 1, and Brasileirão. As such options are only available in the Ukraine territory.

In addition to that, popular TV series platforms such as Amediateka, discovery+, Paramount+, MORE.TV and START are dedicated to Ukraine catalog as well.

As a solution, just refer to one of the suggested VPN services above and connect to a Ukrainian server. Once you have the Ukrainian IP address, Megogo will offer the full catalog.

Summing up the article

Copyright and licensing are getting important day by day. Especially when it comes to channels, football leagues, and TV series/movies, right holders as well as broadcasters are bound to work by country territories. The same goes for the Megogo as well.

The company has the most license to air for the Ukraine market and when you try to access the website from another country, you cannot make use of the full catalog. At this point, VPN services come in handy.

In this article, we picked a reliable VPN service, change our IP address to Ukraine and be in this country virtually no matter where we are located. Such a small trick helped us stream the full Megogo catalog.

Last but not least, I taught you how to create a Megogo account outside Ukraine; get the verification code even when you do not have a Ukrainian phone number, and 3 alternative VPN services to watch Megogo in case of an IP embargo.

Enjoy your stream! Let us know if you face any IP restrictions with the suggested provider.

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