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Finding a reliable VPN service with a Turkey server might be difficult. Due to the government's strict ban on VPN services, providers encounter significant ...

VPN companies have become a primary target in Russia, where virtual constraint has reached an all-time high. Following a request from Roskomnadzor* in 2017 ...

You might be wondering if you could watch Formula 1 (F1) races for free in your current location. The answer to that question is: Yes! According to my ...

VPN users may choose to have their own IP address rather than sharing one with several other users. Such a request not only helps us improve our VPN ...

Finding a VPN service with a Ukrainian server can be quite challenging. First of all, we need a solid VPN service that deployed servers in one of the Ukraine ...

Moldova is one of the most underestimated countries in Europe in terms of online opportunities. However, you might be shocked when you find out what a single ...

Football fans! The moment has come. The FIFA World Cup, one of the most anticipated sporting events in the world, will be held in Qatar! Some people will be ...

RTBF is a Belgium-based streaming platform that has quite a lot to offer. Along with this platform, you can watch Formula 1, Moto GP, and many other ...

Match TV is a Russian streaming platform where you can watch plenty of sports events live and for free. In addition to the free streaming, you can also watch ...

NRK is Norway's national channel, broadcasting recent news as well as cultural, sports, movie/series, music, and nature-related programs to the Norwegian ...

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  1. Surfshark is fine. Azerbaijan, and Ukraine servers will work properly.

  2. Azerbaijan works pretty fine. Please note that only essential games have English commentary. Setanta does not cover commentary for all the games.

  3. Hey Geza,

    There are several solutions to this.

    First of all, you need to register your smartphone from scratch and by choosing Brazil from the country list.

    Secondly, you can change your GPS location by going to Settings > Override GLS location and enable it. You may need to give several permission to the smartphone at that point.

    Lastly, just connect to the Brazil server and try to watch the Globo from a browser.

    Hope that helps.

  4. Hey Matt,

    Try Surfshark with the Azerbijan server on any VPN protocol. You may also use Moldova or Georgia servers on OpenVPN UDP protocols from the settings. It just works fine.

  5. Hey,

    I just checked it and it works fine with the Moldova server. I strongly suggest you guys to read the whole article and understand the licensing/country issues.

    Seconldy, once the stream starts, you can drop the VPN connectiong for a greater streaming quality.

  6. Hey,

    During the important live events, you may encounter this issue. All you need to do is just click on the server again and reconnect. This will assign you a fresh IP address and help you stream the platform without any issues.

  7. Hey Alexander,

    Setanta is global, and it should be accepting your credit card. What is the issue?

  8. Selamlar Süleyman Bey,

    Şu anda Exxen için Cyberghost firmasını kullanabilirsiniz. Bein’de maalesef sıkıntı var.

  9. Hey there,

    I tested some other VPN services. You can visit VeePN, purchase the service and get a Belarusian IP address. Right after that, you can register for Setanta Sports Belarus subscription cheaper.

    Once the registration is complete, you may switch to Moldova and start streaming the full catalog 😉

  10. Hey David,

    Gdansk server is working fine. There seems no issue at all.

  11. Hey David,

    Surfshark is working on a fix and it will be super soon. Due to holidays, it may take a little while.

  12. Not at all. You can connect to several other countries where Setanta is available. Read the article thoroughly, please.

  13. In most of the matches, especially if they are between popular teams, you will get the English. However, for some of the matches between unpopular teams, then you will just hear the game sound and the spectators, not the commentator.

  14. Hey Andrew,

    Just connect to Azerbaijan server and please read the whole article. You are not limited with the Moldova or Georgia server. They are just an example. There are so many other countries you can connect and unlock Setanta.

  15. Cześć! Osoby na stałe mieszkające w UK mogą wyrobić sobie wirtualną polską kartę płatniczą w takich serwisach jak ePayServices, Twisto czy Revolut. Wówczas Viaplay będzie normalnie działać. Pozdrawiam! 🙂

  16. Hey Freddy,

    As far as I know from their affiliated website Vivaro, yes, they have 1080P quality. Yet, for Setanta, you cannot see or change the streaming quality. It will adjust according to your internet connection quality.

  17. Hey Chris,

    Just type a random number. That will do fine.

  18. It does not help. If you set another country other than Poland when you are first installing your phone, the data still stays there and you simply cannot install the app. Just try using google chrome.

  19. Dziękuję za miłe słowa!

    Odnośnie Twojego pytania, wynika to z faktu, że aplikacje wyłapują Twoją bieżącą lokalizację po GPS-ie i dlatego nie możesz oglądać Viaplay w ich aplikacji. Spróbuj odpalić Viaplay w przeglądarce swojego telefonu i wówczas ich serwis powinien śmigać bez problemu.

  20. Hey Ron,

    You can only fix this issue by getting a VPN service offering a Russian IP address. This way, you can install it to your TV, Smartphone, Laptop etc and access the geo-restricted contents in the US. For further readings, I suggest you to read the following articles throughly…
    1. VPN with Russian server:
    2. VPN with Ukraine server:
    3. VPN with Belarusia server:

    Once you get the idea of changing the IP address, then you will be able to unlock any content you want in the US. You may also refer the Russian versions of those articles on the website. Simply click the language button on the menu and pass the Russian articles to your wife.

    Hope that helps.

  21. I do not have detailed info on dark-web. Sorry, I can’t help you with that.

  22. Hi Thomas,

    Checking on it. Expect an email in a few days.

  23. Yes, Turkey is extremely cheap when you convert USD to TRY but we need local cards to purchase from outside of Turkey. I am still trying to find local solutions to offer you in the future. Right after that, I will be editing the article.

  24. Hey Alex,

    I will be updating the article later on with the most demanded topics. Currently, I do not have enough information about virtual cards at the moment. Frankly, I did not even think this article would drive such huge visitors around the world.

    Surely, when I have sufficient data, I will do the necessary changes and help you guys make use of this service cheaper.

  25. Hey there,

    Unfortunately, udemy stopped selling cards in Turkey. Once it is back, I will let you guys know again.

  26. Hey Ralf,

    Can you please try to buy Turkish gift cards from one of the local dealers and apply them to your account? You can try this:

  27. Hey there,

    You can read the details here in French. By the way, I am not selling any VPN services. Instead, I promote them in an affiliation way.

  28. I will check it out and let you know soon.

  29. As far as I know, you can use any currency to buy the udemy courses in TRY.

  30. Hey John,

    What error do you get when visiting the websites? If blocked by your ISP, please try the mirror sites.

  31. Hey Andrew,

    Sorry to hear that. As you bought the service from NordVPN, you must have accessed their website, right? What was the issue there? You can always ask for the mirror websites from the customer support to activate your account. Once you have done that, you can simply connect to their obfuscated servers to bypass restriction.

    Your message is a huge help. You can give it a try to other services like SurfShark and ExpressVPN. Those providers will solve your problem for good.

  32. Hey Karhi,

    You may also use Proxy servers and install them manually. However, they are time consuming and not as secure as VPNs. Secondly, you may ask one of your relatives (outside of Turkey) to handle the booking for you.

  33. Hey there,

    It is very possible to get caught by your ISP in a scenario if you are in a restricted area like dorms, offices etc where the connection is being investigated closely. So rather than using a software, can you try to use PPTP with your OS?