5 Fastest VPN services you can enjoy extreme speed

There are so many criteria while choosing a VPN service: Log policy, easy to use the software, compatible apps, price/performance ration, security protocols, etc… While several providers offer such features, some fail in providing one of the critical aspects of the VPN service: Speed!

The internet speed is getting faster each day, and internet users want to access online data as soon as possible. While you can improve your online security with VPNs, some might gives you a headache because of poor server performance.

In this topic, I will be covering the fastest VPN providers in the market. With the decent speed given, you will have seamless streaming, surfing, P2P, and social media experience.

A quick overview of the fastest VPN providers

1. SurfShark
73.96 Mbps download speed (average); 60+ countries, 1000+ servers; Kill Switch; Zero log policy; Unlimited bandwidth and simultaneous connections.

2. NordVPN
72.27 Mbps download speed (average), 50+ countries, 5000+ servers; Kill Switch; proven no log policy; Unlimited bandwidth and six simultaneous connections.

3. ExpressVPN
67.9 Mbps download speed (average), 90+ countries; Kill Switch; Proven no log policy; Unlimited bandwidth and five simultaneous connections.

4. UltraVPN
51.79 Mbps download speed (average); 14 countries; Kill Switch; No activity logs; Unlimited bandwidth and ten simultaneous connections.

5. StrongVPN
41.45 Mbps download speed (average); 30+ countries; Kill Switch; No activity logs but keeps user logs; Unlimited bandwidth and twelve simultaneous connections.

How I evaluated the fastest VPN providers

What we need is speed. However, sometimes it is not enough. That is why I compiled up some subtopics. Only this way, our fast VPN experience feels complete, and we can get the best out of our internet speed.

Besides the speed performance, here are what we will be looking for:

World Wide coverage

You may need to use different servers around the world to stream geo-blocked content, download files, or play online games. Therefore, worldwide VPN coverage plays a considerable role while choosing a VPN service. The more a VPN covers the world, the better speed we can get.


Consistency is the key. If you are disconnected from the VPN server in the middle of your favourite show, or while you are playing an online game, the user experience will be ruined. Not only I picked the fastest VPNs, but also I paid great attention to their server stability.

Kill Switch feature

You may want never to leak any of your online activities. For example, when you are downloading a torrent file, you may be disconnected from the VPN server, and your real IP address will be exposed to your ISP. That moment you might get fined.

On the other hand, the Kill Switch feature will ensure that you are always in good hands. It will shut down your internet connection when you lose a VPN connection. Therefore, you cannot do anything online with your original IP address.


I would never want to get my account suspended because of high bandwidth usage. “Unlimited bandwidth” is a magic phrase to hook the visitors. They think that they can download as much as possible. Yet, this is not true. So many VPN companies offer fair usage limitations. On the contrary, I tried to list the ones with the true unlimited bandwidth policy. Therefore you do not have to worry about while downloading huge P2P files or streaming 4k videos…

No log policy

A good VPN must have a clean log policy. We do not need a service that might share user data with authorities. No log policy plays a crucial role, especially for P2P lovers. While downloading or streaming P2P files, we should be in a piece knowing that our online activities are not tracked or logged.

5 Fastest VPN providers

To create this list, I put the providers to a harsh test. For a fair competition, I chose 10 VPN servers almost from the same locations. With my 100 Mbps fiber connection, I connected to those servers one by one and ran speed tests with Speedtest.net

Here is the result:

1. SurfShark

SurfShark is a relatively new player in the VPN market. However, it ranks number one on the list. Not only SurfShark offers the fastest VPN performance, but also it is feature-rich and budget-friendly.

First of all, SurfShark provided us an unmatched speed performance. According to our speed test, the average value was 73.96 Mbps from 10 different locations. Furthermore, what makes SurfShark stands out in the list is the performance results. No matter where the servers are located, I was able to get the best performance from them.

Speaking of servers, SurfShark provides 1000+ servers in more than 60 countries. In other words, anywhere in the world, you will get a decent speed performance with SurfShark.

Yet, is it stable?

Yes, it is. We downloaded 10 Gb of a torrent file and played Dota 2 for an hour. During these sessions, there were neither ups and downs nor pings/latency issues.

Moreover, SurfShark apps are bundled with the Kill Switch feature. It is active by default. In case you lose your VPN connection, it will kick in and prevent IP or DNS leaks, while this might be a fantastic security solution for P2P users. Yet, it is not recommended for gamers.

P2P, 4k streaming, seamless online games, and more… For sure, these all come with a price. Such activities consume so much of bandwidth that the VPN servers might be overloaded. However, with SurfShark, there is no bandwidth limit for any of your usage. You can download or stream as much as you want.

Still, you got to be sure-footed at one point: account sharing. Even if SurfShark offers unlimited simultaneous connections, it is strictly forbidden to share personal accounts. In terms of service, it is depicted that:

  • “Feel free to connect all of your devices, but don’t resell Surfshark or exploit our service. Not cool.”

Last but not least, our privacy concerns.

Fortunately, SurfShark is located in British Virgin Island, where there is no data retention law, and it does not have to track or log user activities. This brings us the ultimate freedom when downloading P2P files and streaming videos. The sweetest part is you can enjoy all of these features starting from 1.99$/month.


  • Up to 70+ Mbps download speed
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • 60+ countries, 1000+ servers
  • Kill Switch
  • Unlimited bandwidth (Fair usage may apply)
  • No log policy
  • Starting only from 1.99$


  • Not that I know

2. NordVPN

Panama based NordVPM ranks second in our speed tests. Frankly, if I handled this test two years ago, I would never even bother mentioning NordVPN. However, after so many harsh criticisms, they made huge improvements with their servers.

Currently, the company offers more than 5800 servers in 58 different countries, and they are super fast. According to our speed test, NordVPN offered 72.27 Mbps download speed from 10 different servers around the world.

Such performance comes along with stable and secure servers for NordVPN users. Furthermore, in case of a connection problem, the default Kill Switch feature is always there. It will be activated when you lose a VPN connection so that your real IP address stays secure.

What is worth mentioning is NordVPN does not throttle or limit your internet usage. You will be able to download or stream with the best speed performance possible and as much as you want.

Still, you may ponder if you would get into trouble when you are into any P2P incident, right? No need for that! Thanks to Panama laws, NordVPN does not have to keep any user activity logs.

Last but not least, NordVPN is one of the rare countries audited by an independent security company. For such speed and security features, plans start from 3.49$/month.


  • Up to 70+ Mbps download speed
  • Six simultaneous connections
  • 50+ countries, 5800+ servers
  • Kill Switch
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No log policy


  • Not recommended for online gamers.
  • Expensive service
  • May not work in restricted countries because of the limited number of VPN protocols

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a top-notch privacy-oriented British Virgin Island-based VPN provider. The company used to have poor download speed because of high-end encryption types. However, after investing a lot and moving from disk to RAM VPN server, the speed performance changed drastically.

According to our test results, ExpressVPN can offer up to 67+ Mbps download speed. This makes the ExpressVPN 3rd fastest VPN provider on our list. Furthermore, with outstanding server coverage, ExpressVPN has VPN servers in more than 90 countries.

When it comes to stability, ExpressVPN is my number one choice. You can enjoy hours of streaming, downloading, or playing online games without having any connection spikes or disconnection issues. What is more alluring is you do not have to worry about the security and limitations. With ExpressVPN, you will get unlimited bandwidth under the shield of the Kill Switch feature.

Speaking of security, how safe is it to use ExpressVPN?

Well, ExpressVPN is a true no-log VPN provider in the market. It’s RAM disk servers, an offshore base, and no log policy makes ExpressVPN one of the most reliable VPN services. Furthermore, ExpressVPN runs its DNS servers granting an additional layer of security.

Lastly, the biggest con of ExpressVPN: Price! It is one of the most expensive VPN providers in the market. The cheapest plan starts from 6.67$/month. Does it worth it? Well, you do the math.


  • Up to 65+ Mbps download speed
  • 90+ countries
  • Kill Switch
  • True unlimited bandwidth
  • Proven Zero log policy


  • Way too expensive than competitors
  • The simultaneous connection is limited to 5 devices. Some users might not find it enough.

4. UltraVPN

UltraVPN is a relatively new player in the VPN market. Currently, the company offers 100+ premium network servers in 14 countries. While it falls behind its competitors in terms of location coverage, UltraVPN offers consistent performance with an average of 51.79 Mbps download speed.

To test stability performance, I played online games with UltraVPN. During one hour of gaming, there were no connections or ping issues at all. If streaming or P2P are your concerns, you don’t have to worry about it. UltraVPN has a Firewall feature, similar to Kill Switch, to keep you safe during your online activities.

Furthermore, with the 50+ Mbps download speed, you can enjoy seamless social media experience, 4k videos, or download huge files within minutes. UltraVPN will never throttle your connection or limit you in terms of traffic usage.

So far, so good. However, you have to be careful about the UltraVPN privacy policy. Normally the company does not log any activity logs. Yet, your info is stored, and if asked by an authority, it will be handled. Therefore, UltraVPN is not recommended for downloading illegal file sharing. Do not get yourself into trouble with DMCA requests.

Ultimately, you can use UltraVPN simultaneously up to ten devices. Start using UltraVPN from 2.25€/month.


  • Up to 50+ Mbps download speed
  • Firewall as a Kill Switch feature
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No activity logs
  • Reasonable price starting from 2.25€


  • Limited country coverage
  • Keeps user data

5. StrongVPN

StrongVPN is yet another fast VPN provider located in the USA. The company recently joined to Net Project family and ran its service along with SaferVPN.com and Encrypt.me.

First of all, StrongVPN comes from a hosting company called reliablehosting.com. As professional hosting techies deployed StrongVPN servers, It offers quite impressive speed results up to an average of 41.45 Mbps.

Furthermore, StrongVPN improved its country coverage from 24 to 34 in two years. It may seem a big step forward to worldwide coverage, yet, it still falls behind SurfShark, NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

StrongVPN is one of the most stable VPN providers in the market. The speed is consistent and reliable. This will help you have smooth streaming, P2P, and gaming experience. However, StrongVPN sometimes fails to unblock geo-restricted contents abroad. If you are Netflix or BBC Player fan, I do not recommend it.

Here comes the exciting part. StrongVPN offers simultaneous connections up to 12 devices. With all of these devices, you will have unlimited bandwidth as well.

Lastly, you will feel safe and secure with StrongVPN’s zero log policy. Non of your activities will be tracked or stored. However, do not forget, StrongVPN is based in the US, and it has to obey US laws. In other words, they have to give away any information to the authorities if requested.

While StrongVPN is a fast provider, it fails at streaming and ultimate privacy. Therefore, 5.83$/month is not a good price/performance ratio when compared to its competitors above.


  • Up to 40+ Mbps download speed
  • Kill Switch
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 12 simultaneous connections
  • No activity logs


  • Expensive service
  • Operates under US laws
  • Streaming servers may not work properly

Summing up for the Fastest VPNs

In this article, I represented you with the fastest VPN providers in the market. Simply, I put the VPN services into a harsh test. With my 100 Mbps fiber connection. I connected to 10 different servers of each provider and ran the speed tests via Speedtest.net.

Furthermore, I analyzed some essential features a fast VPN should have as well. These were stable servers, acceptable country coverage, Kill Switch feature, unlimited bandwidth, and no activity log policy.

Bearing all of these necessities in mind, SurfShark hit the number one spot with 73.96 Mbps, followed by NordVPN (72.27 Mbps), ExpressVPN (67.9 Mbps), UltraVPN (51.79 Mbps) and StrongVPN (41.45 Mbps)

Each provider above has different pricing, features, and privacy policies. Therefore, please make sure to read the terms of your preferred VPN provider. Also, keep this in mind that having an unlimited bandwidth does not grant you to download copyrighted materials through P2P portals. Browse safe, stay secure.

For further analysis of speed test results, please consult to the chart below. You can learn how each VPN provider performed on different servers.

  • 1. SurfShark
  • 2. NordVPN
  • 3. ExpressVPN
  • 4. StrongVPN
  • 5. UltraVPN
RegionDownload / MBpsUpload / MBps
USA - New York69.13.94
USA - Las Vegas60.793.32
USA - Dallas66.853.63
Canada - Toronto74.664.09
UK - London87.164.55
Hong Kong72.113.27
RegionDownload / MbpsUpload / Mbps
USA - New York80.494.61
USA - Los Angeles69.844.23
USA - Dallas69.234
Canada - Toronto72.884.42
UK - London94.814.67
Hong Kong59.163.94
RegionDownload / MbpsUpload / Mbps
USA - New York70.34.46
USA - Los Angeles62.833.84
USA - Dallas63.993.46
Canada - Toronto70.72.06
UK - London91.094.78
Hong Kong58.593.85
RegionDownload / MBpsUpload / MBps
USA - New York29.382.67
USA - Los Angeles77.971.64
USA - Denver16.59-
Canada - Vancouver18.671.31
UK - London75.23.55
RegionDownload / MbpsUpload / Mbps
USA - New York69.23.63
USA - Los Angales13.182.87
Canada - Toronto41.243.64
UK - Londra71.834.26
Hong Kong19.62.82

Frequently asked questions about fastest VPN providers

We would like to answer some of the FAQs related with the VPNs and speed performance.

Q: Which one is the fastest VPN provider on your list?

A: SurfShark is the fastest VPN with a performance of 73.69 Mbps download speed.

Q: Does VPN slow down my internet connection speed?

A: Yes, it does. As the VPN services encrypt your internet connection, you may experience slower speed performances. However, with the fastest VPNs we pointed out in this article, you will get the best of your internet connection with the minimum performance loss.

Q: Can I download as much as I want?

A: Some VPN providers allow this. Yet, you cannot abuse the VPN server with extensive downloading or torrenting. This is just not fair. Do not forget several other people are sharing the same servers with you.

Q: Can I get the same speed performance from all servers?

A: No. Each server will have a different amount of users and capacity. The speed is also related to how far you are to the desired server. The further VPN server is, the poor connection you will have.

Q: Is there any fast and free VPN service in the market?

A: Speed costs money as you will be using a wide bandwidth. Therefore, it is hard to find a fast and free VPN without any limitations or throttling. If you like speed, you go to spare some bucks.

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