5 VPN with Turkey server – Get Turkish IP anywhere

Finding a quality VPN service with a Turkey server could be challenging. Due to the strict government embargo on VPN services, the providers face quite a hardship when deploying a VPN server to Turkey datacenters. Yet, we are not helpless.

After reviewing more than 20 VPN services, I came up with the 5 best VPNs that have reliable and stable servers in Turkey. These providers will not only grant you a Turkish IP address but also help you stream quality Turkish series/movies, and channel.

In addition to being virtually in Turkey, you will also learn the benefits of having a Turkish IP address. Stay tuned! Learn the VPNs with the Turkey server, change your IP address to Turkey and enjoy the ultimate freedom online.

A quick look at the top 5 VPN services with a Turkey server:

  1. SurfShark
    Location: Antalya/Turkey; Hosting provider: Inter Connects; Speed 92.29 Mbps; True no-log provider with offshore privacy. Unlimited simultaneous connections, the best option for Turkish streaming. Starting from 2.49$/month.
  2. CyberGhost
    Location: Istanbul/Turkey; Hosting provider: M247; Speed 48.77 Mbps; 7 simultaneous connections. Well-optimized servers for streaming. Starting from 2.25$/month.
  3. NordVPN
    Location: Antalya/Turkey; Hosting provider: Inter Connects; Speed 57.41 Mbps; Good option for daily usage. Not recommended if you are in Turkey. Starting from 3.67$/month.
  4. VyprVPN
    Location: Istanbul/Turkey; Hosting provider: Unus INC; Speed 39.51 Mbps; Audited no-log policy. Cheapest option with 30 simultaneous connections. Starting from 1.67$/month.
  5. ExpressVPN
    Location: Bursa/Turkey; Hosting provider: i3d.net; Speed 9.02 Mbps; the Best option for security and privacy. Yet, not recommended for streaming. 5 simultaneous connections plan to start from 6.67$/month.

If the quick list looks complicated to you, let me lead you through the subtopics on how I analyzed these VPN providers.

By keeping on reading, you will learn the ranking criteria of the list as well as details of the VPN services.

How I pick the VPNs with the Turkey server

In order to have a decent VPN experience, I have made a listing according to the subcategories below.

Server in Turkey

The main idea is to get a Turkish IP address from one of the following VPN services. Therefore, it is a must for a VPN to deploy a server in a data center located in Turkey. In this article, we will closely investigate which data center the server is and which Turkish IP range you will be getting.


Getting a Turkish IP is not enough. We should get a decent speed performance to run our daily online errands. When accessing, unblocking, or streaming, the VPN service provider should be offering a stable, uncapped, and reliable speed performance.

Privacy policy

We would not want any VPNs leaking our online data or logging our online activities. Therefore, a true no-logging VPN service would benefit us a lot in terms of privacy.


Each VPN user has a different purpose of usage. In this sense, the type of VPN required device can be different from person to person. This is the exact moment when we need a VPN whose apps are compatible with as many devices as possible.

Price/performance ratio

We do not have to spend huge sums to have a quality VPN service. I made sure that we got the best price/performance ratio when picking one.

Top 5 VPNs with Turkey server/IP

According to the criteria above, here comes the 5 best VPN providers having Turkey servers with Turkish IPs. By using one of these services, you can be virtually located in Turkey and unlock Turkish online content anywhere in the world.

1. SurfShark

Like in many of our listings, SurfShark is the best VPN servicer for those looking for a Turkish IP address. The company currently has several servers in Antalya under the “Inter Connects” hosting provider.

SurfShark is one of the fastest VPN providers in the market. The same performance goes for the Turkey servers as well. According to the speed test, I got 92.29 Mbps download speed from the Antalya server. The connection is super stable and you will not notice any buffering problems during the streaming or browsing the internet.

SurfShark has several servers in Turkey/Antalya. It is the fastest VPN provider I have tested so far.

In addition to the speed, SurfShark is also privacy-friendly. The company takes privacy so seriously by providing no-log privacy with its RAMDisk only servers. Moreover, the jurisdiction of the companies’ location – British Virgin Island does not force companies to retain logs during their operations. That means no identifiable data traces back to you!

If you have peace of mind with the service, it is time to download and install the VPN apps.

SurfShark has a variety of apps compatible with your devices. Currently, the company supports macOS, Windows, Linux; iOS, Android; FireTV; Google Chrome, and Firefox browsers.

More interestingly, you can use the single account on unlimited devices simultaneously. This makes SurfShark the most generous VPN provider in the market. Starting from 2.49$/month, you can purchase and use SurfShark immediately.

2. CyberGhost

Romania-based VPN provider, CyberGhost also has servers in Turkey. Under M247 hosting provider, CyberGhost offers virtual servers in Istanbul. Virtual servers mean the dedicated servers are not physically deployed in a data center but you get a Turkish IP address through cloud-based virtual servers. Still, it does the job!

Once you are connected to the CyberGhost Turkey server, you will have a Turkish IP address from Istanbul. The speed will be decent as well. CyberGhost managed to offer 48.77 Mbps download speed from its Turkey server. This will help you stream online content with the best quality possible.

CyberGhost is another VPN with a Turkey server. The service will give you an IP address from Istanbul and let you stream Turkish content outside Turkey.

Apart from the server and the speed performance, CyberGhost regards itself as one of the most secure VPN providers in the market. Besides regular VPN servers, the company also has a unique “no-log” server to give the utmost privacy experience to its users. Such privacy measures are also backed up by the most recent protocols OpenVPN and WireGuard.

Rooting to several years back of service, CyberGhost offers several apps compatible with all PC and mobile devices. With a single account, you can start securing 7 devices simultaneously.

As generous as SurfShark, CyberGhost cheapest plan starts from 2.25$/month with an 83% discount.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN is a Panama-based VPN provider using the same infrastructure SurfShark uses for the Turkey servers. Under “Inter Connects”, NordVPN also offers IP address ranges from Antalya/Turkey.

The speed performance from Antalya servers could be adequate for many users as well. According to the speedtest.net tests, NordVPN offered us a whopping 57.41 Mbps download speed. This can be a huge help for streaming Turkish content outside Turkey.

However, NordVPN is being targeted by the Turkish Government, and it faces an embargo from time to time. If your intent is to use NordVPN to stream as a local, it is not recommended as you might face unstable connections.

NordVPN has the same infrastructure as SurfShark with plenty of servers in Antalya. The speed is pretty fast. However, the service is not recommended if you are in Turkey.

Apart from performance, NordVPN is an offshore-based VPN service and it does not have to log any user online activity data. In their privacy policy, NordVPN also states that they are not tracking any online activities that would match the end-users.

Unlike other competitors, the service might seem a little bit pricy. A single account will grant you 6 simultaneous connections and the cheapest plan starts from 3.41$/month.

4. VyprVPN

Here comes the Switzerland-based VPN provider. VyprVPN is a privacy-focused VPN service with an amazing Turkey server located in Istanbul/Turkey.

Drastically different from other VPN services, VyprVPN deploys the dedicated servers after being optimized by VPN experts to the companies’ liking. Therefore, VyprVPN always offers IP addresses from physically available dedicated servers.

VyprVPN offers professionally adjusted VPN servers in Istanbul/Turkey. Each server is optimized by VyprVPN experts and deployed to the datacenters physically.

In addition to this, you will love the speed as well. According to the latest speed test, VyprVPN offered an outstanding performance of up to 39.51 Mbps. Good enough for daily browsing and 4k streaming.

In terms of privacy, VyprVPN is the first third-party audited VPN provider offering a true no-log policy. Mixed with the privacy law in Switzerland, VyprVPN can be your top-notch VPN for enhanced online privacy.

As for the sweetest part, VyprVPN is the cheapest solution on our list. Starting from 1.67$/month, you can use the service on 30 of your devices simultaneously.

5. ExpressVPN

Another well-known VPN provider from the British Virgin Island. ExpressVPN covers more than 90 countries around the world. Luckily, one of them is Turkey.

The company has virtual servers in Istanbul via the i3d.net hosting provider. Still, It does the job to get us Turkish IP addresses. However, the speed might not be appealing for some users.

One of the most secure VPN providers, ExpressVPN also has servers in Turkey - Bursa. Yet, you might not like the speed performance.

Even ExpressVPN is able to unlock almost all streaming platforms from Turkey, unfortunately, slow speed performance around 8 Mbps may let you down especially when streaming 4k videos.

When it comes to privacy, ExpressVPN can be your best option of all. As a proven no-log VPN provider, ExpressVPN does not keep any online logs or share them with the authorities.

Last but not least, ExpressVPN has one more drawback, which is the price. Only up to 5 simultaneous connections, ExpressVPN’s cheapest plans start from 6.67$/month.

How to get a Turkish IP address

Now that we have learned the best VPN services with Turkey servers, it is the right time to learn how to get a Turkish IP by using one of them.

In the following tutorial, I will teach you how to change your IP address to Turkey’s IP range with a VPN. Let’s take the steps one by one.

  1. Choose one of the services listed above – I will be picking SurfShark for instance.
  2. Purchase the VPN with the desired plan and create your account.
  3. Login SurfShark portal and download the VPN application for the device you want to change your IP address.
  4. Follow the setup guide and finalize the installation.
  5. Start the VPN app on your device and log in with your credentials.
  6. Navigate to “Locations” and search for “Turkey”.
  7. Connect to the “Turkey” server in the list.

Once you have completed the steps above, you will see something like this…

SurfShark has several servers in Turkey/Antalya. It is the fastest VPN provider I have tested so far.

It means that you have successfully connected to SurfShark’s Turkey server and the VPN assigned you a Turkish IP address just like below.

Benefits of having a Turkish IP

If you had been searching for a Turkish IP address, you must have known the benefits of it earlier. However, there might be some crucial points you might be missing.

As a Turkish local, it is my job to illuminate you properly.

Learn how a Turkish IP address can help you online:

  • Streaming

When you have a Turkish IP, you will be able to watch Turkish TV series, movies, channels; on-demand platforms such as PuhuTV, Exxen, BluTV, S Sport Plus, BeinConnect, etc…

  • Torrenting

Turkey does not prohibit P2P file sharing. It means that you can download as many torrent files as possible without getting fined.

  • Cheaper deals

Turkey is a huge market with a young generation. The demand comes from the population of 82 million people closely associated with the internet. However, the Turkish Lira got a huge hit from the economic crisis over time and it lost power against the USD.

The companies are well aware of these issues and they keep the price as low as possible to attract Turkish citizens. Therefore, you can find the best deals on Netflix (3.24$/mo), Spotify (2.16$/mo), Youtube Premium (3.12$), AdGuard 40€/lifetime family membership, etc…

As for the sport streaming deals, just for 2 USD/month, you can register for S Sport Plus and stream Premier League, LaLiga, Seria A, NBA, F1, UFC, and Moto GP.

Note: The prices in USD might change according to the USD/TRY parity in the future.

For sure, every opportunity listed above requires a VPN with a Turkey server/IP.

Summing up

In this article, I introduced you to the top 5 VPN providers that have servers in Turkey. While doing this list, I focused on 5 different subcategories of available servers in Turkey, the speed performance of those servers, the privacy policy of the company, VPN compatibility with the devices, and finally the price/performance ratio.

Taking the criteria above into account, SurfShark, CyberGhost, NordVPN, VyprVPN, and ExpressVPN stood out to be the best options at the moment. By using any of these services, you can get a Turkish IP address through dedicated or virtual servers deployed in Turkey datacenters.

Last but not least, we learned how a Turkish IP can benefit us around the world. We can access streaming content such as TV series/movies, channels from Turkey; download torrent files without any fear; subscribe to Netflix, Spotify, Youtube Premium, AdGuard, etc cheaper and watch worldwide sport events starting from 2$/month.

Have any Turkey server/IP-related questions? Ask below in the comment section.


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