Why is Twitter blocked in Turkey?

I am 25 years old and I have never seen a calm election period in Turkey.

A year before general elections in 2011 Deniz Baykal, head of CHP, resigned due to sex tapes leaked into social media- of course by unknown people.

Again close to the elections of 2011, sex tapes of the MHP congressmen were leaked again by a twitter account FarklıÜlkücülük. All of those congressmen of MHP involved in that tape scandal resigned, too.

Now we will vote for the 30 March 2014 local elections and we have 2 twitter accounts: Baş Çalan and Haramzadeler. Let’s have a look at what these guys have in stock:

  • Tapes of thousands of people in Turkey. Yes, number is right. These guys have the records of Erdoğan, Abdullah Gül- the ones that you cannot even wire tap under any law.
  • Tapes include corruption records, insults by AKP congressman to Islam, all of the bribes to the high authorities and so on…
  • Tapes include almost all of the records of richest guys in Turkey…

Today, Turkey focused upon the so-called or not sex tapes of the AKP and many other critical records of Erdoğan, calling the death of Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu, ordering the attacks of Uludere saldırısı. All of these records and tapes are leaked by Başçalan and Haramzadeler accounts.

Erdoğan and some other authorities from Turkey asked Twitter to remove those accounts as they are sharing illegal files. Yet, Twitter stayed indifferent to those requests.

They sued the Twitter.

Verdict: Twitter was found guilty.


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