How to watch WP Pilot outside Poland with a VPN

Fortunately, the times when access to television was inextricably linked to a contract for at least 24 months, which could be terminated earlier only under penalty of contractual cancellation price, are now a thing of the past. In the twenty-first century, technology provides us with great convenience in this aspect.

WP Pilot is a very famous and exciting service for watching Polish TV channels in Poland and European Union countries as well as Iceland and Norway. The service user will have access to over 100 channels, including over 70 in HD quality and 13 radio stations, all without leaving home. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that on WP Pilot, we can watch as many as 4 Eleven Sports channels for only 13,99 PLN, which is just over €3.

The problem, however, is that the WP Pilot service is not available outside of Poland. WP Pilot is available in the European Union, Norway, and Iceland, but only for people who are outside Poland temporarily. To watch WP Pilot outside Poland, you need to verify your permanent residence in Poland. If you don’t have a permanent address in Poland, you will not be able to watch WP Pilot. This could be an insurmountable barrier for many people, but fortunately, there is a solution.

In this article, I will show you how you can easily change your IP address to Polish, which will allow you to seamlessly watch the channels offered on WP Pilot from every corner of the globe.

Analysis: All packages and channels available on WP Pilot are limited to the territory of Poland. This is because a company, to operate legally, must respect licenses and agreements with tv broadcasters. It means that if you live or stay outside of Poland, you will not be able to use WP Pilot.

Solution: The cheapest, fastest, and easiest solution to our geo-restriction problem is to use a VPN service. When choosing a VPN, the most important thing is the company having good servers located in Poland. By connecting to one of such servers, you will get a Polish IP address that will allow you to conveniently watch all WP Pilot channels, especially Eleven Sports.

How to watch WP Pilot outside Poland – an easy guide:

  1. Go to the VPN SurfShark website – This service has its servers in Poland (Warsaw and Gdansk)
  2. Choose the subscription plan that is right for you, provide your data and pay with the method of your choice.
  3. Upon successful payment, you will receive your login details via e-mail.
  4. Then go to, click Log in and enter your details.
  5. Download and install the appropriate VPN app for your device.
  6. Launch the VPN app and log in using the login details SurfShark sent you to your e-mail inbox.
  7. Go to the Locations tab, select Poland and connect to the Gdansk or Warsaw server.

That’s all. At this very moment, you have obtained a Polish IP address, and you can easily watch all channels on the WP Pilot website.

A VPN service can help you stream WP Pilot anywhere in the world. All you need to do is just connect SurfShark Poland server and get a Polish IP address.

One hundred twenty-five channels, the most important sports events, news, nature channels, and even dedicated business channels – all this is available to you on WP Pilot in Full HD quality. Sometimes, however, such a brief mention of VPNs is not enough, so read on if you would like to learn more about how a geo-restrictions bypass service works.

Understand WP Pilot’s geographic restriction

In its terms of use, WP Pilot very clearly defines what are the geographic restrictions applied by the platform:

  • The Subscriber may use the Service only on the territory of the Republic of Poland, unless the Operator expressly allows the Subscriber to use the Service or an element of the Service also outside the territory of the Republic of Poland, in particular in connection with the application of the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2017/1128 of the European Parliament and of the Council from 14 June 2017 on the cross-border portability of online content services in the internal market, according to which it is possible to temporarily use the Service outside the territory of the Republic of Poland.

WP Pilot clearly states that if a visitor is from outside Poland, they cannot access the platform.

As you can easily see, you won’t be able to watch WP Pilot outside of Poland. The platform owners would like to make their content available to viewers outside Poland, but unfortunately, they have their hands tied by various licenses and agreements with content providers.

When you enter the WP Pilot website outside Poland, you will come across the message presented in the image below: Channels are only available in Poland or the EU after verification. You are outside the European Union. Therefore, the channels are not available in your location.

Even if you try to visit WP Pilot with a non-Polish IP address, you will get the following geo-restriction notification.

Fortunately, our physical location is not critical. The most important is the IP address, which indicates the country where you are physically located. We need to change this address to Polish, and WP Pilot will make its content available to us without any problems. We will use the VPN mentioned above to change the IP address.

How To watch WP Pilot outside Poland with a VPN

To change your IP address conveniently, cheaply, and above all safely, it’s best to use a VPN. With this service, we will connect to the server in the country we want to watch TV channels from. In our case, these will be servers in Poland. Using the SurfShark VPN service, we will connect to the server in Gdansk or Warsaw and obtain the Polish IP address we desire.

As you can now see for yourself, your physical location doesn’t matter. By using the services of a company that has its servers in Poland, you will be able to watch everything that the WP Pilot platform offers without any obstacles.

Choosing the right VPN service

It’s very important to choose the right VPN service to watch WP Pilot, because unfortunately, not every VPN will work for us. We must use the services of an outstanding and reliable supplier.

Having explored the VPN services market, I can confidently say that the most reliable and secure VPN service for watching WP Pilot outside Poland is SurfShark.

The company’s servers located in Gdansk and Warsaw guarantee total anonymity and the highest security, as well as uninterrupted watching of channels available on the WP Pilot platform.

  • Go to the official SurfShark website.
  • Choose the right VPN subscription plan for you and enter your details in the order form.
  • Make a purchase using the payment method of your choice.

SurfShark will send you login details to your e-mail address upon successful payment.

VPN application installation

Once you receive your login details, you can download the app from the SurfShark website and install it on your device, where you will use the VPN service.

  • Go to the official SurfShark website.
  • Click theLog in button in the top right corner.
  • Enter your details and click Log in”.
  • Select the device to which you want to download the VPN app.

Install the SurfShark app by following the on-screen instructions. Allow all VPN requests during this process to prevent problems in the later stages of using the service.

Connecting to the Poland server

If you have followed all the steps mentioned earlier, the VPN service you just purchased is ready to use. To watch WP Pilot now without any restrictions, you need to connect to the correct server in Poland.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Launch the SurfShark app on your device.
  • Go to Location in the menu on the left.

Enter “Poland” in the search bar, and from the list, select a server in Gdansk or Warsaw.

SurfShark has two different servers in Poland. Both of them work to watch Viaplay outside Poland.

The green bar means you have successfully connected to the selected VPN server and were assigned a Polish IP address. You can now go to the WP Pilot website.

Creating a WP Pilot account

To create an account on the WP Pilot website, we must go to the service’s main page and click Załóż darmowe konto in the upper right corner.

Creating a WP Pilot account is pretty simple. Follow our guide to complete this step.

We enter our e-mail address, set a password, accept the terms of use and click Załóż Konto”.

Enter your email and password to finish the first account creation step.

In the next step, we choose the type of account. 

You can either choose the WP Pilot free or a paid plan.

Then we accept the consents and move on to the next step.

Upon choosing the plan, you should accept WP Pilot terms of service.

Now we can choose the channels’ package we want to watch. To do this, click the Przejdź Do Wyboru Pakietów button.

You can see the available packages and their prices in the image below:

Now, you are ready to finalize the account creation by selecting a paid packet. Depending on your needs, you can select a plan and start streaming it.

There are also special packages and channels entirely devoted to business and the economy.

Make sure to visit alternative streaming options as well.

WP Pilot not only provides TV channels and live sport streams, but it also has the ‘Cineman’ movie library, where you will find over 1500 titles. It’s worth noting that the entire website is neatly categorized, so you can easily find news, sports, movies, and series channels.

Now that you have purchased the plan of your choice, you can start streaming WP Pilot anywhere in the world with SurfShark Poland servers.

Summary of WP Pilot streaming

Wirtualna Polska is behind the WP Pilot service. It’s a very well-known internet portal in Poland that has been in existence since 1995. The WP Pilot platform is an excellent alternative to television from suppliers to whom we are forced to pay monthly fees based on a long-term agreement. Using the WP Pilot platform and its application is intuitive and very straightforward.

On WP Pilot, you will find channels broadcasting the most important sports events as well as documentary and nature channels. The service is constantly developed, as evidenced by the company’s improvements to the application.

WP Pilot is undoubtedly your cheap, comfortable, and safe place for first-class entertainment!

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