How to watch UA First (UA перший) outside Ukraine

UA First (UA перший) is one of the most popular TV channels in Ukraine. UA First, which is owned by Suspilne, covers more than 95 percent of Ukraine and covers themes like information, popular science, culture, entertainment, and, most significantly, sports events.

So far, so good, but there is an issue. While residents of Ukraine may make use of all of UA First’s offerings, anybody outside of the nation is unable to access the channel due to geo-restrictions. This creates a significant issue, particularly if you wish to watch international sporting events in Ukrainian.

Just do not feel desperate. I am here to fix the geo-restriction problem with a VPN service. By using a VPN, we will change our IP address to Ukraine and be in the country virtually. This way, UA First will regard us as if we are visiting the website from Ukraine and grant full access to the platform.

Analysis: UA First holds the broadcasting rights of its channel contents, Fifa World Cup, Biathlon, and some other sports events for the Ukraine territory only. When you try to access the UA First from another country, the system understands that you are not from Ukraine by analyzing your IP address and locks you out of the streaming opportunity.

Solution: A VPN service can help us change our IP address to another country. For our case, if we choose to connect to a VPN server deployed in Ukraine, then our online traffic will be encrypted and the system will assign us a Ukrainian IP address. This way, we can trick Suspilne – UA First as if we are visiting the website from Ukraine.

A quick guide to watching UA First (UA перший) outside Ukraine with a VPN:

  1. Visit the VeePN service provider -it has servers in Kharkiv, Ukraine.
  2. Pick a plan, input personal details, and make the payment with a preferred method.
  3. If that is a success, you will receive login credentials to your email address.
  4. Navigate to, click on the “SIGN IN” button, and enter your login details.
  5. Download the VPN app compatible with your device from the Set up new devices” section, and install it.
  6. Launch the VPN app, and log in with the same credentials.
  7. Navigate to “Locations”, search for Ukraine and connect to the Kharkiv, Ukraine server.

Learn how you can watch Suspilne UA First outside Ukraine with a VPN service.

At this point, things might seem clear to you. There might even be some visitors who do not know much about VPN services and how they operate.

To have a full grasp of this problem, let’s analyze what geo-restriction is and how we can fix this problem with a VPN service.

Understanding UA First geo-restriction

Broadcasting licenses and copyrights are getting more important each day. From the streaming point of view, each TV channel, movie, TV series,s or sports event is subject to license agreements for legal streaming.

For UA First case, the Suspilne company holds the broadcasting rights of its content for the Ukraine territory only.

In other words, you can only access the channel from Ukraine. If you happen to access the platform from another country, then you will get the following error.

  • Direct translation by the company: “BROADCAST AVAILABLE ONLY IN UKRAINE”

geo-restriction problem when you visit ua first outside ukraine

Question: Why do we get this error?

Answer: Suspilne Media, UA First knows where their visitors are coming from by analyzing their IP addresses.

Let’s say that you are on a holiday in Turkey and you want to watch UA First. When you are connected to a Turkish WiFi or using a Turkish sim card, then you will have a Turkish IP address. UA First will know that you are not from Ukraine as you have a Turkish IP address. This is the exact point where a VPN service comes in handy!

Watch UA First (UA перший) with a VPN

VPN is a privacy tool helping you connect to a server and get your online traffic encrypted. This simple tool also assigns you the IP address of the selected server.

In other words, if you choose to connect to a VPN service in Ukraine, then your online data will be encrypted in a data center in Ukraine and you will get a Ukrainian IP address. Such a move will enable you to regain your access to UA First no matter where you are located in the world.

Choosing the right VPN

The VPN is the best and fastest solution to UA First geo-restriction. However, please do not forget that not all VPN is capable of bypassing UA First embargo. Therefore, we should be looking for a working and reliable solution.

After testing plenty of VPN services out, VeePN stood out to be the best performing VPN solution for UA First. It has servers in Kharkiv, Ukraine and you can get up to 169 Mbps download speed for smooth streaming.

  • Visit VeePN’s official website.
  • Pick a plan depending on your budget.
  • Fill in all of the fields and make the payment with a preferred method.

After completing these steps, you will get a confirmation email including your username and password.

VPN app installation

If all those steps above are successful. It is time to download the VPN app compatible with our device.

  • Visit VeePN’s official website again.
  • Click the “SIGN IN” button on the top-right corner.
  • Enter your user credentials and hit the “Log in” button.

After signing into the VeePN website, you can download the VPN apps compatible with your devices.

VeePN will list up all available VPN apps that can be installed through their portal.

  • Choose the VPN app compatible with your device.
  • Download and install the app by following the instructions.

Do not forget to give necessary permission to the VPN for a proper setup.

Connecting to the right VPN server

If you have not had any issues so far, it means that you are ready to connect to the VPN servers.

As we want to virtually be in Ukraine, we should be connecting to the Ukrainian server. To do so:

  • Launch the VeePN app on your device.
  • Navigate to the search bar and search for “Ukraine”
  • Connect one of the available Ukraine servers in the list.

VeePN has several servers in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Each of these servers will grant you access to the Sweet TV platform from anywhere.

The connection button will turn green depicting your traffic is now routed from Ukraine and you have a Ukrainian IP address.

As a final step, visit the UA First Suspilne link and enjoy your favorite events on the go.

here is another sample from suspilne ua first. you can easily access the channel with a vpn service.

Summing up UA First streaming

Being unable to watch what you desire can be annoying. You might miss your favorite sports events, tv shows, or movies at any time. The sole reason for such an issue comes from broadcasting rights triggering geo-restrictions.

According to legal agreements, Suspilne has to make the watchable content available in Ukraine territory only. The system makes this happen by blocking any IP range other than Ukraine ones. Yet, a VPN service can be a tricky solution to this issue.

By using a VPN, we can simply change our IP address to any country we want. As in our case, UA First is only available in Ukraine and we need a service with a Ukraine server.

At this point, VeePN is the fastest and working solution to get a Ukrainian IP address. When you are connected VeePN Ukraine server, you can easily start streaming UA First from anywhere in the world.

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