How to watch TVN Player PL anywhere (via VPN)

TVN Player PL is one of the most popular Polish streaming platforms offering a variety of online content such as Polish movies/TV series, documentaries, and Sports events. While such opportunities are accessible in Poland, unfortunately, anyone outside faces geo-restriction problems.

Because of copyright and licensing issues, TVN Player can only air its content within Poland territory. Therefore, anyone outside of Poland cannot stream Player PL.

Such limitation is applied to users with background IP check-ups. Simply, when you have any IP range other than Poland, you cannot access TVN Player contents. Yet! I have the simplest and quickest solution for you: a VPN service!

By making use of a VPN service, we will change our IP address to Poland. Getting a Polish IP address will help us be virtually in Poland territory and stream Player PL anywhere in the world.

Analysis: Each sports event, TV series/movie, or channel distributes its streaming rights for each country. TVN Player PL holds the streaming rights of its online content for Poland only. Therefore, when we want to stream Player PL outside of Poland, we face geo-restriction problems. The issue arises when TVN Player analyses our IP address and decides we do not have a Polish one.

Solution: We will use a VPN service with a Poland server. When we start encrypting our data on the Poland server, the VPN will also assign us a Polish IP as well. This helps us virtually be in Poland and stream TVN Player no matter where we are physically located.

A quick guide to watching TVN Player PL outside Poland:

  1. Visit SurfShark VPN -it has VPN servers in Poland and EU countries.
  2. Click on the “Buy Now” button and choose a plan to your liking.
  3. Input your e-mail address and complete the purchase with a preferred method.
  4. Log in to the SurfShark portal with the credentials sent to your email and click “Apps and extensions” on the left menu.
  5. Download and install the SurfShark VPN app compatible with your device -where you want to watch Player PL.
  6. Launch the VPN app and log in with the same credentials.
  7. Navigate to “Locations”, search for “Poland”, and connect one of the VPN servers from Gdansk, Warsaw, or any other EU zone server.

SurfShark will start encrypting your online data in the selected VPN server and assign you a Polish IP address. Right after that, you can log in to the Player PL portal and start streaming your favorite content.

Just like below.

In this article, I am teaching you how to watch TVN Player PL outside Poland.

Understand the Player PL geo-restriction problem

Maybe you did or did not hear about licensing and copyrights! Let me explain to you how it concerns us while streaming Player PL.

Anything we are watching online is subject to copyrights. The content creators such as Canal Plus, Sports leagues, TV channels, or any other online materials like movies, or TV series make deals with streaming platforms and decide where the specific content is to be aired.

Let’s take Premier League as an example…

When you want to watch this league in Poland, Canal Plus and its affiliates are your only source. However, when you are in Sweden, you should subscribe to ViaSat Play, or in Turkey, you must use S Sport Plus, etc…

Because Premier League distributes its copyrights to different platforms for each country, the platform cannot infringe other streaming platforms by airing the Premier League in a different country. This is why you get the following error message when you want to stream Player PL outside Poland…

The problem you will face when you want to watch Player PL outside Poland.

Basically, Player PL holds the license of its contents only for Poland and it can be streamed within Poland territory and in the EU zone (with limitations).

TVN Player applies such limitations by analyzing your IP address. When you have any IP range other than Polish IPs, then the platform decides that you are not in Poland and locks you out of the system.

But! I have a solution to that!

How to watch Player PL anywhere in the world?

Now that we understood the problem, it is time to fix it. As it is impossible to be physically in Poland to watch Player PL, we will use VPN services to change our virtual location.

Such services will encrypt our online traffic in a selected location and assign us the IP address of that specific server. Therefore, if we connect to Poland server, we will have a Polish IP address. This will help us watch TVN Player anywhere in the world.

Let’s do it!

Choosing the right VPN

First of all, not all VPNs are equal! To have a seamless streaming experience, we need a quality VPN to bypass the Player PL VPN embargo and get us a decent speed performance.

Speaking of the requirements, SurfShark stands out to be the best option for Player PL. It has two different server locations both in Warsaw and Gdansk. Additionally, the VPN servers offer around 40+ Mbps download speed. It also means stable and high-quality streaming for Player PL fans.

  • Visit SurfShark VPN and choose a plan.
  • Enter your e-mail address and complete your purchase with a preferred payment gateway.
  • Upon the successful purchase of services, SurfShark will send credentials to the provided e-mail address.

VPN app installation

If you have your username and password, we can move to the next step.

  • Log in to the SurfShark portal, and navigate to the “Apps and Extensions” menu.
  • Download the VPN app compatible with your device (where you want to stream Player PL)
  • Install the app by following the setup instructions.

Connecting to the right VPN server

Let’s take the final VPN-related steps.

  • Launch the VPN application and log in with your credentials.
  • Navigate to “Locations” and search for “Poland”. This will bring up two different server locations from Poland.
  • Click on one of the “Warszawa or Gdańsk” servers to establish a VPN connection.

Right after the VPN connection, you will have encrypted online traffic as well as a Polish IP address.

SurfShark VPN has two servers in Poland. By connecting one of them, you can get a Polish IP and stream Player PL anywhere.

After this, all you need is to log in to TVN Player PL and start streaming your favorite shows anywhere in the world.

In this article, I am teaching you how to watch TVN Player PL outside Poland.

If you do not have a TVN account, let me walk you through the necessary steps…

Player PL account creation

Getting a TVN Player account is quite simple. Let’s take these simple steps together:

In order to watch Player PL, you should create an account with first.

When you are logged in, it is time to choose a plan. Unfortunately, Player PL does not have complete plans for each category. Instead, we are required to pick the channels or sports events one by one. To give you an example, I chose to watch Eurosport.

Player PL has many to offer. Choose the best plan that suits you.

  • Right before purchasing our plan, we should accept TVN terms.

Right after selecting a plan, you should accept the terms of services.

  • Click on “WYBIERAM” to add a credit card to your account.

Once you agree to the Player PL terms of services, you should bind a credit card to the payment system.

In this part, we need to add a credit/bank card to the payment system. (You can use any card issued by any country. It does not have to be a Polish one)

  • If you have input the all card details without any mistakes, click on “Rejestruj Karte” to register your payment method to the system.

If the card registration is a success, then you will be redirected to the overview page where you can see the total sum you are required to pay.

As for the last step, take a look at the service you are buying and the amount you are paying.

If you believe everything is accordingly, then click on “Zamawiam i płacę” to place the order and finalize the Player PL purchase. Upon successful payment, you will see the following message.

If the payment is successful, you will see this message. It means you can start streaming Player PL now.

This approval message means that you can start streaming the channels, or the movies/tv series in your plan right away.

I purchased EuroSport and here is what I get:

As an example, you can see how SurfShark's Poland server works with Player PL. I was able to successfully watch Player PL outside poland.

Is that it?

Of course not! There are plenty of opportunities you can enjoy with TVN Player. Let’s take a look at some of them…

What you get with TVN Player PL

Player PL is one of the biggest streaming for Polish people. It has huge catalogs ranging with the following topics:

  • Serials
  • Polish TV programs
  • Movies
  • Polish and global TV channels
  • Additional streaming portals such as HBO, Canal Plus, Discovery Plus…
  • Sport channels: EuroSport, Canal + Sport, nSport+, ElevenSport etc…

All these opportunities may seem appealing. However, for each platform, you are required to pay an additional fee. This could end up with a huge burden on your budget. This is the only thing I did not like about Player PL.


Being one of the most demanded streaming platforms, Player PL has a huge catalog for the likings of many. Yet, as the name suggests, you can only watch the shows/channels in Poland and EU zones.

Because of the copyrights, Player PL has certain licenses for a specific country’s programs or TV channels. In our case, it is Poland. Therefore, the platform cannot air its contents outside licensed countries. This is the exact point where we experience geo-restriction problems.

Yet, a VPN service could be a huge help to stream Player PL outside Poland. By using a VPN provider having servers in Poland, you can simply encrypt your online traffic in the Polish server and get a Polish IP address.

Such a change will help us virtually be in Poland and access Player PL anywhere in the world.

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