How to stream sports events cheaper with a VPN

Millions of individuals are feeling overwhelmed as a result of inflation and the amount of money they must spend daily bases. Things became rather costly, particularly the internet subscription fees we had to pay for sporting events.

What’s more aggravating is that we have to subscribe to numerous platforms for different league games. As a result, people began to cancel their internet memberships -leaving them without access to their favorite sporting events. Imagine! Cheering for your team, spending time with friends, and getting away from stress have become a luxury…

I understand, and I’m here to help you watch over 36 sports leagues from across the globe for less than $6 per month. By following this easy VPN instruction, you will be able to subscribe to the most affordable sports streaming platform and watch all sporting events on a single website.

Analysis: The biggest strains on our finances are inflation, separate subscriptions, and higher licensing costs. It is more probable that you will pay more than a thousand dollars per year merely to view a few different sports events if you live in an English-speaking or EU zone.

Solution: Sports streaming is quite inexpensive in several low-income nations, such as Moldova and Georgia. Because such countries are controlled by a single broadcaster -Setanta Sports, you do not even need to pay a second membership price. 36 leagues for the price of one!

Let’s learn how to gain access to this platform through a VPN service and stream sports events at the cheapest price possible.

  1. Visit the official website of Surfshark, which has servers in both Moldova and Georgia.
  2. Take advantage of the offer and choose a plan.
  3. Enter your personal information and complete the transaction with your selected payment option.
  4. Surfshark will send your login information to your email address. Log in to the Surfshark portal using the credentials provided.
  5. Go to “Apps and Extensions” and download and install the VPN app for your device.
  6. Launch the VPN app, log in using the same credentials, and connect to a Moldova or Georgia VPN server.
  7. Visit Setanta Sports’ official website, sign up for the platform, and watch 36 leagues all over the globe for less than $6 per month.

Understanding global streaming rights

Any games broadcast on television or online platforms are subject to copyright and streaming rights. These are country-specific rights.

In other words, suppose you are from the United Kingdom and want to watch some sports events such as Premier League, Formula 1, UEFA Champions League, cricket, and so on. Because you must subscribe to BT Sports, Sky Sports, and Amazon Prime all at the same time, this will cost you more than 1600£ a year.

On the other side, there are several low-GDP nations where streaming rights are solely owned and a subscription is not prohibitively expensive. Examples include Moldova, Georgia, Russia, and Armenia.

In these countries, you could watch more than 36 sports events from around the world for less than $6 per month, with no need for a second-tier membership. It’s a huge bundle!

So, how can you possibly register for such a service if you are not physically present in any of the aforementioned countries?

Well, a virtual private network (or VPN) is the easiest and most legal way to get around it!

Stream sports events cheaper with a VPN

Before we go into the VPN instruction, let’s have a look at our streaming platform.

As previously said, Setanta Sports is the only streaming provider that offers more than 36 different leagues from across the globe on a single platform for as little as 3.6$/month. This service, however, is only accessible in the entire catalog in Moldova and Georgia.

Specifically, we must be in one of these nations prior to registering for Setanta Sports. Setanta is not accessible outside the CIS nations due to streaming and copyright issues.

This is when a VPN service comes in handy.

Choosing the right VPN

VPN services enable us to encrypt our web traffic while it is routed via a particular server. Our IP address changes depending on where the server is located. In other words, if we encrypt our web traffic on a server in Georgia, we will get both encrypted traffic and a Georgian IP address.

Such a relocation also implies that we are now situated in Georgia and have full access to Setanta Sports. However, we must use extreme caution while selecting a VPN. We need a fast, dependable, and reasonably priced VPN service with a Georgian server.

As of now, Surfshark stands out as the greatest alternative since it provides servers in Georgia as well as unblocks Setanta Sports from anywhere in the world.

  • Visit Surfshark’s official website.
  • Grab the deal and choose a plan -the longer period you choose, the less you pay.
  • Fill in the required fields and make the payment with a preferred method.

VPN app installation

Surfshark will send your login credentials to your e-mail address after you have completed the preceding procedures. Please follow the instructions below once you have them.

  • Visit the Surfshark website again.
  • Login to the portal with your username and password.
  • Navigate to “Apps and Extensions”, download the VPN app for your device, and install it.

During the installation, ensure that you provide the VPN with all permissions to avoid future connection issues.

Connecting to the right VPN server

Now that we’ve set up the VPN, it’s time to connect to the right VPN server to access Setanta Sports.

Setanta Sporting offers the biggest sports events catalog in both Georgia and Moldova. Subscription prices in each of these countries are 3.6$ per month. As a result, we should connect to one of the possible servers in the aforementioned countries.

I will connect to Georgia for an example.

  • Launch the Surfshark VPN app
  • Navigate to the “Locations” menu and search for “Georgia”
  • Click on the available Georgian servers.

It will take a few seconds for Surfshark to establish a VPN connection and assign you an IP address from Georgia.

All good? We are now ready to create a Setanta Sports account and start streaming sports events at the cheapest price possible.

Creating a Setanta Sports account

Now that we have a Georgian IP address, we can begin the Setanta Sports account creation process.

  • Make sure you are connected to Surfshark’s Georgia server
  • Visit Setanta Sports’ official website:
  • Hit the “Sign up” button and move to the account creation page.

The following page will ask you to choose a subscription plan.

Because you are using a Georgian IP address, the system will display pricing in Georgian Lari (GEL). If you pick the annual plan (130 GEL), the cost will be around 44$ per year and 3.6$ per month.

If you’re satisfied with your subscription plan, click the “Select Licence” button to proceed to the next page.

On this page, Setanta Sports will request certain personal information as well as your email address. In addition, you must input a phone number from Georgia. A number at random would suffice.

Click the “Continue” button to go to the “Payment” page.

Setanta Sports will only accept Visa or Mastercard as payment. You may make the payment right away, regardless of the currency of your card.

Streaming sports events with Setanta

If you have done all of the preceding procedures, you are now ready to watch your favorite sporting events at the highest possible streaming quality for the lowest possible price.

  • Check that you are connecting to the Surfshark Georgia server.
  • Log in to the Setanta Sports streaming platform at
  • Enjoy your favorite games as well as the sports leagues listed below…

Imagine! We just paid 2.3$ per month for the VPN service and 3.6$ per month for Setanta Sports. It costs a total of $5.9 every month. When it comes to a single platform that offers all of the aforesaid leagues, a VPN package with Setanta seems to be the ideal alternative for sports fans.

And don’t be concerned about language problems; Setanta broadcasts the events in English, Russian, Georgian, and Ukrainian. Simply choose your language from the web player’s options.

Cheap sports streaming platforms

The capitalist world is continually demanding more of your money. The more likely you are to enjoy something, the more you are expected to pay. Western nations with high GDPs are a prime example.

Setanta Sports costs 3.6$ per month, but the same service would cost more than 130+£ per month in the UK. The price is the same or equivalent in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, and the Nordic nations.

Why don’t you want to keep that money in your pocket? And trust me, we can save much more money by using other low-cost sports streaming providers.

Setanta Sports

Setanta was once a European corporation. In 2018, Adjara Network, a Georgian corporation, purchased it. The company’s primary concentration is in the former Soviet Union nations. Because these nations are comparatively poorer than the rest of the EU, Setanta strives to maintain its service as low-cost as possible to attract more subscribers.

Setanta is present in 14 different CIS nations. Only Moldova and Georgia, however, have the whole catalog. Check out this picture for comprehensive catalogs by country.

Setanta Sports feature overview:

  • Operating from: Georgia
  • Sport events: 36 different leagues around the world
  • Full catalog locations: Moldova – Georgia
  • Subcscription fee: 3.6$/month
  • Recommended VPN/locations: Surfshark (2.3$/month) – Moldova/Georgia
  • Official website:


  • Cheapest streaming platform available – only 3.6$/month
  • Streamings are available in English, Russian, Georgian, and Ukrainian
  • Offers 36 leagues around the world
  • You can watch several games at the same time with multiple view options
  • Available for Mobile devices and TVs


  • MotoGP races are not available

Match TV

Match TV is a Russian streaming service noted for providing free F1, UFC, Bellator, and Champions League games. You may also watch 17 various leagues from across the globe in addition to these free tournaments.

However, Match TV lost some streaming rights as a result of an unlucky conflict. Nonetheless, the organization airs a large number of sporting events for a low monthly fee of $5.

Just a polite warning that Match TV does not guarantee that the matches will be broadcast without interruption. The company’s destiny will be determined by the continued embargoes.

  • Operating from: Russia
  • Sports events: 19 different leagues around the world
  • Subscription fee: 5$/month
  • Recommended VPN/locations: CyberGhost (2.2$/month) – Russia
  • Official website:


  • Reasonable pricing – 5$/month
  • Offers 19 leagues around the world
  • UFC, Bellator, UEFA Champions League, Formula 1, and Russian League are free to watch


  • Streamings are only available in the Russian language
  • Complex registration process if you are not familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet


VivaroTV is a brand-new sports streaming platform that is available in Armenia. To broadcast events, the firm makes use of the Setanta Sports infrastructure. Its rights, however, are limited to Armenian territory.

The streaming language is Armenian, as you may have guessed. If you don’t mind the language barrier, I have wonderful news.

Because VivaroTV is still in its early phases, everything is available for free streaming! Yes, you read it correctly. You may watch all of the VivaroTV material for free. You just need an Armenian IP address.

  • Operating from: Armenia
  • Sports events: 36 different leagues around the world
  • Catalog locations: Armenia
  • Subscription fee: Free
  • Recommended VPN/locations: Surfshark (2.3$/month) – Armenia
  • Official website:


  • The company is in BETA. Watching events are totally free
  • Offers 19 leagues around the world
  • All streams are available in Full HD quality


  • Streamings are only available in Armenian language

I mentioned the number of sports events but never indicated which leagues the streaming providers cover. I’ve made a list for each streaming platform to make things simpler.

 SetantaMatch TVVivaro
Service areaGeorgiaRussiaArmenia
English Premier LeagueX
Champions League
Europe League
Conference League
UEFA Youth League
UEFA Supercup
EFL Championship & CupX
Community ShieldXX
Spanish SupercupXX
Bundesliga 2XX
German SupercupXX
Serie A
Pro League (Belgium)X
SPFL (Scotland)X
Formula 1
Formula E
ATP 1000
ATP FinalsX
ATP Indian WellsX
WTA 1000X
WTA Indian WellsX
WTA 500X
WTA 250X

Isn’t the list fascinating? But we’re not done yet.

So far, the content is appealing and cost-effective. Still, there is a potential that we may encounter issues with the VPN services. That is why we need to learn more about VPN services and other alternatives to avoid streaming disruption.

3 VPNs for Sport Streaming

Using a VPN to stream sports events cheaper could be complicated from time to time.

Not all VPNs can live up to our highest expectations. Furthermore, VPNs may not have servers in every country.

As a result, I reasoned that classifying inexpensive streaming providers with the best-suited VPN service would be reasonable. Below are my top VPN recommendations for each streaming platform.


Surfshark is one of our most highly-rated VPN companies. The company’s streaming-friendly servers, as well as its global server coverage, make it an essential choice for sports streaming.

Considering the of Setanta Sports and the requirements of the Georgia/Moldova servers, Surfshark is now the only viable choice. Furthermore, the newly added Armenia VPN servers make Surfshark compatible with Vivaro TV. However, Surfshark presently does not have any servers accessible in Russia…

  • Georgia: 107.63 Mbps
  • Armenia: 21.68 Mbps

The price strategy of Surfshark is what makes it more appealing. A single VPN subscription allows for unlimited simultaneous connections and costs just 2.3$ per month.


Cyberghost is one of the market’s oldest VPN services, with a large server network. The company has servers in all of the above-mentioned locations. It does, however, have one flaw.

While Cyberghost is compatible with MatchTV and Vivaro TV, it does not work with Moldova or Georgia servers to circumvent the Setanta Sports embargo. As a result, if Setanta is your primary option, Cyberghost is not recommended.

  • Armenia: 40.94 Mbps
  • Russia: 168.92 Mbps

You may watch Vivaro and Match TV at the highest quality possible with the stated speed performance. Furthermore, Cyberghost is the cheapest VPN company on our list. You may get the service for as little as $2.20 per month and use it on up to seven devices at the same time.


It’s fantastic to be able to watch sporting events for less expense. Streaming them using ExpressVPN, on the other hand, may not be the same. To begin with, ExpressVPN offers servers in 94 different countries worldwide. Moldova, Georgia, and Armenia are only a few examples. However, while using the service, we have both advantages and disadvantages.

As previously stated, Setanta’s complete league catalogs are accessible in Moldova and Georgia. The perplexing element is that ExpressVPN is caught with its Georgia server, yet its Moldova server can avoid Setanta geo-restriction. It might also be an excellent choice for the Vivaro TV.

Last but not least, due to the Russian government’s embargo, ExpressVPN is no longer permitted to have servers in Russian data centers, preventing it from streaming Match TV.

  • Moldova: 33.69 Mbps
  • Russia: 36.96 Mbps

Here comes the biggest drawback.

Although ExpressVPN is the best VPN service in terms of geographical coverage, it is also one of the most costly on the market. Its cheapest plan begins at $6.67 a month and allows you to use the service on up to 5 devices.

In other words, saving money by viewing sports games over an expensive VPN service may not be a good idea. ExpressVPN is just another choice here.

Overall, this is what each VPN company provides…

Setanta SportsX
Match TVXX
Vivaro TV

Summing up the article

Streaming sports events should not be a huge burden on our budget. It is our very right to spend some quality time and distract ourselves from the stresses of life.

However, the broadcaster believes the contrary and demands a large sum of money merely to provide a few games. As if that weren’t enough, we’re now forced into paying an extra price if another sporting event isn’t accessible via our present membership. I am completely opposed to this rip-off and am here to tell you how to watch sports events for less money using a VPN service.

By using a VPN service, we can change our virtual location where streaming sports events is pretty cheap. With a single subscription from as low as 3.6$/month, you can stream 36 leagues around the world.

Setanta Sports makes that possible if you are in Moldova or Georgia. Even if we are not, a VPN service may be used to get a local Moldavian or Georgian IP address to access Setanta Sports.

We also learned more about VPN services like Surfshark, Cyberghost, and ExpressVPN, as well as their compatibility with low-cost streaming platforms like Setanta Sports, Match TV, and Vivaro TV.

With a VPN, you can keep your money in your pocket while enjoying inexpensive sports streaming from wherever.

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