How to watch Silk TV GO outside Georgia with VPN

Silk TV Go is the first Georgian video-on-demand and TV channel streaming platform operating in Georgia territory. Hosted by the Silk Net network, Silk TV Go has quite a lot of online content ranging from Amediateka (HBO), old Georgian movies and national as well as global tv channels in the Georgian language.

If you are in Georgia, you can make use of this unique service with a Georgian phone number and start streaming your favorite content right away. However, if you are living outside of Georgia, or currently on a business trip to another country, etc…, Silk TV GO will not be available. Yet, I have a workaround!

By using a reliable VPN service, we can simply trick Silk TV as if we are accessing the platform from Georgia and start watching the content without any restrictions.

Analysis: Silk TV is normally accessible in any country with internet access. However, the amount of content will vary depending on your location. Because Silk TV has the streaming rights of the specific contents like Amediateka etc… only for Georgia territory, it is not possible to access unique content outside of the country.

Solution: A VPN service, on the other hand, can be used to change our IP address and help us bypass geo-restriction issues. In our current case, we should find a way to be virtually in Georgia. The only way to do so is to find a reliable VPN provider with a Georgian server.

A quick guide to watching Silk TV Go outside Georgia:

  1. Visit SurfShark VPN provider – It has a quality VPN server in Georgia.
  2. Choose a plan, fill in the required fields, and make the payment with a preferred payment method.
  3. Log in to the SurfShark website with the username and password sent to your email address.
  4. Navigate to the “Apps and Extensions” menu, download the SurfShark VPN app and install it.
  5. Start the VPN app, enter your credentials, and click on the “Locations” button.
  6. Search for “Georgia”, and connect to one of the available Georgian servers.

Upon completing these steps, the SurfShark VPN button will turn green and it now means, you are virtually in Georgia. It also means you can watch Silk TV GO as a local Georgian.

Please note that you will need a Georgian phone number to register for Silk TV.

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