How to watch Setanta Sports online with a VPN

Is Setanta Sport not available in your current location? Maybe you are outside of your country and cannot access the Setanta account because of geo-restriction problems… Well, I have the solution to help you stream Setanta Sports online anywhere in the world.

In this article, we will be using a VPN service to watch Setanta Sports’ full catalog no matter where we are located. In addition to that, you will learn how to reclaim access to your account if you are already registered with Setanta.

Now it is time to enjoy more than 35 sports leagues around the world for less than 5 USD/month.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Analysis: Each sporting event is subject to copyrights. In this sense, in order for a service to stream, any sporting event requires a legal broadcasting agreement with the license holder. As for Setanta Sports, the company holds the streaming rights of the sports events for 13 different countries.

However, only Georgia and Moldova have full access to the leagues. Therefore, we will be focusing on both of these countries and making use of Setanta Sports at the lowest price possible.

Solution: Even if we might not be in Georgia or Moldova, there is a way to be in both of these countries virtually with a VPN service. We just need a VPN with a Moldova or Georgia server. By connecting to one of these servers, we will have the IP addresses of these countries and access Setanta Sports’ full catalog as a local.

A quick way to watch Setanta Sports online anywhere in the world:

  1. Visit SurfShark VPN -It has servers in Moldova and Georgia (Currently Azerbaijan server works)
  2. Click the “Buy now” button and choose a plan.
  3. Enter your e-mail address, and complete the purchase with a preferred payment method.
  4. Login to the SurfShark portal with the credentials sent to your e-mail address.
  5. Navigate to “Apps and Extensions”, download the VPN app for the device where you want to watch Setanta Sports, and install it.
  6. Launch the SurfShark VPN app and log in with the same credentials.
  7. Navigate to “Locations”, search for “Moldova” and connect to the server.

That is it! You have a Moldovian IP address. Now you can register to and stream 35 different leagues (full catalog) around the world.

SurfShark Moldova server will grant you a Moldavian IP address to stream Setanta Sports anywhere in the world.

Important note 1: If you are in the Europa zone, make sure to connect to the SurfShark Moldova server. In case you are located in Asia, then a Georgia server can be your best option.

Important note 2: Setanta Sport is also available in Ukraine. However, you cannot register for the version. Instead, you should go for and connect to the SurfShark Ukraine server.

Why is Setanta not available everywhere?

Sports events are all about copyrights and Setanta Sports has the broadcasting rights of the 35 sports leagues for 14 different countries. The service covers the following countries:

  • Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Armenia.

When you are outside of these countries, you will have no access to the SetantaSport to create your account. Even if you try, you will have the following error:

  • “Unfortunately, this service is not available in your region.”

When you try to access Setanta Sports outside available countries, you will get the following error.

This issue is for non-registered accounts. As for the registered users, you might face geo-restriction problems as well. For example, you might have had full access to the Setanta Sports content in your hometown. However, when you are on a holiday or a business trip somewhere else, you might not enjoy the Setanta Sport full catalog and get another error like the one below.

  • “Unfortunately, this content is not available in your country.”

Setanta Sports does not offer its full event catalog to all countries. When you are in a country where a specific sports event is not available, then you will get this error.

All of these problems root in our current location. Setanta Sport analyzes our IP address when we access the official website. If we have an IP address of a country where Setanta is not available, then we cannot stream the sports events. Or some events might not be available because Setanta Sport has a limited catalog for that specific country.

Bearing all of these problems in mind, a VPN service becomes quite handy.

Let’s understand how a VPN service works, and how it can help us watch Setanta Sports’ full catalog anywhere in the world.

How to watch Setanta Sport with a VPN

With a VPN, we can simply connect to a certain VPN server and encrypt our online traffic. The encryption occurs within the selected server and the connection assigns us the IP address of that specific server.

For our case, let’s say that you are in Russia or in any other EU country where Setanta is not available. All you need to do is find a reliable VPN service with a Moldova or Georgia server and connect one of them. That way, you will both have encrypted online traffic and Moldova/Georgia IP address where you can access Setanta Sports’ full catalog.

To keep our tutorial simple, I will take Moldova as our preferred location.

Choosing the right VPN

First of all, not all VPN services will help us bypass Setanta Sports restrictions. We do need a VPN offering streaming-optimized servers along with a decent speed performance in Moldova.

For our usage case, SurfShark stands out to be the best solution at the moment. The company has several servers in Moldova and offers up to 60 Mbps download speed for seamless streaming performance.

SurfShark Moldova server will help you get up to 62.05 Mbps download speed.

To make use of this service, please follow the instructions below.

  • Visit SurfShark’s official website and choose a plan. The longer period you choose, the less you pay.
  • Enter your e-mail address and finalize your purchase with a preferred payment method.
  • Once the payment is approved, you will receive your login credentials to your email address.

VPN app installation

Once you have the username and the password, we can move forward to the next steps.

  • Log in to the SurfShark portal.
  • Navigate to “Apps and Extensions” and download the SurfShark VPN app for the device where you want to watch Setanta Sports.
  • Finalize the installation by following the instructions and giving the necessary permission to the VPN app.

Connecting to the right VPN server

It is time to take the final steps with SurfShark.

  • Launch SurfShark and log in to the app with your credentials.
  • On the main interface, click “Locations” search for “Moldova” and connect to the available Moldova servers.

Right after establishing a successful VPN connection, the SurfShark button will turn green and you will have a Moldova IP address.

Once you are connected to the Moldova server, you will be assigned a Moldova IP address.

If you have a Setanta Sports account, just log in to it and enjoy your favorite sports events, just like below!

SurfShark Moldova server will grant you a Moldavian IP address to stream Setanta Sports anywhere in the world.

Setanta Sports account creation

Just in case you are new to Setanta and do not have an account, I would like to walk you through these steps as well.

Make sure you are connected to SurfShark’s Moldova server, follow these steps.

  • Visit and click on the “SIGN UP FOR FREE 14 DAY TRIAL” button.
  • Enter your personal data to the form below and make sure you choose Moldova or Georgia as your country.

If you do not have a Setanta Sports account, you should create one first.

Once the form is filled, click on “Continue”. Setanta Sports will prompt a pop-up asking you to accept the “Terms of Use”.

Make sure to accept the terms of use to move forward.

If you are content with the terms, hit the “Submit” button.

Now it is time to select a plan. Here we have two options.

  • Monthly plan: 84.99 MDL (4.89 USD/month).
  • Annual plan: 849.99 MDL (48.63 USD/year)

Each country has different pricing options. As our main focus is Moldova at the moment, you should choose your current location as "Moldova" and make the payment in Moldovan leu.

Depending on your budget, decide on the plan and click the “Select Licence” button. Right after this, you will be welcomed by the payment page.

Once you decide on the Setanta Plan, choose a proper way to make the payment.

On this page, you can make the payment with Google Pay, Visa, Master Card, or American Express.

Finalize this step with a preferred payment method and click on the “Secure Check out” button.

If the system accepts your card, your 14 days free trial will start immediately. That means 14 days of free sports streaming of 27 different sports leagues around the world.

Once the system accepts your payment, you will have access to 27 different sports leagues around the world for less than 5 USD/month.

So far so good! Still, you might still ponder why we focused on Moldova or Georgia in this article.

In order to fully digest this topic, we also need to understand the catalog selections for each country. Only after that, we will perceive the importance of these two countries.

Understanding Setanta Sports catalog

Setanta Sports operates in 13 different countries and not all of them are equal. As the main focus of the company, Setanta offers full catalogs for Georgia and Moldova markets. That was the core ready why we went for the Moldova or Georgia server in this tutorial.

However, there are still some gaps to fill in and learn more about the Setanta catalog. In order to analyze the sports events coverage per country, I have created a list for readers. This way, you can figure out which country to connect to through a VPN service.

Additionally, I also divided the sports events by subcategories, so that you can ignore the matches if they are not in the area of your interest.

  • Setanta football leagues: Premiere League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Seria A, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Jupiler Pro League, SPFL, ELF Championship, Europa Conferance League, FA CUP.

Here you can see the Setanta Sports' available Football events per country.

  • Setanta basketball leagues: NBA, EuroLeague

Setanta Sports basketball events cover NBA and EuroLeague.

  • Setanta racing: Formula 1, Formula E, NASCAR

If you are a racing fan, then you will love the Formula 1, Formula E, and NASCAR races with Setanta.

  • Setanta hockey: NHL

NHL games are available through Setanta Sports in many countries.

  • Setanta tennis: Wimbledon, ATP 1000 & ATP Finals, ATP Cup, WTA

Enjoy Wimbledon, ATP 1000 & ATP Finals, ATP Cup, WTA games in Moldova, Georgia, and Kazakhstan servers with Setanta.

  • Setanta MMA: UFC, Bellator

Setanta offers UFC only Moldova and Georgia while Bellator is available in all Setanta countries.

  • Setanta Golf: The Masters, PGA European Tour

Setanta is the one and only broadcaster of the golf games "The Master" and "PGA European Tour". The gold events are available through all supported Setanta countries.

Green bars indicate that the specific sports event is available in the country while red bars depict the unavailability.

As seen from the chart above, Moldova and Georgia have the biggest Setanta Sports catalog followed by Kazakhstan and Belarus. That was the main reason why I picked these countries as the best VPN locations.

Coming to a conclusion with this simple listing, I highly suggest you connect to the Moldova server if you are located in Europe, Russia, the US, etc…

In case you are located in central Asia or the far east, it would make more sense to connect to the Georgia server as it would grant you a better streaming experience.

Alternative VPNs for Setanta Sports

Things might not go as expected from time to time. Streaming platforms tend to block VPN IP addresses and let the users down. In such cases, having an alternative VPN would be a logical way of not missing your favorite sports events. However, do not forget to find a decent VPN with must-have features.

To make things quite easier for you, I categorized the VPN services by their server availability as well. That way, you do not have to struggle to find out which VPN service would unblock which Setanta country catalog.

Check out the alternative VPN services for Setanta Sports. Here you can find which VPN has servers in which Setanta countries. That way, you can unlock the full potential of the Setanta libraries.

Green bars = The server is available with the stated VPN service.

Red bars = The server is not available with the stated VPN service.

As seen in the image above, I gave priority to the VPN services with Moldova and Georgia servers as those countries could unblock all Setanta sports catalogs.

Depending on your needs, budgets, and country preferences, make sure to check alternative VPN services for Setanta.


CyberGhost is a Romania-based VPN provider offering quality service at the lowest price possible. As for the Setanta Sports, I have approved that CyberGhost works fine with both Moldova and Georgia servers and gave me amazing streaming results.

First of all, the speed was quite impressive with around 60 Mbps on the Moldova server.

Here is the Speed result I got from the CyberGhost Moldova server: 65.02 Mbps download speed.

Such results will help you watch the sports events with the best quality possible.

Just like below.

With CyberGhost you can have an amazing streaming experience.

With CyberGhost you can unlock available Setanta events in the following countries…

  • Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

If you are interested in accessing full sports events, CyberGhost can be your best pick. You can make use of a single VPN account for up to 7 different devices. In other words, you can watch Setanta Sports on your PC, mobile device, or Smart TV (Android only).

For all of these exclusive features, you can buy CyberGhost’s cheapest plan starting from 2.25$/month.


NordVPN is a privacy-oriented VPN provider offering quality and reliable servers expanding up to 59 countries. Luckily, the company has several servers in Moldova and Georgia as well.

According to the speed test from the Moldova server, I got lightning-fast results up to 90 Mbps. Such an amazing speed will help you watch Setanta Sports with the best quality possible.

NordVPN has the fastest VPN server in Moldova. You can get up to 92.43 Mbps download speed.

In addition to that, you can even split 4 different sports events into a single screen and keep on watching them all without any buffering issues.

With NordVPN's incredible speed performance, you will have no buffering issues when watching Setanta Sports.

If you decide on NordVPN, you will have access to the following Setanta-available countries:

  • Moldova, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

The coverage might seem insufficient. However, as for the full sports catalog, NordVPN will do fine.

Similar to other VPN providers, you can use NordPVN for up to 6 devices simultaneously. Yet, you might find the plans a bit pricy. The cheapest plan starts from 3.41$/month.


Based on the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN is an easy-to-use VPN software offering thousands of servers in more than 90 different countries. Simply, the company has the most coverage in the VPN market at the moment.

While many VPN providers ignore central Asia where the most Setanta viewers are from, ExpressVPN has servers there as well. Related to the best Setanta Sports country, ExpressVPN has super stable servers in Moldova for an unmatched streaming experience.

ExpressVPN also has servers in Moldova and Georgia. Fortunately, the speed from the Moldova server is quite amazing with an 80.40 Mbps download speed.

You can get up to 80 Mbps download speed through stable servers. Moreover, ExpressVPN has the most stable servers in the market and you will almost have no disconnection issues when watching your favorite teams play.

Below you can see a screenshot from Premiere League.

ExpressVPN is a well-known VPN provider for its stable VPN servers. That means you can watch Setanta Sports anywhere in the world without any disconnection issues.

Setanta-available countries with ExpressVPN:

  • Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

While such performance looks tempting for many sports lovers, ExpressVPN has a con as well. Unfortunately, the company prefers to keep its prices higher than its competitors. The cheapest plan starts from 6.67$/month and you can use a single account for up to 5 devices simultaneously.

If you are on a tight budget, ExpressVPN is not recommended.

Summing up Setanta Sports streaming

Being one of the most comprehensive sports streaming services, Setanta Sports offers 27 different sports events around the world. Not only does it cover worldwide matches, but Setanta Sports also stands out to be the cheapest solution among similar platforms.

While people in Moldova or Georgia enjoy the Setanta to the fullest, unfortunately, anyone outside either cannot access the platform or misses the critical leagues because of the geo-restrictions.

In this article, I taught you how to overcome Setanta Sport’s country limitations with a VPN service. Simply, we purchased a quality VPN provider -SurfShark, and changed our IP address to Moldova or Georgia. This way we were able to register with Setanta Sports and enjoy the full sports catalog anywhere in the world.

Additionally, I lined up three alternative VPN services -CyberGhost, NordVPN, and ExpressVPN just in case Setanta might block SurfShark’s IP addresses.

Enjoy your favorite matches, and support your team!

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  1. Hey,
    I’m trying to register with surfshark/moldova, but setanta is asking for a phone number. Is there a way around it?

  2. Hi,
    I’m trying to confirm if they broadcast in 1080p but I can’t find it.
    Can you confirm if it is full hd or 720p?


    • Hey Freddy,

      As far as I know from their affiliated website Vivaro, yes, they have 1080P quality. Yet, for Setanta, you cannot see or change the streaming quality. It will adjust according to your internet connection quality.

  3. Hey,
    I used this method for a few months earlier, but a couple of weeks ago, Setanta stopped working for me with Moldovan and Georgian VPNs. Do you have any ideas about what it might be related to?

    • Hey Andrew,

      Just connect to Azerbaijan server and please read the whole article. You are not limited with the Moldova or Georgia server. They are just an example. There are so many other countries you can connect and unlock Setanta.

      • Hello. From today it is really difficult to connect to Setanta with most servers. I have tried with several Vpn services.

        Are they getting stricter?

        • It does seem so, I can’t log in either.

        • Hey,

          I just checked it and it works fine with the Moldova server. I strongly suggest you guys to read the whole article and understand the licensing/country issues.

          Seconldy, once the stream starts, you can drop the VPN connectiong for a greater streaming quality.

        • Hey,

          During the important live events, you may encounter this issue. All you need to do is just click on the server again and reconnect. This will assign you a fresh IP address and help you stream the platform without any issues.

  4. are the premiere league, champions leaguue and formula one coverage in English?

    • What means this on the Moldavan VPN? Game over?

      Connection Failed

      Please refresh the page

    • In most of the matches, especially if they are between popular teams, you will get the English. However, for some of the matches between unpopular teams, then you will just hear the game sound and the spectators, not the commentator.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial! Is it possible to book the belarus subscription (it’s only $38.05 yearly) and right after switch the vpn to moldavia and enjoy the whole catalog?

    • Hey there,

      I tested some other VPN services. You can visit VeePN, purchase the service and get a Belarusian IP address. Right after that, you can register for Setanta Sports Belarus subscription cheaper.

      Once the registration is complete, you may switch to Moldova and start streaming the full catalog 😉

  6. where do i get a promo code for setanta sports? my credit card wont work unfortunately. best regards

  7. Please, update the blog because nothing works anymore everything is blocked. Non of the servers on Surfshark, NordVpn work . The geo-block detects it and the vpns are blocked… None of the methods you mentioned work anymore.(Except Azerbaijan server which is useless it has nothing and no english commentary….)

    • Azerbaijan works pretty fine. Please note that only essential games have English commentary. Setanta does not cover commentary for all the games.

  8. Which VPN still works with Setanta Sports nowadays?

    Leave a reply