How to watch Russian TV channels from anywhere

When you are gone from home, after a long day or on a weekend, you desire an emotional reunion by viewing classic and familiar Russian TV stations. If viewing movies and TV shows with Russian voiceovers while overseas isn’t too tough owing to video-on-demand plug-ins, it’s considerably more difficult with TV. On the Internet, there are more than a dozen portals that provide a comprehensive selection of local and international films and serials. However, when it comes to television, it’s difficult to locate a platform that transmits all of the TV stations.

Nonetheless, there is an internet platform where you may discover a list of all TV stations. More Ru is an excellent choice for viewing satellite channels. On the site, there are over 280 TV channels, and the number is expanding. There are still certain limitations in place for persons who are not citizens of Russia. When attempting to view stations such as DOMASHNY or STS, you will be greeted with a warning indicating that broadcasting is not available in your area. There is a pressing question: how can I have complete access to all Russian TV stations when traveling?

Analysis: Before we get to the solution, let’s look at the problem: why does More Ru limit access internationally. The contract with the rights holders of the material carried by the stations provides the reason. One of the provisions stipulates that material transmission on Russian Federation territory is prohibited. As a result, More Ru filtering uses IP addresses to establish your location and bans access to the channel.

Solution: To access TV stations in Germany, for example, you must change your current IP address to a Russian one. To accomplish this, we will require the services of a VPN provider with a server in Russia. You will be able to watch Russian TV regardless of your location if you connect to a VPN provider.

How to watch Russian TV online abroad?

Follow the step-by-step instruction to get a Russian IP address and to watch TV channels meant only for Russian audience from any place in the world:

  1. Visit the site of the VPN provider – CyberGhost (which has a server in Russia) – If you are in Turkey, you must select VeePN as your PVN provider.
  2. Click on “Buy VPN now” to go to the plans page
  3. Enter your email address and choose the payment method
  4. Fill out the forms with your details to complete your purchase
  5. From the “Apps” menu, download the software that corresponds with your device and complete the installation
  6. Enter your credentials into the app to log in
  7. At the top left of the app, enter “Russia” and press 2 times to connect

Now you have a Russian IP address and can enjoy watching TV channels on More like Mir, DOMASHNY, TNT, First Channel, Masterchef, Fifth Channel.

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  1. I live in Portland, Oregon and have a a TV provider named COMCAST/EXFINITY.
    They were providing two (2) Russian channels. Since the Ukrainen War they turned them off
    as my wife is Belarusian and wants diect news from Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine. Comcast refuses to turn our stations back on ? (Politics)
    Problem: How can we get our Russian stations back. We had current news, serials and Russian history. What suggestions can you tell us how to get Russian T.V. ?
    We need help in out quest. Thank you, RON and Svetlana Gorbacevska Ellis.

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