How to watch OLL TV outside Ukraine with a VPN

OLL TV is a Ukranienian streaming platform covering TV channels, films, series (Amediateka) as well as the football matches of Ukraine’s premier league, and more. While these options are available in Ukraine, unfortunately, anyone outside cannot stream OLL TV. Yet, do not worry about this! By using a VPN, we will watch OLL TV anywhere in the world.

Due to copyright restrictions, OLL TV is required to air its content only in Ukrainian territory. Therefore, if you are in another country other than Ukraine, then you face geo-restriction problems.

OLL TV applies such limitations by analyzing the IP address of the visitor. When you have an IP address range that belongs to another country, OLL TV prevents you from accessing its content.

As a quick solution to that, we will be using a VPN service and changing our local IP address to a Ukrainian IP. This way, OLL TV will regard us as Ukrainian citizens and let us air our content no matter where we are located.

Analysis: Each TV channel, TV series/movie, or sports event is subject to licensing. When the streaming platforms get the rights to a specific event, it has to be aired in certain countries. In our case, OLL TV holds the rights of its content for the Ukraine territory only. That is why OLL TV is not available outside Ukraine.

Solution: With a VPN service, we can easily change our IP address to any country we want. The only criteria we need is that the VPN service has to have servers in Ukraine. This way, no matter where we are located, we will connect to that specific server and get a Ukrainian IP address. Right after that, we will be able to access OLL TV as if we are in Ukraine.

Learn how to watch OLL TV outside Ukraine with a VPN: 

  1. Visit SurfShark VPN -It has servers in Ukraine.
  2. Click on the “Buy now” button and select a plan.
  3. Enter your e-mail address and complete the purchase with a preferred method.
  4. Login to the SurfShark portal with the credentials sent to your e-mail upon purchase.
  5. Navigate to “Apps & extensions”, download the SurfShark app for the device where you want to watch OLL TV, and finalize the installation.
  6. Open the VPN app and log in SurfShark app with the same credentials.
  7. Navigate to the “Locations” menu, search for “Ukraine and connect one of the available Ukraine servers.

That is it! Now login to your OLL TV account and stream your favorite content as if you are in Ukraine.

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