How to watch Canal Plus France anywhere (via VPN)

Canal Plus France is one of the most demanded streaming platforms covering documentaries, live channels, Canal Plus original TV series/movies, and sports events such as Formula 1 (F1), Premiere League, Moto GP, Top 14, Champions League, NBA, NHL and more…

While all those opportunities are available in France, unfortunately, anyone outside faces geo-restriction problems and cannot watch Canal Plus France. Yet, do not worry about it! In this article, I will teach you how to watch Canal Plus France version anywhere in the world with a VPN service.

Simply, we will connect to the France server of a VPN service and change our virtual location to France. This will help us get a France IP address and virtually be in the France territory. In other words, Canal Plus will think that we are now in France and grant us access to the platform.

Analysis: Because of the copyrights and licensing issues, Canal Plus is required to air its content only to streamers in France. Thus, when you try to access the system outside France, you will experience geo-restrictions. Canal Plus applies such limitations by analyzing your IP address. If you do not have France IP, then you will be devoided of Canal Plus contents.

Solution: In this case, we will be making use of the VPN services with a France server. Once we are connected to this specific server, the VPN system will grant us a French IP address and help us watch Canal Plus anywhere in the world.

A quick guide to watch Canal Plus France anywhere:

  1. Visit SurfShark VPN -it has servers in France.
  2. Click the “Buy now” button and choose a plan.
  3. Enter your e-mail address and purchase the plan with a preferred payment method. (The longer-term you pick, the less you pay.)
  4. Login to the SurfShark portal with the credentials sent to your e-mail address.
  5. Navigate to “Apps and Extensions”, download the VPN app where you want to watch Canal Plus, and finalize the installation.
  6. Open the VPN app, go to “Locations”, search for France, and connect to one of the servers in France (Marseille, Paris or, Bordeaux)
  7. Visit Canal Plus, log in to your account, and start streaming your favorite content anywhere!

Just like below…

SurfShark will help you watch Canal Plus France version anywhere in the world. Its French server will grant you a French IP address and help you virtually be in France.

Feeling a little bit confused and still cannot figure out how VPN services work? Let me help you out here.

In the sections below, I will give you greater details on the following topics:

  • analyze the geo-restrictions,
  • how the VPN services work,
  • create a Canal Plus account if you do not have one,
  • bypass restriction, and stream Canal Plus France anywhere.

Stay tuned!

Understand the Canal Plus geo-restriction problem

Canal Plus states in their T&C: 

  • The Content accessible by the User is only accessible from mainland France and is digital files protected by national and international copyright laws and neighboring rights. They are exclusively reserved for private use. By Regulation (EU) 2017/1128 of June 14, 2017, any subscriber having an effective residence and stable in mainland France or Monaco, will be able to receive the Content when it is present temporarily – that is to say for a limited period – in a Member State of the European Union other than his Member State of residence.

The terms create two other access problems, as well:

  1. France and EU-Zone: If you have purchased the Canal Plus plan with a card issued by a French bank, then your plan will also be available in the EU countries. As for the other countries, you must use a VPN to get French IP.
  2. Canal Plus without French card: If you are an ex-pat, traveler, or a person interested in Canal Plus French version without a French credit card, then the service will be only available within France district. In other words, you must use a VPN service to access the Canal Plus platform and make the payment.

As seen in the quote and conditions above, anyone outside of the available zones cannot access Canal Plus France. Yet, how does Canal Plus understand where we are from?

When you try to access Canal Plus outside France, you will face a geo-restriction problem.

The whole restriction is being handled by the Canal Plus server-side. When you visit the platform, the backend system can see the visitor location by their IP address. If they have French IP, then they can stream Canal+ content. If they do not have French IP, the visitor faces geo-restriction problems just like above.

How to watch Canal Plus France anywhere?

No matter how hard Canal Plus tries to block visitors outside France or the EU zone, anyone can easily bypass this restriction. At this point, all that matters is the VPN services functioning to encrypt our online traffic and change the IP address of our devices.

Simply, a VPN service puts your online traffic into a tunnel and encrypts it on the selected server zone. Once the encryption starts, the VPN also assigns us the IP address of that specific server as well.

If we choose to connect to a French server, then we get an IP from the France IP range. In other words, we can virtually be in France and access Canal Plus France from any country.

Let’s take the steps one by one…

Choosing the right VPN

Not all VPNs are the same. For our case, we need a fast, stable, budget-friendly VPN with dedicated French servers. We also have to make sure that the provider can bypass Canal Plus VPN embargo in the future.

Depending on the requirements, SurfShark stands out to be the best option for us. It has hundreds of servers in three different cities in France. These are: Marsaille, Paris or, Bordeaux. The speed performance is also amazing (92+ Mbps) to stream Canal Plus with the best quality possible.

To make use of this service:

  • Visit SurfShark website.
  • Click the “Buy now” button and choose a plan.
  • Input your e-mail address to the next section.
  • Complete the purchase with a preferred payment method.

Once payment is a success, SurfShark will send login credentials to your email address.

VPN app installation

If all is set, we can move to the next step now.

  • Login to the SurfShark portal with your credentials.
  • Navigate to the “Apps and Extensions” menu.
  • Download the compatible VPN app for the device on which you want to stream Canal Plus.
  • Follow the instructions for a proper installation.

Connecting to the right VPN server

SurfShark will prompt you with a VPN interface where you can adjust the VPN according to your needs. As a final VPN step, we need to connect to the SurfShark French server.

  • Launch the VPN app.
  • Navigate to the “Locations” menu and type “France” in the search bar.
  • Click on one of the following France servers: Marseille, Paris, Bordeaux.

This will establish a secure VPN connection in France and help us get a French IP address.

SurfShark has three different server locations in France. Any of these servers will give you French IP addresses.

We are done with the VPN process. If you have a Canal Plus account, now you can log in to it with your new French IP address and start streaming your favorite shows/events.

Once you have a French IP address, you can stream your favorite sports events on Canal Plus anywhere in the world.

In case you do not have an account and want to learn more about this process. Please, keep on reading our guide.

Canal Plus account creation

Creating an account with Canal Plus is quite simple. One and the only problem is the geo-restriction and as we have already bypassed this issue with a VPN service, it is the right time to take the final steps.

First of all, make sure you are connected to SurfShark’s France server and visit the Canal Plus package page:

To create a Canal Plus account, first, you should choose the "%100 digital" option.

Click on “%100 Digital” tab.

At the bottom, depending on your needs, choose a package.

Canal Plus has several streaming plans. Choose the one you like to watch.

Click on “Découvrir cette offre”. On the next page, make sure to get the discount if you are under age 26 then click “Choisir cette offre”.

To move on, you must create an account first.

On this page, enter your e-mail address, choose a strong password for your Canal Plus account, and click “Valider” after accepting the service term.

Learn the amount of money you are required to pay.

Take a look at if you picked the right plan on the next page and click on “Continuer”.

It is time to make the payment now!

Purchase the plan by entering your credit card details.

Are you done with the payment?

Great! If it is a success, Canal Plus will welcome you with the following notification.

You will be welcomed with this message.

You are all set. Yet, do not forget, it might take a few hours to get your account activated by the system. During this time, you might not be able to watch Canal Plus.

Be patient and wait for the account confirmation email. Once it is activated, you can start streaming Canal Plus France anywhere just like below.

SurfShark will help you watch Canal Plus France version anywhere in the world. Its French server will grant you a French IP address and help you virtually be in France.

What you get with Canal Plus France

You might wonder if it is worth bearing such difficulties to watch Canal Plus outside France. Well, let’s take a look at what it offers…

By choosing Canal Plus France, you will have access to:

  • Popular French TV channels such as My TF 1, France TV 2, France TV 3, Canal+, Canal+ series, France TV 5, arte, Warner TV, RTL 9, National Geographic, C Star, etc…

In this image, you can see the France TV channels offered by the Canal+ Channel plan.

  • Sports events: Formula 1, Moto GP, Premiere League, Top 14, NHL, Arkema, WRC, SAIL GP, NTT Ingy Car.

Canal Plus is the official French streaming platform of the Premier League, F1 races, MotoGP, NHL, etc...

  • Sport Channels: Canal+ Sport, BeinConnect, EuroSport 1, 2, 3, InfoSport, Automoto, ES1 etc…

In addition to the sports event, you can find out the all sports channels here.

  • Popular TV series/movies/doccumentaries: Made for love, Loki, The Beast Must Die, Delete me, La guerre des mondes, Hippocrate, Calls, Neuf meufs; Wildland, 30 jours max de comédies, T’as pécho ?, Belle-fille, Sacrées sorcières; Hitler vs Picasso et les autres, Bambi : une femme nouvelle, Tiger, Océans etc…

These are just the tip of the iceberg…

Visit Canal Plus, pick your plan, and enjoy unlimited streaming!


Canal Plus is one of the most visited French streaming platforms hosting French channels, tv-series/movies, worldwide sports events, and more… All these might be alluring, however, anyone outside France faces geo-restriction problems because of the copyrights and licensing issues.

After reading Canal Plus terms of service, it turned out to be the Canal Plus content is only available in France and it was greatly limited in the EU zone.

Keeping this issue in mind, I thought you how to stream Canal Plus France with a VPN service. As a solution, a VPN service helped us get a French IP address and stream Canal Plus anywhere in the world. While doing so, I also made sure that we went for the best VPN solution available: SurfShark VPN.

Just a friendly note: In case Canal Plus blocks SurfShark, you can either contact customer support for further help or choose from other VPN services with France servers such as CyberGhost or VyprVPN.

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