VPNUnlimited review – Based on analytics and real user experience

USA based company KeepSolid provides personal and business VPN solution as well as many other online tools. In this review, we will be taking a close look at how the VPNUnlimited works and if it keeps its promises or not. Furthermore, on the website, the company offers many additional VPN related services like personal servers, personal static IP, additional device connections, and business VPN services. Are they worth trying?

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Country, server coverage and speed performance

In early 2019, VPNUnlimited provides 400+ servers in 70 different locations across the world. North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa as well as Pacific countries are covered.

check the details of where vpnunlimited covers across the world

At this point, there seems no location is missing. The country coverage seems complete with 400+ servers with 128 and 256-bit encryption. However, the number of the torrenting servers are lacking that there is so much burden on each one of them. We will be discussing that soon.

For now, let’s move to speed performance

VPNUnlimited download/upload performance test

Surprisingly, VPNUnlimited outperforms many of its competitors.  The servers located in North America, as well as Europe, are super fast. What you get is enough to watch 4k videos, have seamless social media experience along with powerful encryption.

Please check our stress test below…

We have tested all important servers from Europe along with 25 Mbit connection. This stress test does not aim to give you the best results but provide the conceivable performance you might get while using the servers under heavy conditions.

If you are located in the USA or Europe, VPNunlimited will handle all kinds of burden. The same goes for Australia and Hong Kong as well.

Moreover, we were super excited to see great server performance out of Australia even if we run the test from Europe. In such cases, If you want to watch Australia streaming website abroad, VPNUnlimited could be one of your top picks.

Torrenting performance

When we investigate the server burden in the software interface, we realized that almost all of the P2P allowed servers are running at high capacity. In other words, there are plenty of people using VPNUnlimited for P2P purposes. Bearing this in mind, there are two important issues:

  1. P2P servers are limited and crowded.
  2. There is no P2P server for the Asian or Pacific users. Torrent servers have been deployed either in North America or Europe.

Despite the server paucity and excessive server load, we were able to make use of %100 of our internet connection capacity with the Romania server.

check vpnunlimited torrent server performance

We tried to download 560 MB torrent file with few hundred seeds. It took around 30 seconds to collect good seeds and start downloading.

The VPN reached to full download capacity after 1 minute then it took around 5 minutes to download completely.

VPNUnlimted passed the torrent test with great results. If your main VPN usage purpose is P2P sharing, then VPNUnlimited will serve you well.

Just make sure to use P2P allowed servers. You are good to go!

Popcorn time Experience – Is it fast enough?

Choosing a dedicated Popcorn time VPN is a big deal. We need both fast and stable servers to have a smooth streaming experience. VPNUnlimited proved to have greater P2P experience than average VPN services in the market. Yet, not all P2P servers performance well.

As you have already seen above, the Romania server was pretty fast, yet, now Luxembourg P2P server falls so much behind our expected performance when using Popcorn time.

vpnunlimited offers poor download experience with popcorn time

How about the popcorn time experience? Shall we have an amazing TV show experience without having any seed and lag problem?

it is almost impossible to watch full hd shows on popcorn time when connected to vpnunlimited p2p servers

After we are connected to the Luxembourg P2P server and choose a TV show, it took around 30 seconds to collect necessary seeds. The show was in Full HD quality which required at least 500KB/second download speed. With VPNUnlimited, we were able to keep the download speed around 350-450KB/second. Unfortunately, the speed was not good enough to watch Full HD shows without waiting for download.

On one hand, VPNUnlimited is fine for torrenting. On the other hand, you cannot get the same performance from all P2P servers as they are super loaded.

It is highly recommended to try the P2P servers one by one to find the top-performing one.

VPNUnlimited gaming experience

Coming soon…

VPNUnlimited NetFlix and BBC iPlayer experience

Not many VPN services can provide dedicated streaming servers. VPNUnlimited is exceptional In the software, at the top, you will see two different streaming servers one for Hulu, Netflix, ESPN+, HBO, and BBC iPlayer.

As you may already know that if you want to watch the Netflix USA abroad, you will need an IP address which was not blacklisted by the Netflix network.

Fortunately, VPNUnlimited streaming servers are working fine with a great deal of streaming performance. According to our Netflix and the USA stress test, VPNUnlimited can provide you at least full HD streaming quality.

Below you can see our quality test…

Even though BBC Network goes easy on the VPN providers, still we need a dedicated UK IP address to access BBC.co.uk and stream iPlayer abroad.

check our bbc iplayer experience along with vpnunlimited dedicated server

Again, the streaming server dedicated to BBC iPlayer proved to be working fine. You can watch your favorite shows or documentaries wherever you want – of course in HD quality.

Our overall streaming experience is great. No matter where you are located, VPNUnlimited servers will help you watch your favorite shows. HD quality will be your big bonus.

Pricing and refund policy

There are three plans available with a great deal of discount.

You may go for one month if you are in need of limited VPN service, or get grab 3 years deal only for $99.9. Furthermore, for those planning to stay safe and secure for the rest of their online life, they can go after “lifetime” deal for only 149$.

The amount of the money you are to pay is not limited to these three plans. If you want additional services such as dedicated IP address, this will cost you an additional +14.9$/month.

You can even go insane by choosing a dedicated VPN server and this will cost you 24.99$/month.

Do you need to install the software on more than 5 devices? You can move to the new pricing plan offering 10 simultaneous connection as well by paying 5 more bucks.

VPNUnlimited offers 7 days trial. During this period, you can try the service and make your mind without spending a dime. Furthermore, you will also be covered by the limited money back guarantee.

In case you want to get your money back after some period of usage, the company will only pay you the remaining part of the unused period.

Desktop software and mobile apps

It becomes more and more common to see minimalist VPN software in the market. One of them is VPNUnlimited. In the previous version of the software, there were plenty of unnecessary features and it was covering almost all screen. Yet now, the company published the new v5 version of the software and it looks so beautiful.

Besides, being minimal, VPNUnlimited offers “one-click” VPN connection feature in the interface. The software is easy to use and switching servers requires only two clicks.

new version of the software has minimal features

After omitting plenty of features, VPNUnlimited only keeps the necessary security features we do need.

At the top of the “Settings” menu, there are two protocols you can choose from. As a MAC user, I can either choose IKev2 or KeepSolid Wise (Stealth protocol). If you are a Windows user, you will have OpenVPN protocol as well.

protocols, kill switch are important privacy tools you can make use of. they are all in vpnunlimited software

With the latest 5v update, we now have “Kill Switch” feature to shut down internet activities when you drop out of VPN connection.

Let me give you an example of the importance of this feature.

You moved to Germany and a few months and want to download a show online. VPNUnlimited server will give you an amazing speed performance. Yet, if you drop out of VPN connection and keep on downloading the torrent file with your real IP, then, there is a great deal of chance that you will be fined for around 1000 EURO.

In this sense, features like “Kill Switch” has great importance. It was a great missing feature for the earlier version. Yet, now, we do have it! Good job!

The new version now separates the “Streaming” menu on the menu. Now, you can choose your desired streaming VPN server easier. Furthermore, the software can ping the servers and give you the best VPN server available.

Last but now least, it is really hard to find out the P2P servers for the new users. It would be so nice to see “P2P” menu on the software dedicated to available torrenting servers.

Overall, we do like the new version of the software. It is neat and super easy to use. You can easily access your favorite server with a single click. It is also possible to contact customer support through the software interface.

New version, new interface, better user experience.

VPNUnlimited for mobile devices

Just like the PC software, VPNUnlimited offers an easy to use and user-friendly mobile apps. You get almost all same features as the PC software.

In the map, you can easily navigate the desired server and connect with a single tap.

In case you don’t want to deal with many dots on the map, you can simply click the server to get the full list of the available VPN servers all around the world.

The app will give you some recommendation according to your location and usage purpose.

In the protocols menu, there is a single option IKEv2 with two varieties. Standalone IKEv2 will give you the best speed and performance while the other two will increase your security, yet, get your speed performance down a lot.

The speed is not a big deal for the daily browsing. However, if you are a heavy streaming or P2P user, you will experience some slowdowns.

Maybe VPNUnlimited is the first company in the market offering “Kill Switch” feature on the mobile phone. All you need Android 8 and upper version.

Our overall mobile experience is great. The app just works fine. Servers are great! Moreover, it would be nice to get rid of the app notification after disabling it. You cannot swipe it out of the screen. You have to manually open the notification and close the app down.

Other supported devices

The number of devices we do need privacy is increasing a lot. Now it is wiser to use VPN service with any device we use the internet.

VPNUnlimited offers 5 simultaneous connection and the device compatibility covers iOS, Android, Windows Phone; Mac, Windows, Linux; Apple TV and Browsers.

Security protocols

While some VPN providers offer a variety of VPN protocols, VPNUnlimited sticks to OpenVPN and Ikev2. Both protocols will encrypt your online data transfer by 256 bit and give you a smooth VPN experience.

Besides basic OpenVPN protocol, you may also choose KeepSolid Wise TCP or UDP protocols. This unique protocol has its own backbones giving you additional security and put your internet connection to stealth mode.

You can use KeepSolid Wise if your ISP can detect VPN connections. Great choice for the ones living in dorms; studying in libraries or working on a government PC.

Is VPNunlited working properly?

First time I tried VPNUnlimited Windows software, I had some difficulties. First of all, it has some issues installing the OpenVPN tap. More likely, you will get this error as well. Make sure that you have the latest version of the OpenVPN tool in the programs.

In order to get the Windows software work, you have to give administrator permission. Otherwise, you will not be able to connect to the VPN server.

Besides these small issues, VPNUnlimited works fine. Both PC and mobile versions will you an effortless VPN experience. The service will help you:

  • access any content you want online
  • unblock Netflix USA and BBC iPlayer abroad
  • browse extremely fast. You can even watch 4k videos without having any lag issues…

We have tested VPNUnlimited on Windows, MAC, as well as mobile devices. It does the job! Grab the %80 off lifetime deal now!

Customer support

VPNUnlimited has an irritating feature. You cannot change the software language freely. If your OS is in French, it will automatically display the same language.

We were running the Turkish language in our Mac laptop, and the software came out in Turkish -probably Google translate.

We sent an email to customer service about the language issue and received a proper answer after 10 hours. This period is acceptable. However, we have never seen a live chat representative online. Most of the time you send a request, you will be answered via tickets.

Besides the issues above, the knowledge base of the website is neatly designed and you can find answers to many of your questions.

Log policy! Does VPNUnlimited keep logs?


The company operates under USA jurisdiction which means that they are bound to USA laws. Keeping this in mind, there are a few points we need to make.

  1. Almost all of the crowded servers are the torrent servers! The company states: “This is a protocol extension that uses AES-256 and provides an extended online freedom, allowing to get free access to all legal web content. Yet, almost %99 of the torrent files are illegal.
  2. There is an open-ended statement in the privacy policy: “KeepSolid Inc. collects and logs common user statistics and website traffic only for KeepSolid Inc.’s websites”  We will send an inquiry into this issue and update the log policy!

Last but not least, they store the user registration data for 7 years and they depict that they will give away your data to authorities.

vpnunlimited will share your data if authorities ask for it

At this point, we strongly suggest you stay away from any illegal activities while connected to VPNUnlimited servers.

Summing up!

VPNUnlimited is an all in one VPN solution bringing you extreme speed performance with easy to use tools. The service works on many platforms and outperforms many of its competitors on the market. Currently, VPNUnlimited covers all continents along with 70+ locations. According to our test, each server is speed optimized and ready to give you the utmost browsing as well as streaming experience.

Besides speed, the company logs some user data. No matter they claim that no user activities are being collected, VPNunlimited continuously point out that the service is for legal content, not for the illegal ones! Keep in mind that this company is USA based and if any authority asks for any kind of information, they have to comply with the USA law.

Think twice while doing any illegal stuff online!

7.6 Total Score
1 reviews
Outstanding performance

Combination of speed, compatibility, simultaneous connection in 5 different devices and user-friendly apps make VPNUnlimited stand out! Yet, being founded in the USA makes it less reliable because of the data retention law. Try VPNUnlimited 7 days for free!

7Expert Score
Customer support
8.2User's score
Customer support
  • Outstanding server performance
  • Easy to use software
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Simultaneous connection up to 5 devices
  • USA based company
  • Keep logs
  • Terrible pricing plans
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  1. 4.1
    Customer support

    The VPN team are available 24/7, they reply with suggestions and not solutions.
    A chat session was but is no longer available.
    The MACOSX technology causes more problems than Windows 7 thro10.
    On a Mac they ask for the Keychain password, no way should any MAC give this to any request even APPLE HELP AGENTS do not ask for it. If you do give the password to KeepSolid, the immediate is to adapt your Network Preferences to the most insecure state I have ever witnessed.

    + PROS: For the first 4 yers there were no real problems that could not be fixed quickly
    - CONS: The streaming servers are not always available. The BBC streaming server is no longer available. The BBC software security has improved and no longer supports connection without registration
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