5 VPN with Russian server – Get Russian IP anywhere

VPN companies have become a primary target in Russia, where virtual constraint has reached an all-time high. Following a request from Roskomnadzor* in 2017 and a reluctance to comply, numerous VPN companies ceased offering services in the country. As a result, getting a Russian IP address using a VPN provider has become quite difficult.

However, you do not need to be concerned since there are still VPN companies on the market that are not impacted by the restriction. This post will offer you a list of 5 VPN providers that work and provide Russian IP addresses.

By using one of our recommendations, you will change your IP address to Russia in just 3 minutes. With the given opportunity, you can browse the internet as if you were in Russia and access streaming platforms such as Match TV, Okko Sport, Amediateka, IVI Ru, More TV, Kinopoisk, Wink Ru; and local Russian services such as Russia Railways, Sberbank as well as TV networks RT Russia, Sputnik, etc…

A brief overview of 5 VPNs with a Russian server:

For readers with limited time, we have compiled a list for you with a brief overview of VPN providers that have a VPN server in Russia.

1. Surfshark
Server location: Moscow – Russia; 185.26 Mbps download speed; Reliable no-log policy; Unlimited simultaneous connections; Starting from 2.3$/month. (Russian servers by SurfShark are not available temporarily)

2. Cyberghost
Server location: Moscow – Russia; 168.92 Mbps download speed; Good choice for streaming; 7 simultaneous connections; Starting from 2.03$/month.

3. VeePN
Server location: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg – Russia; 181.34 Mbps download speed; 10 simultaneous connections; Starting from 1.67$/month.

4. PlanetVPN
Server location: Moscow – Russia; 50+ Mbps download speed. 10 simultaneous connections; Starting from 1.99$/month.

5. VyprVPN
Server location: Moscow – Russia; 174.94 Mbps download speed. Reliable no-log policy; 10 simultaneous connections; Starting from 5$/month.

How did I pick VPNs with the Russian server?

Roskomnadzor, which stands for “Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media,” demanded VPN providers disclose their private keys to the Russian government so that the Russian government could control the encrypted traffic.

VPN providers including NordVPN, StrongVPN, ExpressVPN, and IPVanish refused to cooperate with the Roskomnadzor. As a consequence, the services were thrown out of Russian data centers and no longer provided Russian IP addresses.

Keeping the issue in mind, I devised a set of criteria for selecting the best VPN service with a Russian server. Only by adhering to these conditions can we be certain that we will be able to get a Russian IP address from anywhere in the world.

  • Server in Russia datacenter

As the first and foremost criterion, we need VPN services that can deploy dedicated or virtual servers in Russian data centers. This is the only way we can connect to Russian internet service providers and change our current IP address to the Russian one.

Only a few VPN services can trick Roskomnadzor and offer us VPN servers from Russia.

  • Streaming and speed

Once we have the IP address, we should be able to access Russian streaming services or websites. I confirmed that the VPN services can unblock Match TV, Okko Sport, ivi Ru, Amediateka, Wink RU, and many more local networks like online Russian banking and government affiliate news websites.

Yet! Unblocking isn’t enough on its own. The VPN provider must provide us with adequate speed performance. This is the only way we can watch sports events or browse the internet without buffering issues.

My fiber connection internet speed. Before running the VPN speed test, I want you to see the speed performance without VPN connections.

This is what my basic internet connection provides. Let’s have a look at how the VPN services perform.

  • Privacy policy

Understanding who is managing our personal information and web traffic is critical. In this regard, I prioritized VPN providers with dependable log policies, so that no one knows what we are doing online, not even the Russian government!

  • Compatibility and pricing

Each VPN user’s habits are unique, as are the devices they utilize. People prefer to migrate with their mobile devices while they are outside of their nation. However, if you have an established life, you may need a VPN that works with TVs and even routers.

Given the compatibility need, I ensure that VPN services operate on the most popular systems and provide us with enough simultaneous connections at the best price possible.

5 VPNs with Russian Server/IP

Now that we’ve learned the criteria to follow, it’s time to go through each provider one by one.

Beware! Not all VPNs are the same in terms of streaming, unblocking, speed, compatibility, and cost. Therefore, I strongly advise you to read the whole article to locate the best VPN that meets your needs.

1. SurfShark

LocationMoscow, Russia
DatacenterG-Core Labs
Speed185.26 Mbps
StreamingMatch TV: ✓ Okko: ✓
Official sitewww.surfshark.com

SurfShark review covers pricing; compatible apps, privacy policy, server locations and customer support experience.

Important note: SurfShark removed its Russian servers till further notice. Please choose another provider from the list.

SurfShark is one of our website’s top recommended VPN providers. It is not only privacy-friendly, but it also provides global server coverage.

Unlike major VPN services targeted by the Russian government, SurfShark is a relatively recent entrant to the market with dedicated VPN servers in Moscow, Russia.

Surfshark used to have several problems with its Russian servers. However, they fixed the problem and it works without any issues.

When you connect to SurfShark’s Moscow server, you will be allocated a Russian IP address. These new addresses will allow you to access the internet as though you were in Russia.

In other words, you’ll be able to watch Match TV, Okko TV, Megogo, IVI, and Wink RU, as well as access government-backed platforms like Russia 1, Channel 1, RT.com, Sputnik, etc…

Is this server, however, fast enough?

SurfShark offers outstanding speed performance from Moscow. You can reach out to 180+ Mbps and stream anything with the finest quality possible.

The answer is yes! SurfShark’s Russia server provided me with a download speed of 185.26 Mbps. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, let me explain.

To view a video in 4k resolution, all you need is a download speed of 20 Mbps. Namely, the SurfShark Russia server will allow you to watch Russian platforms at the highest possible quality and browse the internet from Russia as if you are not connected to a VPN server.

But, is it safe enough to use SurfShark?

SurfShark is based in the British Virgin Islands where there is no data retention law. As a result, the company does not monitor or store any online activity of its users.

This ensures that neither your present internet service provider nor the Russian government can monitor what you are doing online.

If you are happy with the privacy measurements, let’s take a look at what devices we can install SurfShark.

  • PC: Linux, Windows, MacOS
  • Mobile devices: iOS, Android
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge
  • TVs: FireTV, Android TV,
  • Consoles: Playstation, Xbox
  • Others: Flashrouters…

When you use SurfShark as your main VPN service, you may use a single account to connect to an unlimited number of devices at the same time. Most importantly, the lowest bundle starts at $2.3 per month.

2. CyberGhost

LocationMoscow, Russia
Speed168.92 Mbps
StreamingMatch TV: ✓ Okko: ✓
Official sitewww.cyberghost.com

In terms of server coverage, CyberGhost is the market leader. It now has 9800+ servers in 91 countries throughout the globe. Fortunately, the company also has 62 servers in Moscow, Russia.

Despite being targeted by the Russian authorities, CyberGhost manages to conduct its whole Russia operation via the M247 data center infrastructure over virtual servers.

Cyberghost has exceptional worldwide VPN coverage. It also has 60+ servers in Russia.

I must clarify unequivocally that Cyberghost does not have specialized streaming servers for Russian platforms. However, it simply works since Match TV, Okko TV/Sport, and other streaming platforms do not block VPN connections.

Furthermore, Cyberghost is one of the few VPN providers that maintain the Russian server operational at all times. You do not need to be concerned about the servers being pulled from the operation. It will just remain there, and the company is well-versed in dealing with Roskomnadzor’s difficulties.

Will we, however, like the speed?Cyberghost gave me a download speed of 168.92 Mbps. It can help you stream videos and browse the internet as if you are not connected to a VPN server.

The more servers we have, the quicker the download speed since fewer people are using the server’s capacity. According to the most recent test results from Cyberghost’s Russian server, I received 168.92 Mbps.

With such a stellar performance, you’ll be able to access Russian streaming sites at incredible speeds.

CyberGhost is based in Romania, a one-of-a-kind nation where the legislation generally protects user privacy. The business states that while connected to one of the VPN servers, no internet traffic data is logged. However, CyberGhost emphasizes that they only maintain the bare minimum of customer data to successfully run their service.

Last but not least, CyberGhost features an extensive application library:

  • PC: Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Mobile devices: iOS, Android, Blackphone
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox
  • TVs: Android TV, Amazon Fire, Apple TV.
  • Consoles: Playstation 3/4, Xbox One & Xbox 360
  • Others: Routers

A single account allows you to connect 7 devices simultaneously and the lowest plan begins at 2.03$/month.

3. VeePN

LocationMoscow, St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg – Russia
DatacenterG-Core Labs
Speed181.34 Mbps
StreamingMatch TV: ✓ Okko: ✓
Official sitewww.veepn.com

VeePN is a Panama-based VPN service with the fewest server options. However, our main concern is if the VPN provider has servers in Russia or not and VeePN has plenty of them in every corner of the country.

In comparison to other providers, VeePN has servers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, and Yekaterinburg. Such a huge country coverage will not only help you in western countries, but also you will get amazing speed results when you are in Kazakhstan, China, Japan, Australia, Thailand, etc…

VeePN is a brand new VPN provider in the market and it has servers in 7 different cities in Russia.

Simply click the “Connect” button, and VeePN will do the rest, connecting you to the nearest Russian server on the list. Shortly after that, you will get a Russian IP address and will be able to browse the internet as if you were in Russian territory.

Any TV channels, sports events, websites, and streaming platforms will be at your disposal. Yet, shall we get the best speed experience?

Similar to other VPN providers, VeePN also has quite amazing speed results. With the given 181.34 Mbps, you can enjoy a fast, stable, and smooth streaming experience.

Even though it is a new firm on the market, VeePN outperforms several VPN providers in terms of speed experience. I was able to get a download speed of 181.34 Mbps from the Moscow server. This makes VeePN the second-fastest provider after SurfShark.

Moving on to privacy policies, VeePN is a new service. The company’s headquarters are in Panama, which has no data retention laws at all. While it is an excellent alternative for privacy enthusiasts, we must give VeePN more time to evaluate how it performs in terms of data encryption and online privacy.

Being new has certain disadvantages for us as well. VeePN supports fewer devices than other VPN companies.

  • PC: Linux, Windows, MacOS
  • Mobile devices: iOS, Android
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox
  • TVs: Android TV, FireTV
  • Consoles: N/A
  • Others: Flashrouters

You’re fine to go if you’re using any of the devices listed above. As a bonus, here comes another alluring part. VeePN is super cheap. A single account will grant you 10 simultaneous connections and it just starts from 1.67$/month.

4. PlanetVPN

LocationMoscow, Russia
DatacenterSelectel – OOO Network
Speed50.37 Mbps
StreamingMatch TV: ✓ Okko: ✓
Official sitewww.freevpnplanet.com

A relatively new player in the market, PlanetVPN falls behind its competitors in terms of server coverage. However, for this case, Russian servers are our priorities and PlanetVPN has plenty of them.

Just like many other competitors, PlanetVPN has deployed all of its dedicated servers to the Moscow data centers. Therefore, if you decide on PlanetVPN, you will be visiting Russian networks with a Moscow IP address.

Such a huge coverage might give you an impression of amazing speed results. Not quite so!

Unfortunately, PlanetVPN offered us the lowest download speed performance overall among VPN companies.

PlanetVPN Russian servers can offer up to 50+ Mbps download speed as well as around 13+ upload speeed.

The average download speed is 50+ Mbps. When compared to its competitors, the speed values are quite low. Still, it will help you stream 4k videos without any buffering issues.

Here comes an interesting part. PlanetVPN used to be an off-shore company. Yet, as of 2022, the company moved its headquarters to the UK and started to abide by UK laws. In other words, I strongly suggest you use this service just for daily browsing and streaming purposes only.

If you need extreme privacy, check the alternatives on our list.

Finally, but certainly not least, how about compatible VPN applications? If you pick PlanetVPN as your main provider, the service is compatible with the following platforms.

  • PC: Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Mobile devices: iOS, Android
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Yandex
  • TVs: N/A
  • Consoles: N/A
  • Others: Routers

Note: The company depicts that they are supporting MacOS systems, however, PlanetVPN does not work well with new M1 chip Macbooks.

A single account will grant you access to PlanetVPN servers on 10 devices simultaneously. The cheapest plan starts from 1.99$/month.

5. VyprVPN

LocationMoscow, Russia
DatacenterUnus inc.
StreamingMatch TV: ✓ Okko: ✓
Official sitewww.vyprvpn.com

VyprVPN is unmatched in terms of server count and coverage. To begin with, the firm does not engage in considerable growth. Rather than that, it just operates 700 servers across 70 countries. Fortunately enough, VyprVPN also has stable and reliable dedicated servers in Moscow, Russia.

VyprVPN manages its own servers in each different country and they have servers in Russia as well.

VyprVPN servers, in addition to being available in Russia, also specialize in unblocking streaming services. You’ll get an IP address from Moscow and be able to access the internet as if you were in Russia after you’ve connected to one of the Russian servers. That means local access to Russian channels, Match TV, Okko Sport, IVI, and more…

You will love the speed, too!

Having self-managed servers seems paid off and they offer a download speed of 174.95 Mbps.

The most recent speed test results from VyprVPN’s Russia server look promising. I got a download speed of 174.94 Mbps. Such a download result is enough for everyday surfing, streaming, and P2P sharing.

Users must ensure that their traffic is secure while doing so. VyprVPN’s no-log policy, as well as self-managed servers, ensure that no third party may pry into your activities.

Yet, on what devices we can make use of this service?

  • PC: Windows, MacOS
  • Mobile devices: iOS, Android, Blackphone
  • Browsers: N/A
  • TVs: Android TV
  • Consoles: N/A
  • Others: Flashrouters, Anonabox

VyprVPN, however, does not offer as many compatible applications as its competitors. The company prefers to make its service accessible to the most commonly used devices while ignoring the others.

There comes another point I do not like about VyprVPN. Unfortunately, the company keeps changing its pricing and available features to the end-users.

Earlier, the service was available for less than 2$/month with 30 simultaneous connections. However, now VyprVPN asks 5$/month granting 10 simultaneous connections.

How to get a Russian IP address?

Now that we have decided on which VPN to choose, it is very time to learn how to use it properly and get a Russian IP. Let’s create a story first.

“I want to access some of the Russian channels like First Channel, Russia one, RT.com, Sputnik and then watch some sports events via Match TV”

Taking the case as an example, here is what we need to do…

  1. Visit Cyberghost’s official website – it has several servers in Russia.
  2. Grab the deal and choose a plan. (The longer period you pick, the less you pay.)
  3. Click “Get plan” and move forward to the next page.
  4. After a general overview, enter your e-mail address and purchase the service with a preffered method.
  5. Upon a successful purchase, you will receive your login credentials to your e-mail address.
  6. Login to the Cyberghost portal, access, “Download Hub” and download the VPN app compatible with your device.
  7. Launch the Cyberghost app, log in with the same credentials, search for “Russia”, and connect to one of the available Russian servers.

That’s it! Now that you are connected to a Russian server, you can access any Russian platform without any geo-restriction issues.

Here are two examples from our story. Let’s see what is happening daily in Russia by following some newspaper websites.

Having a Russian IP address can help you access Russian newspaper and geo-restricted websites.

and watch some sports events with Cyberghost…

Moreover, you can also watch streaming platforms such as Match TV, Okko Sports, etc...

Do not forget, a Russian IP address not only grants you access to the services above but also you can watch UFC, Champions League, and Hockey games for free!

How can a Russian IP help you?

Let’s look into how we can use a Russian IP address now that we have one.

  • Accessing Russian streaming platforms

When you are not in Russia, you may wish to use streaming sites such as Match TV, Okko Sports, Amediateka, More ru, Russia 1, First Channel, IVI ru, Yandex Plus, and so on. You may view the above platforms no matter where you are if you use a VPN. Aside from sporting events, you may also watch Russian TV networks.

  • Visiting geo-blocked websites

Several websites are only accessible in Russia. These websites are usually registered and official betting sites. However, they are not accessible while you are in another nation.

You may use a VPN to access the official sites of Parimatch, Winline, 1xstavka, and Fonbet Ru without utilizing any mirror versions.

Please keep in mind that VPN services should not be used to bet or gamble! Additionally, look into the local betting/gambling laws in your current location.

  • Downloading torrent files

The Russian government does not enforce any prohibitions against P2P enthusiasts. Within Russian territory, it is entirely possible to download any torrent file. As a result, you may use a Russian VPN server to download as many torrent files as you like.

  • Bypass sanctions

After an unfortunate war between Ukraine and Russia, western countries started a series of sanctions on Russia making Russian TV and news networks unavailable in several European countries. By using one of the VPN services above, you can simply get yourself a Russian IP address, and bypass online-blocking sanctions on Russian networks and online TV channels.

Summing up the article

Whether you want to stream sports, access Russian geo-restricted websites, or simply have a Russian IP address, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 VPN services to fit your needs.

Surfshark came out ahead, followed by Cyberghost, VeePN, PlanetVPN, and VyprVPN.

By using one of the VPNs listed above you can change your local IP address to the Russian one and start browsing the internet as if you are using internet infrastructure in Russia.

This kind of possibility will allow you to get access to almost all of Russia’s most popular platforms and TV channels. But don’t forget! When it comes to breaching limitations, not all VPNs are created equal.

Check out the overall features of each VPN service featured before coming to any conclusion.

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