5 VPNs with Belarus server – Get Belarusian IP anywhere

One of the biggest challenges VPN companies face is deploying a server in Belarus. Because of the strict surveillance as well as a governmental monopoly on the internet infrastructure, VPN services are having a hard time finding a peaceful space in the country’s datacenters. Therefore, a VPN with Belarus servers turns out to be beyond reach in most cases.

However, as is customary, I conducted thorough research to determine which VPN providers could provide us with a Belarusian IP address. I also put these VPNs through their paces with the most popular streaming services, including tvr.by (Belarus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 channels), Setanta Sports, and an MTS on-demand streaming portal.

The outcome of the tests was quite impressive, interestingly, only two VPN services can help you access the streaming platforms while the other three will only get you the Belarusian IP. Therefore, make sure to read the whole article thoroughly and make the right choice.

A brief overview of VPN services with a Belarusian server:

1 . VeePN
Server location: Minsk – Belarus; 34.77 Mbps download speed; Reliable no-log policy; 10 simultaneous connections; Starting from 1.67$/month. (Best VPN for tvr.by Belarus 5)

2. Cyberghost
Server location: Minsk – Belarus; 5.94 Mbps download speed; Good choice for just having Belarusian IP; 7 simultaneous connections; Starting from 2.25$/month.

3. ExpressVPN
Server location: Minsk – Belarus; 181.44 Mbps download speed; Good choice for just having Belarusian IP; 5 simultaneous connections; Starting from 6.67$/month.

4. FreeVPNPlanet
Server location: Minsk; Average download speed 5.18 Mbps; 10 simultaneous connections; Starting from 1.99$/month.

5. HidemyAss
Server location: Minsk; partial policy without logs; average download speed 9 Mbps; access the application in Russian; cost from 2.99 $/month

How did I pick VPNs with the Belarus server?

Belarus, despite its location in the heart of Europe, is a somewhat closed nation. As a result, the majority of Belarus services are inaccessible from the outside world. The same applies to the internet infrastructure as well.

Unfortunately, the whole country’s internet is regulated by the government, making it difficult for VPN services to deploy a server in Belarus data centers. As a result, famous VPN providers such as Surfshark, NordVPN, Zenmate, Private Internet Access, and many more are unable to provide Belarus IP addresses to their users.

Bearing these several problems in mind, I devised a set of criteria for selecting the best VPN service with a Belarus server. Only this way, we can get a Belarus IP address and access geo-restricted Belarus contents from anywhere in the world.

  • Server in Belarus datacenter

This is the most crucial factor in our article. A VPN provider must have a server in one of Belarus’ data centers, generally in Minsk, in order to provide us with a Belarus IP address.

Because this is the most challenging and complex task, just a few VPN providers can fool the country’s hosting providers and circumvent the Beltelekom VPN prohibition.

  • Streaming and speed

Getting an IP address is not enough. It should also help us bypass tvr.by channels, ivi, Amediateka, Setanta Sports as well as the MTS platform.

While these services circumvent geo-restrictions, we should expect a reasonable download speed from VPN providers. Otherwise, we will have unreliable connections as well as video buffering troubles.

My fiber connection internet speed. Before running the VPN speed test, I want you to see the speed performance without VPN connections.

This is what my fiber connections look like when I don’t use a VPN. Let’s see how the Belarus server of a VPN service performs.

  • Privacy policy

It is critical to understand who controls our personal information and web traffic. In this regard, I underlined the need of VPN providers with strict log regulations, so that no one, not even the Belarus government, knows what we are doing online!

  • Compatibility and pricing

The demand for VPN applications that work with our devices may vary depending on the user’s aims. Some may choose to use their smartphones to access geo-restricted websites, whilst others may want to watch Setanta Sports on television.

Given the importance of compatibility, I ensure that VPN services function on the most popular operating systems and provide us with enough simultaneous connections at the cheapest price available.

5 VPNs with Belarus Server/IP

Now that we’ve learned what to look for in each VPN service, let’s have a glance at my hand-picked VPNs and see what they have to offer.

Just a friendly warning! You might need Belarusian IP for a specific reason. These might be streaming Belarus 5, MTC, ivi ru, etc… Yet, not all VPNs can offer these streaming options. Hence, I highly suggest you read the whole post in order to choose the best VPN for your needs.

1. VeePN

LocationMinsk – Belarus
Speed34.77 Mbps
Streamingtvr.by: ✓ ivi.ru: ✓ mts.by: ✓
Official sitewww.veepn.com

In this listing, VeePN has the least server coverage. The company only offers 2500+ servers in 50 different countries. Yet, our main concern is whether it has a server in Belarus or not and I can tell that VeePN is the best option if you are looking for a Belarusian IP address.

Contrary to other providers on the list, VeePN, interestingly, manages to deploy a server in the Beltelekom data center in Minsk – Belarus.

Because the government controls all major mainstream media outlets as well as Belarus 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 channels, obtaining an IP address through Beltelekom will provide us with a local Belarus IP address. This will also allow us to circumvent onerous geo-restrictions enforced by tvr.by, ivi.ru, and mts.by platforms in other countries.

Can we, however, appreciate the streaming quality of any of the aforementioned services? Let’s have a look at what VeePN has to offer in terms of speed performance down below.

At first look, VeePN’s 34.77 Mbps may seem inadequate. However, given the poor state of Belarus’ fiber infrastructure, the download speed is acceptable. You can even watch football matches on Belarus 5 in the highest quality and browse Belarusian websites without experiencing any latency difficulties.

In terms of privacy policies, VeePN is a fresh service. The headquarters of the corporation are in Panama, which has no data retention legislation at all. While it is a great option for privacy fans, we need to give VeePN more time to see how it works in terms of data encryption and online privacy.

Another piece of excellent news is the VPN app compatibility. VeePN is compatible with the following devices:

  • PC: Linux, Windows, MacOS
  • Mobile devices: iOS, Android
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox
  • TVs: Android TV, FireTV
  • Consoles: N/A
  • Others: Flashrouters

The number of the supported devices is lesser than the other providers on the list. Nonetheless, VeePN covers the most often used devices on a regular basis.

If you choose VeePN as your main VPN provider, a single connection will grant you 10 simultaneous connections and the cheapest plan starts from only 1.67$/month.

2. CyberGhost

LocationMinsk – Belarus
Speed5.94 Mbps
Streamingtvr.by: x ivi.ru: ✓ mts.by: ✓
Official sitewww.cyberghost.com

When it comes to worldwide server coverage, Cyberghost is one of the top players in the market. The company has more than 8000 servers in 91 different countries. Fortunately, Belarus is one of them. Yet, we have two drawbacks.

Despite offering Belarus IP addresses, CyberGhost does not have dedicated servers, just virtual ones. These servers will provide you with Belarus IP addresses, however, they may not work with streaming services.

Everything might seem quite promising so far. However, Cyberghost does not support the most demanded channels, Belarus 5 with its servers. On the other hand, you can easily access ivi.ru and MTS Belarusian versions.

Will we, however, have a seamless streaming experience?

In addition to the first disadvantage, Cyberghost’s servers do not provide fast download speeds. As shown in the screenshot above, the service did not give an adequate performance to allow us to stream videos in high resolution. On the other hand, the performance is enough for online surfing.

CyberGhost is headquartered in Romania, a one-of-a-kind country with laws that primarily safeguard user privacy. According to the company, no internet traffic data is recorded when connected to one of the VPN servers. CyberGhost, on the other hand, stresses that they only save the bare minimum of user data in order to properly operate their business.

Finally, CyberGhost has a large application library:

  • PC: Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Mobile devices: iOS, Android, Blackphone
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox
  • TVs: Android TV, Amazon Fire, Apple TV.
  • Consoles: Playstation 3/4, Xbox One & Xbox 360
  • Others: Routers

If your main priority is not to bypass streaming services outside Belarus, then you can go for Cyberghost. A single account enables you to connect up to seven devices at the same time, and the cheapest plan starts at $2.25 per month.

3. ExpressVPN

LocationMinsk – Belarus
Speed181.44 Mbps
Streamingtvr.by: x ivi.ru: ✓ mts.by: ✓
Official sitewww.expressvpn.com

ExpressVPN manages to reach out to every corner of the world by offering VPN servers in 94 different countries. Lucky enough, it also has several servers in Minsk, Belarus as well.

ExpressVPN, like CyberGhost, chooses to maintain virtual servers rather than dedicated ones. Nonetheless, it is capable of avoiding governmental constraints and providing us with a Belarus IP address.

Virtual servers, without a doubt, have problems. ExpressVPN is unable to bypass the tvr.by VPN restriction. However, in my most recent test, there were no problems streaming MTS or ivi ru. You’ll also like the speed as well!

I was astounded to get a download speed of 181.44 Mbps from Belarus infrastructure. ExpressVPN, being the fastest VPN service on our list, will provide you with the fastest internet connection possible, as if you were not connected to a VPN server at all.

Yet, can we trust ExpressVPN? Let’s find an answer to this question.

The company operates from the British Virgin Island and there is no data retention statute in that country. ExpressVPN has the option of not keeping any records, both on the user and activity end. As for the privacy policy, the company explicitly displays its no-log policy on its “Privacy Policy” website by using offshore assistance.

Moving forward to compatibility, let’s learn where we can make use of this speed and privacy.

  • PC: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chromebook
  • Mobile devices: iOS, Android, Kindle Fire
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge
  • TVs: Android TV, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku, Chrome cast
  • Consoles: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch
  • Others: Routers, Nvidia

As seen from the compatible devices above, ExpressVPN offers a wide range of VPN apps you can use on almost any online device you can use. However, such features come a little bit pricey and the cheapest plan starts from 6.67$/month.

4. FreeVPNPlanet

LocationMinsk – Belarus
Speed5.18 Mbps
Streamingtvr.by: ✓ ivi.ru: ✓ mts.by: ✓
Official sitewww.freevpnplanet.com

FreeVPNPlanet is a new name deriving from RusVPN.com earlier. After the company was acquired by another company, the name changed from RusVPN to FreeVPNPlanet and started to operate in Romania. Leaving the news behind, let’s move to our main topic.

FreeVPNPlanet is one of the rare companies offering dedicated VPN servers in Belarus. Currently, it has several servers in Minsk, Belarus under the FlyBy data center and it works with all of the streaming platforms from Belarus!

Just like VeePN, FreeVPNPlanet also manages to run its Belarus server within Beltelekom affiliated ByFly datacenters. Such possibilities both help us connect to a physical server as well as browse the internet as local Belarusians.

In other words, FreeVPNPlanet can bypass tvr.by VPN embargo easily. You can now enjoy Belarus 5, ivi.ru, and MTS anywhere in the world. Yet, we have a problem. Speed!

With the latest speed test I ran, I did not quite like the results. Unfortunately, I only got a download speed of just 5.18 Mbps. This was enough to watch some sports events from Belarus 5 with full HD quality. However, if the server gets crowded, you might experience buffer as well as low-quality streaming issues.

Note: As the company just moved its headquarters from England to Romania, we need some time to evaluate its privacy policy.

In case you are a big fan of tvr.by and need a cheap option to stream Belarus channels, here are on what platforms you can use the FreeVPNPlanet:

  • PC: Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Mobile devices: iOS, Android
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge
  • TVs: N/A
  • Consoles: N/A
  • Others: Routers, Nvidia

Contrary to stating itself as a free VPN, you have to register a free account and purchase the service in order to unblock Belarus servers. A single account offers 10 simultaneous connections and the cheapest plan starts from 1.99$/month.

5. Hidemyass

LocationMinsk – Belarus
Speed34.77 Mbps
Streamingtvr.by: x ivi.ru: ✓ mts.by: ✓
Official sitewww.hidemyass.com

Critical note about the company: We are having difficulty reaching out to hidemyass and their service. The company has servers in Belarus, yet, as I have not completed the test with them, I cannot recommend hidemyass

How to get a Belarus IP with a VPN?

Now that we have learned the VPN providers with Belarus servers, it is time to download a reliable one and learn how to use it properly.

In order to do this, I would like to create a random story and follow up with it…

“When I am on holiday in Turkey, I realized that I cannot watch sports events from Belarus 5 and I just do not want to miss any Premier or Champions League matches at all…”

Taking the case as an example, here is what we should be doing…

  1. Visit VeePN’s official website – it has several servers in Belarus.
  2. Grab the deal and choose a plan. (The longer period you pick, the less you pay.)
  3. Enter your e-mail address and purchase the service with a preffered method.
  4. Upon a successful purchase, you will receive your login credentials to your e-mail address.
  5. Login to the VeePN portal and download the VPN app compatible with your device.
  6. Install the VPN app by following the instructions (make sure to grant all permissions to the app)
  7. Launch VeePN, log in with the same credentials and navigate “Locations” and search for “Belarus”

Once you have completed these steps, the VPN app will establish the server connection and assign the Belarus IP address to your device.

Now relax, and start enjoying your favorite sports events with Belarus 5 channel.

How can a Belarus IP help you?

What is all this fuss about? Well, a Belarus IP address is not just an IP address. It has so much interesting stuff to offer! Let’s check it out one by one.

  • Accessing Belarus geo-restricted websites

Belarus does not share any joint online services similar to EU countries. The country is totally isolated from the world except for Russia. Therefore, when you try to access any Belarus-only website such as streaming platforms (Belarus channels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 online, ivi.ru, or mts.by; local gambling or betting websites), you will have geo-restriction issues.

Even if you are a local, you cannot access those platforms when abroad. Therefore, a VPN with a Belarus server comes in handy. By simply changing your IP address to Belarus, you will have access to all those platforms above.

  • Streaming sports events for free

Did you know that Belarus is an amazing country when it comes to sports streaming? The reason being is Belarus 5 airs Premier League, UEFA Champions League, as well as UEFA Europe League matches for free!

All you need is to change your IP address to Belarus with VeePN and visit www.tvr.by/eng/televidenie/belarus-5. In addition to that, streaming any other sports events through Setanta Sports is pretty cheap as well. For less than 4$, you can access more than 15 sports leagues around the world.

Summing up the article

When you are outside of Belarus, it is difficult to get access to the country’s internet environment. VPNs are now the only option. Nonetheless, the government’s tight control over internet infrastructure makes it difficult for VPN firms who choose not to operate servers in Belarus datacenters. Even still, there are some daring souls!

In this post, I discussed 5 VPN providers that provide Belarus IP addresses using dedicated or virtual servers in Belarus. You may simply change your IP to a Belarus IP address by purchasing one of the VPN services listed: VeePN, CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, FreeVPNPlanet, or Hidemyass.

But don’t forget! Not all VPNs are compatible with all Belarus streaming services. Pay attention to the intricacies of each VPN and learn what they can and cannot do.


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