VPN.ac review – Based on analytics and real user experience

It has been more than 4 years since I have not updated VPN.ac review and the time has come. Earlier we had some software bug problems as well as server performance issues. Since then, VPN.ac expanded its country coverage to more than 20 countries, updated its software many times and brought about new DNS resolvers to provide a more reliable environment for its users.

Let’s start over from the very beginning and put VPN.ac into many stressing tests to make sure if it was developed good enough to meet our expectations.

Country, server coverage, and performance test

Even though so much time has passed, VPN.ac has kept the server coverage less than its competitors. Today, the company has VPN servers in 21 different countries. While the coverage for the USA and the European countries is as expected, I cannot tell you the same for the Middle East, Southern America, Africa, and Western Asia.

You can take a detailed look at the coverage map…

Long way to go!

Unfortunately, I was expecting higher map coverage after 4 years. 21 countries so far! It is not enough. Any person located in Southern America, Middle East, and Western Asia will most probably have slow speed performance.

Let’s talk about the numbers, not about the possibilities!

VPN.ac speed test results

I have tested VPN.ac in many different categories. Surprisingly, the results varied a lot depending on the countries and the devices.

RegionDownload / MBpsUpload / MBpsPing
Mobil 4G34.4431.6283
Mobile Wifi4.55.9362
North America
New York2.870.65287
San Jose1.851.54406
Los Angeles2.261.68430
Canada - TorontoFailedFailedFailed
Canada - VancouverFailed (Full capacity)Failed (Full capacity)Failed (Full capacity)
Canada - Montreal1.53.81341
South America
No server
Hong Kong1.042.1588
South Korea0.722.11683
Africa-Middle east-India
No server
Double Hop
New York - Netherland7.274.7282
UK - Netherland3.064.82133

First of all, VPN.ac gave me the top mobile speed experience. Yet, I can name the North America servers on PC as a disaster, whereas some of the European servers did a good job.

By simply looking at the server performance in each USA state or any other country, it is possible to come to a conclusion that the servers are not managed properly with the hardware or the connection speed.

If you plan to use the VPN.ac on your mobile device, you will get an amazing speed as well as reliable performance. Moreover, if you are located in a European country, make sure that you are connected to Netherland servers as the other may let you down.

Furthermore, I was expecting double hop performance would be lesser than single encryption servers. However, double hop servers are greatly optimized and I get an astonishing speed performance.

Torrenting performance

A new movie aired a few days ago and I decided to download it with VPN.ac. The file size was around 2.9 GB. I connected to the Netherland P2P server and started Vuze.

It took around 30 seconds to reach out to active peers and start downloading. At the very beginning, the download speed peaked up to 3MB/Sec. Yet, just after a few seconds, I experienced so many ups and downs that, It was impossible to figure out the estimated download time.

Roughly, it took about 40 minutes to download the movie. It was actually a little bit inconvenient to see such performance spikes as earlier I did not have any performance issue at all.

Note: While downloading a torrent file, make sure to use a P2P optimized server both for anonymity and the speed performance.

Moving forward to Popcorn time…

Popcorn time experience – Is it fast enough?

Yes, it is.

Contrary to the low-speed performance I got on torrenting, I was kind of surprised with the VPN.ac Popcorn time performance. I connected to the Netherland P2P server and started the software to watch a popular movie at full HD quality.

It took around just 10 seconds to collect the seeds and start downloading the show. The download speed was around 3MB/S and I just had to wait 20 more seconds to see movie intro.

Similar to the torrent performance, I also experience instant drops on Popcorn time. However, background download speed was pretty satisfying that VPN.ac made sure I get a smooth movie streaming experience.

Overall, VPN.ac offers average P2P speed performance. Because of the fewer improvements in the last 4 years, P2P performance does not look promising and falls behind its competitors. If you can bear the instant drops and unstable servers, then you can go for VPN.ac. Still, if you do need utmost performance, give Cyberghost or SaferVPN a shot!

VPN.ac NetFlix and BBC iPlayer experience

If you are a Netflix USA fan -just like me, you do need a reliable VPN service with Netflix optimized servers.

Fight between Netflix and VPN providers is going pretty harsh and Netflix keeps on blocking providers to keep “USA only” shows be available only to USA citizens. However, there are only a few of them left working with Netflix and VPN.ac is one of them.

With the performance given above, there are two criticisms I have to point out.

  1. VPN.ac does not have a dedicated server just for Netflix USA. Trial and error appear to be the only option.
  2. Even though I waited more than a minute, video quality stayed way less than watchable.

VPN.ac BBC iPlayer experience

BBC has never been this hard on VPN services. Beginning of late 2018, BBC started to block VPN providers. That being said, providers had to deploy new servers and furnish them with thousands of new IP addresses. VPN.ac accomplishes that job properly!

According to our latest test, VPN.ac provided a full HD streaming experience while abroad.

Overall, VPN.ac could be your finest choice to stream your favorite shows. Netflix and BBC iPlayer can easily be unblocked. However, VPN.ac only covers 21 countries. If your favorite show is from a country where the company does not cover, I do not recommend VPN.ac.

Pricing and refund policy

VPN.ac has four different plans starting from 9$/Month to 90$/2 Years. Each plan gives us the same features.

What is great about VPN.ac is that they accept Bitcoin and this will give you a lot more anonymity than the other VPN service providers.

If the service is not working fine for your end, and you want to ask for a refund, make sure to do so within 7 days. The company will try to fix your problem first. If the problem still persists, you will be %100 refunded.

Desktop software and mobile apps

In the VPN.ac tutorials page, you can choose your working platform and download compatible software. Currently, VPN.ac has 4 different software dedicated to Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android.

As a Mac user, I installed the compatible software and ran it. Contrary to the earlier version, VPN.ac took a huge step further and update the software with a modern looking interface.

In the main page, you can choose your location and protocol. Once you have done that, simply click on the connect button. That is it!

As for the settings menu… Let’s take a close look at them one by one:

  1. “Protocol/Port selection” will change the way software main interface looks and will add these features to the main page. Just in case you need to play with the protocols, you can enable this feature.
  2. “Firewall blocked (Kill Switch)”: a long-awaited feature to block all non-VPN traffic if your VPN connection drops.
  3. If you are living in China for some reason, you should definitely tick “I am in China” feature. This will give you unique server options on the first page so that you can easily bypass the censorship in China

VPN.ac for mobile devices

Same as the PC software, VPN.ac has a classy and modern looking mobile app. It is extremely easy to use and you can activate it with a single tap.

vpnac mobile app interface

Server selection is super easy. The app piles up the servers locations on different continents as well as usage purposes. As the number of countries is few, you won’t have any difficulty to find your desired location.

In the second -preference menu, we can:

  • “connect on boot” – a handy feature if you are in need of constant privacy.
  • “pause VPN connection after screen off” – will help you stop the data transfer between your ISP and VPN server so that you can save some bandwidth.
  • “auto connect” – once you tap on the desired server, the app will automatically connect to it.

Moreover, we have some advanced settings. In this menu, we can:

  • choose between OpenVPN protocols.
  • change the ports.
  • select “I am in China” so that special servers will come up on the server list.
  • tick “small packets” to reduce the usage of metered connection bandwidth.
  • exclude apps so that chosen apps will not be using the internet through VPN connection.

My overall experience with the software and the mobile app was fine and I do like the latest improvements. Still, there are few options missing!

  • No server search option,
  • Cannot reach out to the software interface with “CMD+TAB”,
  • No “Add to favorite” feature.

Other supported devices

The number of devices we need to use a VPN is growing up drastically. In that sense, we do need compatible apps. VPN.ac offers manual configurations for Linux, Firestick, and routers as well.

Security protocols

Currently, VPN.ac protocols consist of OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP. As for the OpenVPN, we have 4 different encryption options: OpenVPN ECC, XOR, 128 and 256 bit. Each will give you different performance results.

In order to enhance your privacy, VPN.ac also provides double hop servers along with which your data will be encrypted twice between two specified servers. This way you can get your connection encrypted up to 4096-bit via Elliptic Curve technology.

VPN.ac takes encryption so serious that if the privacy is your top priority, then you should definitely give the provider a shot. You can both enjoy absolute anonymity as well as solid speed performance.

Free services from VPN.ac

VPN.ac has free IP info and leak test website giving us in-depth information about our online identity.

Is VPN.ac working properly?

Yes, it is. I have tested VPN.ac in many categories and it is just working fine both on the desktop and mobile devices. The server connection speed is fine. The software is easy to use and so far it did not let me down at all. However, the software still needs improvement!

Customer support

At the moment, VPN.ac does not have live chat service. Instead, you can send them an email or write on “Wire” app.

The company prefers to keep the conversation as discrete as possible by avoiding any 3rd party tools. That is why they warn you not to use Skype. Yet, you can still prefer that.

To test customer support speed, I asked them a software related question…

Q: “Do you plan to add capacity usage next to the server on VPN.ac app?” GMT+2 11.20 AM

A: “probably at some point. It’s not really relevant because usage is always low on all servers and there’s more than enough capacity.” GMT +2 12:26

Right after an hour, I got my answer.

Besides having no live chat support, VPN.ac support center is pretty fast and you will get an answer to your question in a very short time.

VPN.ac logging policy!

VPN.ac has so many measurements to keep you off the record:

  • bitcoin payment
  • encrypted customer support networks etc…

As the legal policy states:

We do not log/monitor your activity such as: web browsing, IM conversations, file transfers, DNS queries etc. We keep connection (to our servers only) logs for troubleshooting/support purposes and they are automatically deleted on a daily basis.

On the other hand, VPN.ac clearly depicts three important policies on their page.

  1. They ask you not to use their service for any criminal activities.
  2. Your email address, payment information and IP addresses are logged for service and security reasons.
  3. As for transferring information with 3rd parties: “We do not give/transfer any personal data to any 3rd parties unless required by law. “

Being founded on Romain makes the service a lot more reliable. They are away from 5 eyes or 14 eyes jurisdiction. Yet, the company does not tolerate any criminal activities. Keep that in mind.

Summing up!

VPN.ac is a reliable VPN service provider granting us stable service with its desktop software and mobile apps. The service can be used in a multipurpose as it is easy to bypass any kind of censorship, watch Netflix and BBC iPlayer, and download torrent files with super fast P2P servers.

Furthermore, double hop servers with a great deal of encryption will help online anonymity hit the top level.

While minimal log policy, the acceptance of the Bitcoin as a payment option, and 6 simultaneous connection is a big plus; slow torrenting and poor Netflix streaming quality is a minus, though.

7 Total Score
Double hop - Double privacy

Enjoy ultimate privacy with no-log policy and double hop servers. VPN.ac provides a reliable VPN service at a reasonable price. The daily browsing speed is fairly fine, yet torrenting and Netflix performance may let you down. Try VPN.ac now!

Customer support
  • Bitcoin payment option
  • Minimum logging
  • 6 simultaneous connection
  • Can unblock Netflix USA and BBC iPlayer
  • Unique features to bypass "great firewall in China"
  • Slow P2P performance
  • Poor Netflix streaming
  • Software needs updates
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  1. Horrible experience with this vendor. When trying to connect, I got constant error messages saying the tap drivers are all in use, and to please uninstall and reinstall the VPN.ac software. VPN.ac said it was someone else’s problem or my lack of understanding of my own PC and definitely not their fault. I finally gave up and asked for a refund of the remainder of the year’s subscription. None given. I’d find another vendor with a lot better product and customer service. These guys are really arrogant.

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