StrongVPN review – Based on analytics and real user experience

I, as a VPN user, have lots of expectation when it comes to reviewing a new VPN service. Stressing speed tests, unblocking websites, anti-censorship tests, anonymity, and secure browsing are some of the core features I do care.

In this Strong review, I will put the service through all of these tests and come to a conclusion on whether we should buy it or not. Moreover, after I have learned that StrongVPN is a part of company, my speed performance expectation reached its peak points. Yet! Can it be met?

Country, server coverage, and performance test

Unlike other VPN service providers, StrongVPN tends to keep coverage map small while trying to maintain the speed performance at the highest level. Currently, StrongVPN has super fast servers located in 650 servers/20+ countries.

When we have a look at the coverage map above, StrongVPN is missing so many locations indeed. Especially, Southern America, Africa, and the Middle East are the top locations for the company to set up new servers. I will be looking forward to the upcoming locations and share the update in the article.

For now, let us have a look at the speed performance of the servers we have in hand.

StrongVPN speed test results

StrongVPN is a sister company of the Coming from a hosting company root, StrongVPN servers are being managed by real professionals to give us the utmost speed performance – I expected.

It was the right conclusion from my end and here I would like to share the speed performance with you.

RegionDownload / MBpsUpload / MBps
USA - New York29.382.67
USA - Los Angeles77.971.64
USA - Denver16.59-
Canada - Vancouver18.671.31
UK - London75.23.55

Given the report above, StrongVPN is one of the fastest VPN service provider we have tested. However, the one, big issue is StrongVPN does not have enough servers around the world. The number of the server the company has to maintain is limited. Therefore, the speed performance is relatively better than other VPN service providers having servers more than 100+ countries.

StrongVPN torrenting performance

Downloading a TV show with Vuze using StrongVPN was a weird experience. I connected to the Netherland server and started to download the file with more than 1k+ seeds.

Looking at the Netherland speed performance test (15.49 Mbps), I was expecting to download this 797 MB file around the speed of 1.5MB/sec or less. However, the connection speed peaked up to 2.7 MB/sec and I was able to download the whole file less than 10 minutes.

strongvpn reached up to 3mb/sec download speed when torrenting

StrongVPN has improved in P2P speed performance and as of 2019, it provides reliable as well as stable connection speed while torrenting.

StrongVPN Popcorn time Experience – Is it fast enough?

Speaking of torrenting, Popcorn time works on the same, basic idea of giving you an option to watch the media files while downloading them. I tried my chances with a Full HD movie.

strongvpn popcorn time download speed performance

Similar to the torrenting performance, StrongVPN gave me utmost speed performance with around 2.5 MB/Second. Besides 1080 shows, you can even have 4k experience with the given performance above.

check the strongvpn popcorn time background download performance. It will help you have a great streaming experience.

The stable server and fewer ups/downs are the most enjoyable part of the StrongVPN for torrenting, streaming as well as Popcorn time.

All you need to do is just hit the button and lay behind. With an average speed connection of 10Mbps and more, you will never see the “buffering” icon on your screen.

As of the latest improvements, we will add an additional point to the “Performance” rating of the company.

StrongVPN online gaming experience

Coming soon…

StrongVPN NetFlix and BBC iPlayer experience

I have seen some users complaining about Netflix detection when using VPN. As a European citizen, I wanted to check if the detection still exists or not.

Simply I connected to the New York server with OpenVPN UDP protocol and tried to watch Narcos. Below you can see the streaming result…

check our strongvpn netflix test to see if it is working fine or not

I had a great Netflix experience. First, try with the New York server was a success and I was able to watch the shows on 720p quality.

If StrongVPN is not working with Netflix, make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the VPN software supporting the new DNS feature.

Is StrongVPN working with BBC iPlayer?

Because of the copyright issues, the only place you can watch the shows on iPlayer is the United Kindom. However, you can simply change your IP address by choosing a UK server and start watching iPlayer immediately. Still, you might encounter some detection issues while using proxy services as BBC has been going hard on the VPN users.

In our second test, I connected to Maidenhead, UK server with OpenVPN UDP protocol. Result?

[easy-tweet tweet=”Great streaming quality. StrongVPN works great with BBC iPlayer.” user=”vpnxd”]

All of these tests were handled with the early version of the software. Fortunately, even in 2019, StrongVPN manages to bypass Netflix and BBC iPlayer ban.

The tech team works hard behind seen to fix the IP addresses and make this feature available for all users. In case you come across the non-functioning server for Netflix/BBC iPlayer, just hit the live chat button on the StronVPN website, and you will learn the proper servers.

Pricing and refund policy

There are two plans offered by StrongVPN. Each plan has the same features. The only difference is the plan period. If you happen to buy the service for 1 month, you will be charged for 10$. Moreover, if you plan to use the VPN service for a really long period, you can always go for the annual plan (5.83$/Month – almost %50 discount) and save some bucks in your pocket.

Are you not happy with the pricing? Click here and use “TAKEOFF20” coupon code to get an extra discount.

strongvpn has simplified its pricing policy by omiting 3 months offer

If you are not happy with the features or the service you get from the provider, you can ask for a refund. It is simple and it has just two criteria:

  1. The refund has to be asked within 5 days.
  2. If you used a trial service earlier, you cannot ask for a refund.

Note: StrongVPN discontinued its 3-month plan.

Desktop software and mobile apps

StrongVPN has one the most simple and easy-to-use software I have ever used. Once you purchase VPN service, you will be redirected to the setup page where you can download the specific software version.

Please download the compatible version for your device.

Once you finish the setup, a neat software interface will welcome you.

brandnew strongvpn software interface

There is not much you can you with the software when compared to its competitors. You can just select the location and the protocol. Other than that, change location -which I really do not recommend you to use, as it is confusing- will help you choose the countries and the protocols you like in a manual way.

With the latest updates, StrongVPN became a minimalist and an easy to use software. The company omit plenty of unnecessary features and just kept the necessary ones.

In the general settings, you can adjust a few settings to increase your privacy by activating auto reconnect, IPV6 leak protection and kill switch feature.

Advanced settings only offer security protocol options. We will be discussing this in the title below.

Overall, StrongVPN adopted a brand new look and added a new feature (kill switch) missing on the earlier version. The software keeps evolving both on mobile and PC and mobile device side. Besides, you may use this service simultaneously up to 5 different devices and below you can see all supported platforms.

you can see the all suported platforms by strongvpng and you can use this service simultaneously up to 5 different devices.

StrongVPN for mobile devices

As of 2019, StrongVPN support both iOS and Android devices. In case you have a BlackBerry phone, I am afraid that you will not find any app.

I am an Android phone (Samsung A7) user and installed the StrongVPN app from Google Play.

At the moment VPN app has more than 100k downloads and 4/5 stars on the reviews.

Once you run the app, you will see an easy to use page where you can control the app with a few clicks.

In this page, you can simply click the button and it will help you connect to the server above. Once you have done that, the black button will turn green and your connection starts to be encrypted.

If you like to change the server and the protocol, simply click the button next to the server name.

In this page, I see two important features are missing:

  1. There is no search option on the app.
  2. You cannot click on the protocols, you have to swipe.

Finally, StrongVPN has a setting page.

Here you can find some helpful features to increase your privacy online.

  • You can change your location
  • decide if you like to use UDP or TCP protocol
  • add an additional security layer by enabling “Scramble” option and finally
  • connect to the VPN servers just after you start your phone.

Free services from StrongVPN

StrongVPN has a free Chrome Proxy change extension. You have to register your email address to use this extension and it is limited to 3GB of bandwidth.

When you use up all of the data, you will have to upgrade your account. Click here to learn more about the differences between the StrongVPN proxy and VPN service.

Security protocols

At the moment StrongVPN provides 5 different protocols: PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, and IPSec. The software version I have introduced above is the one recommended by the company and it does not have all the protocols. However, if you like to use L2TP, SSTP or IPSec, you have to visit set up page and download the desired software.


Is StrongVPN working properly?

The Strongvpn team has a hosting experience root and they are handpicked professionals on the server side of the business. That is why we were able to unblock Netflix/BBC iPlayer; had amazing torrenting, popcorn time, download/upload speed performance.

In the earlier version of the software, there were plenty of unnecessary features, the user interface was confusing. Yet, now, the PC software and mobile apps have a minimalist design and they work just fine.

The only problem we came across, contrary to other competitors, StrongVPN ask so many permissions on MAC computers.  Looking forward to seeing this fixed in the following updates.

Customer support

StrongVPN was working on any platform I used and I actually did not need any help from the customer support. However, I just made up a random question and asked them about the older software updates.

Nataly, customer support representative, connected to me in a few seconds and gave me a detailed answer. It was a fast customer support experience.

The live chat makes people comfortable when they need urgent help. In 2019, StrongVPN has moved to zopim live chat and bundled FAQ in the help desk so that just before contacting the representative, you are able to find answers earlier. The average waiting period is 30-50 seconds.

Furthermore, you can also visit the StrongVPN support page for detailed articles on “Setup guides, troubleshooting, and FAQ”

Log policy! Does StrongVPN keep logs?

Here comes the hardest question…

StrongVPN is located in the USA and it has to comply with USA laws. In the privacy page, company depicts the type of the information they collect. Information consists of:

  • email address and personal info to create an account and process a payment. Once such information is approved, you can change it anytime you like.
  • user activities on the StrongVPN website by cookies any trackers…

StrongVPN does have a very clear assurance in their policy:

StrongVPN does not collect or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network service…

Please keep in mind that we do not host any content…

…which is to say when an authority asks for information, they have nothing to share.

We have been investigating the victims of the VPN service providers since 2014 and to this date, we have never seen any “log policy” complain from a user. Seems like the company sticks to its “no logging policy”. We will be updating this part of the review if any reliable complaints/court problems come online!

Summing up!

StrongVPN is a USA based VPN service provider giving us a dedicated speed in 26 different countries. The service works great in multipurpose usages like unblocking websites, streaming Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

It works both on your desktop and mobile devices. The stable connection will keep your privacy on the go. Moreover, any plan you buy will grant you to use the service on 5 different devices simultaneously.

If you like to have the best speed performance in the USA and European countries, you should definitely give StrongVPN a shot.

Finally, there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. Country coverage is not as big as the other VPN service providers.
  2. You can get a special discount by clicking here and use the coupon code: “TAKEOFF20”
5.6 Total Score
1 reviews
Super fast servers

StrongVPN is one of the fastest VPN service provider we have reviewed so far. It is just working great with Popcorn time, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and unblocking websites. You can enjoy no logging policy as well as amazing speed performance up to 5 different devices.

8Expert Score
Customer support
3.2User's score
Customer support
  • Super fast servers
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Reasonable pricing
  • 5 simultaneous connection
  • Minimalist and easy to use software
  • Netflix and BBC iPlayer checked!
  • Low worldwide map coverage
  • USA based
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