SaferVPN review – Based on analytics and real user experience

We put SaferVPN into a harsh test with a variety of performance and functionality checks. The company claims that they are “The fastest and simplest VPN provider Worldwide”, and yet, we are here to bring that claim to light. Our review will lead you from coverage, speed to P2P performance tests. Moreover, we will investigate if the service is able to unblock Netflix and BBC iPlayer streaming in other countries.

Keep on reading our detailed and unbiased SaferVPN review. You will find answers to any question you have in your mind.

Country, server coverage, and speed performance

The company has deployed more than 700 servers in 36 different countries. All of the continents around the world is covered with one or more servers. And no matter where you are located, you will find a close server for you to get a better speed performance.

We are fully aware that managing hundreds of VPN servers is a big deal. Furthermore, we have great expectation from SaferVPN as they claim that they are the fastest on the market.

Let’s check our comprehensive worldwide speed test performance and let the numbers speak for themselves.

SaferVPN download/upload performance test

While running a speed test, you will acknowledge that each review website will give you inconsistent performance results. First of all, in VPNxD we do not choose the closest or the fastest servers while running the test. It processes like this:

  • We connect to VPN server,
  • Visit,
  • Pingback our ISP in Europe,
  • Run the test and give you the results.

Below you can see the global results…

What is more noteworthy here is the connection usability. We were able to make use of our 25 Mbit connection with %95 capacity. In other words, when using SaferVPN, you will not recognize that your connection is being encrypted or slowed down.

Especially, if you are located in North America or Europe, SaferVPN will give you uncapped speed performance.

Last but not least, mobile speed performance holds behind of my expectation. The speed was fine for a good social media experience and daily browsing. However, if you like to stream Full HD videos on your smartphone or want to have high-intensity download/upload experience, SaferVPN mobile speed may let you down.

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Torrenting performance

Using a VPN service while downloading a torrent file has critical importance. Almost in any country, torrenting is illegal and you have to hide your online identity.

By using a VPN service, you can simply hide your IP address and increase your online anonymity. However, sometimes it becomes intolerable if you are using a slow VPN server to download a torrent file. This is when fast and solid VPN providers come in handy.

I found 990 MB torrent file and connected SaferVPN Netherland server. It took less than 10 minutes to download the file with my 25 Mbit connection and I was able to use the full capacity of my download speed.

SaferVPN passed the torrenting performance test with 10/10!

Popcorn time Experience – Is it fast enough?

When it comes to downloading a Popcorn time movie or a TV show, VPN providers cannot provide reliable download speed. It is either because the compatibility issues between VPN and the software or it take so much time to collect seed and start downloading the P2P file.

check safervpn popcorn time download speed and learn if you can have smooth 1080p stream download

With SaferVPN, it took only 10-15 seconds to collect download seeds. Afterward, the download speed hit up to 2.45+MB/seconds. This value is enough to help you watch HD or full HD shows even without lagging once.

The image above is the proof that background download speed is a long way ahead of your current stream and the stable performance makes sure that you have smooth Popcorn time experience.

SaferVPN online gaming experience

Coming soon…

SaferVPN NetFlix and BBC iPlayer experience

SaferVPN has a dedicated streaming server located in the USA. This server is being monitored by the tech team and regularly checked if it is working fine or not.

As for our own experience, the streaming server works fine. However, we did not like the streaming quality. When you are outside of the USA, it is a must to connect to USA VPN server to watch some USA only shows.

With SaferVPN, it is possible yet, the quality may not satisfy you.

Contrary to the USA streaming server, SaferVPN UK server was pretty fast to help us watch BBC iPlayer abroad.

Our first try was a success and we had no streaming issue with the BBC iPlayer.

Bypassing Netflix and BBC iPlayer ban, SaferVPN proved to be a great choice to stream shows abroad.

Pricing and refund policy

SaferVPN has three different plan: 1 Month, 1 Year and 2 Years. Each plan has the same features yet different discount percentages.

The longer period you choose, the less you pay.

As for the refund policy: All you have to do is ask the refund within 30 days. In the SaferVPN terms, there are no criteria devoiding you for asking for a refund.

Yet! What they state could be a bit different than what we might experience. To make this review complete, I went through plenty of other reviews and I see so many people complain about the delayed e-mails when it comes to account deletion process and asking a refund.

How about the payment methods?

Currently, SaferVPN accepts Credit Card, Paypal, and BitCoin payments.

Desktop software and mobile apps

At one point, we can regard SaferVPN software as an all in one solution. On the other hand, there are few bugs to be fixed.

The software is easy to install and it does not have any kind of compatible issue with any OS environment. You are covered if you are using Windows, Mac OS, Linux. Moreover, the service will help you connect to a VPN server through Google Chrome -a feature not many VPN service provider offer!

Software interface will welcome you with the login credentials. Once you are logged in, you will be promoted to the server selection page. Here you can easily use basic features,

  • Auto select server,
  • Search bar for faster reach out,
  • Favorites for faster server browsing.

Moving to the setting menu…

SaferVPN has core features a VPN provider must have.

  • Protocol options,
  • Wifi security options,
  • Kill Switch to shut down online activities when dropped out of VPN connection.

While these features look so appealing, there is a big bug in the software. If you happen to select the VPN protocol manually, you won’t be able to connect to any VPN server.

At some point, this change is not necessary. However, there would be some specific scenarios where people might need a specific protocol. Looking forward to seeing this bug fixed soon.

SaferVPN for mobile devices

So far, this app is the easiest VPN mobile app we have ever used. Once you install the iOS or Android version, redirect automation will help you get used to the app in a few steps.

Just like the PC software, neat server selection menu and search bar will appear on the left side of the app. Browsing and connecting to desired VPN server is only two taps away from your fingers.

Once you are connected to VPN, you will be able to see the chosen country as well as the dedicated IP address assigned to you.

In the settings menu, there is not much we can play around. Like many other VPN providers, SaferVPN offers Wi-Fi security option. Moreover, for faster performance and enchanted security, you may choose the IKev2 protocol.

For daily usage, default (Automatic) setting is suggested!

Other supported devices

Besides PC and smartphone apps, SaferVPN can also be used with Chrome, Firefox, routers (manually set up required).

Security protocols

For the PC software, there are four protocols available: OpenVPN, IKev2, PPTP, L2TP. If your priority is to use the server on mobile, you can make use of OpenVPN and IKev2 only.

  • IKev2: Faster and more secure when compared to PPTP.
  • OpenVPN: This protocol is a combination of performance and maximum security.
  • L2TP: This has greater encryption but it offers less performance.
  • PPTP: Windows-based basic encryption. less secure, yet, faster.

You can switch between any protocol you like. Make sure that each protocol will give you different speed performance. If you are not happy with the speed, you may always choose “Automatic”.

Note: SaferVPN fails to connect to a specific VPN server when you switch from “Automatic” protocol selection to another one.

Lastly, in strict areas like Russia and Turkey, the software cannot assign an IP address via PPTP, IKev2 or OpenVPN. According to our latest experience you have to choose “L2TP over IPSec” protocol to bypass the restriction.

Overall, SaferVPN offers plenty of protocols handy for the different purpose of usages. Plus, make sure to read the details of the protocols to find the best one you actually need.

Is SaferVPN working properly?

Yes, it is!

SaferVPN has proved to be working for any VPN required platform:

  • Accessing restricted content,
  • Connection encryption,
  • Netflix and BBC iPlayer streaming abroad,
  • Outstanding Popcorn time and torrenting performance,
  • User-friendly mobile apps and more…

SaferVPN deserves any bucks you hand over!

Customer support

SaferVPN has three different support platform: knowledgebase, live chat, and ticket system.

The knowledgebase covers all troubleshooting, FAQ, billing, features, and account related topics. In case you cannot find what you are looking for, simply open a ticket. If the case is urgent, you can always contact to live chat team.

As for the live support, they cannot give you detailed help over there and ask you to contact their “Customer support team” via an e-mail.

My problem with the SaferVPN was that the software could not assign an IP address after connected to the VPN server. It was because of my ISP blockage. Later on, the solution turned out to be changing of the protocols from Ikev2 to L2TP to bypass the restriction.

For me, I was expecting the customer service to know more about such problems when it comes to the users located in Russia, Turkey, Iran or China.

Finally, Jeevan Mahat wanted to start a remote session. Yet, it was two days later I fixed the problem by myself.

Log policy! Does SaferVPN keep logs?

Here is the list of what you got to know about SaferVPN log policy.

What they log:

  • The date and time on which the session begins, and the date the session ends.
  • Total transfer amount.
  • To which VPN server you connect -plus from which country.

What they do not log:

  • Any websites visited now or in the future.
  • The type of the date you download, share or view.
  • Your IP address.

Summing up!

SaferVPN is an all in one service working perfectly in every aspect of VPN required platforms. You will be getting great performance for daily browsing, torrenting and popcorn time. It helps you unblock restricted content and access Netflix and BBC iPlayer abroad. Moreover, the software and mobile apps are super easy to use. Last but not least, the company keeps the logging at the minimal rate and does not monitor any of your online activities.

So yes!

SaferVPN is one of the fastest and simplest VPN providers we have reviewed so far!

7.8 Total Score
All in one service

SaferVPN works in any VPN required environment. It has stable servers and easy to use software. The speed performance will meet your browsing, streaming and torrenting expectation.You can purchase the service bit BitCoin and connect 5 different devices simultaneously! Try SaferVPN now!

Customer support
  • Great server performance all over the world
  • 30 day moneyback guarantee
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Easy to use PC software and mobile apps
  • P2P allowed!
  • Poor Netflix experience
  • Protocol change will end in software crash
  • Partial logging
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