PureVPN review – Based on analytics and real user experience

I would like to introduce you one of the fastest growing VPN company in the market. Founded in 2006, PureVPN started with only 2 locations. As of 2019, they have expanded their service up to 180+ countries and kept on growing rapidly. In this review, we will be testing all PureVPN features. Additionally, you will have the chance to experience some other cool features which do not exist in any other VPN service.

Country, server coverage, and performance

Surprisingly PureVPN pays lots of attention to the countries ignored by other VPN companies. Coverage map –including 140+ countries, 180 server location, and 2000+ servers- looks promising.

Compared to other top players in the market, PureVPN actually places to the second rank after Hidemyass.

Doing the math, it must be hard to manage all 2000+ servers and provide a stable connection to the customers all around the world.

Can PureVPN handle that?

PureVPN speed test results

I have tested PureVPN with several locations. The connection speed and ping rates were fine. However, the download and upload speed across the world do not back up the “World’s fastest…” statement on their website.

Upload speeds are a lot lesser than its competitors and not stable both in the USA and Europe.

RegionDownload (Mbps)Upload(Mbps)Ping (Ms)
North America
New York2.422.82304
San Jose0.251.42442
Los Angeles2.041.78444
Canada - Toronto2.672.33334
Canada - Vancouver0.551.55418
South America
Costa Rica1.490.82419
Hong Kong0.981.14642
Africa - Middle East - India
South AfricaFailedFailedFailed

Note: Speed test result does not mean that PureVPN is slow. Our online experience was fairly fast. Online activities, as well as video streaming, were fairly good enough. However, PureVPN falls behind Cyberghost, SaferVPN, and VPNUnlimited speed performances.

PureVPN torrenting performance

Similar to our PureVPN speed test performance above, P2P download speed was at the average level. Most importantly, it was not stable.

After choosing “File Share” server on PureVPN software, I started to download 371 MB file.

As seen on the image above, there were so many ups and downs during the download progress. Even though it was such a small file, it took more than 10 minutes.

PureVPN performed poor and it is not recommended for downloading torrent files. Still, there is a way to make things better.

In case you do not like server performance, there are plenty of them. Simply, try to switch another one. Yet, again, connecting to an optimized and less burdened server should be automatic. No need such bureaucratic obstacles.

PureVPN Popcorn time Experience – Is it fast enough?

In order to get better results, I switched to another P2P server and tried to stream a Full HD Popcorn time movie.

It took around 15 seconds to collect active shares and Popcorn time started to download the movie. Contrary to my previous torrent speed performance, this time I got around 1.5 MB/sec.

Time to time, I got 2 MB/sec or less than 1 MB/sec. This is a clear depiction of unstable server performance. However, can we have a smooth streaming experience?

Yes, we can. Contrary to unstable server performance, background download speed was good enough to help us watch full HD movie without any interruption.

Overall, I did not like PureVPN P2P performance. The company should focus on the software side improvements to lead the user to the best P2P servers.

PureVPN online gaming experience

Coming soon

PureVPN NetFlix and BBC iPlayer experience

Netflix is giving a hard time to VPN companies by blocking their servers. On the other hand, PureVPN is working perfectly! Yet, it has a single flaw.

PureVPN invested a lot on dedicated streaming servers and their servers manage to bypass Netflix blocks.

Earlier PureVPN performed so poorly. However, now, it seems streaming investment paid off and you will have an amazing Netflix USA streaming experience! Check our experience below.

Testing Netflix USA from Europe. We were able to stream “The Walking Dead” with full HD quality.

Moving to BBC iPlayer, PureVPN has a dedicated server for BBC iPlayer as well. Our first try was a success!

Quality on both platforms was satisfying and we did not have any stability issues why streaming our favorite shows abroad. However, there is one and the only flaw I have to point out. PureVPN’s streaming servers are not user-friendly. Once you choose the “Stream” purpose, then you have to change the servers from “Location” to “Channel”. After that, you need to pick your favorite streaming platform.

A little bit more clicks are going on there. Hope the following updates make the streaming servers easy to access!

Pricing and refund policy

PureVPN provides an inexpensive service starting from only 3.33$/Month. This is a special discount for new users. It will charge you for 39.96$ first. Following year, the cost will be 69.95$. Keep this in mind. Besides this exclusive offer, you can also go after 1 Month plan 10.95$/Month or 3 Months plan 8$/month.

So… We have purchased the software and it is not working properly for our end. If this is the case we can ask for a refund within 31 days. However, PureVPN will try to fix your problem first. If the problem still persists, then they will issue your refund.

Earlier, the company had so many terms when it comes to refunding your money. Now PureVPN keeps it super simple on their policy page!

PureVPN has 3 days non-refundable trial plan.

Desktop software and mobile app

Less is more mentality is getting popular between top VPN players in the market. Almost all notable ones have gone minimal. PureVPN is not one of them. Besides, we do not see any big improvement in PureVPN software since 2016.

Just like the earlier version, the software has so many features that it is super easy to get confused.

In the App Settings menu you will see some connection features like:

  • Redial automatically if the connection drops.
  • Launch on system starts up.
  • Auto-connect after launch.
  • Sync Favorites.
  • Seven different protocols: PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKev2, TCP, UDP, StealthVPN

The most brilliant feature of the software is the “Select mode”. This feature will help you with the following opportunities.

  • “Stream mode:” this will give you the best server options you can use to stream BBC iPlayer, CW TV, ESPN, HBO, Hulu, Netflix etc…
  • “Internet freedom mode:” is to help you unblocked websites if they are blocked in your country.
  • “Security/Privacy mode:” is a great option for those needing a great deal of encryption.
  • “File sharing mode:” if you like torrenting and watching shows with Popcorn.
  • “Remote/Dedicated IP mode:” this only works if you have the “Dedicated IP” addon in your plan.

You can always change these usage modes from “Settings” menu.

Turkey blocks and throttles so many websites. In this sense, I will go for “Internet freedom” option. Just before connecting to a VPN server, make sure to check out other options in the “Settings” page.

As for the “Select Language” menu, PureVPN supports 8 different languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, and Turkish.

“Advanced options” page has 2 different options: Security and Internet Kill Switch.

You can find additional security measures if you really need more privacy.

Kill Switch is a way to block all internet activities if you drop from VPN connection. This feature ensures that you are always protected by VPN encryption.

Finally, “Split Tunneling” is a way to assign the VPN connection to a specific App. Other apps will use the normal IP address.

Overall, I do not like the PureVPN software at all. While all other competitors try to bear minimal design, you have to struggle with plenty of unnecessary features. Rather than providing such variety, PureVPN should bear the standard encryption type and get rid of non-essential features.

Because of the insufficient improvements in the software, we will decrease our rating point!

PureVPN mobile app

PureVPN has an easy to use mobile app. Configuration is easy and you can connect to a server in only two steps. Once you have input your user credentials, a neat screen will welcome you.

Similar to the desktop software, you can make use of the “Select mode” option. Each selection will offer you different types of servers. However, if you like to tweak a few more settings, just jump to the settings menu! PureVPN will enrich your privacy with protocols, “Split tunneling” and, “Kill Switch” features.

When you are done with the settings and the purpose, simply choose a server to connect.

You are done.

purevpn mobile connection

Overall, I do like the PureVPN mobile app as it offers an easy to switch menu with “Select mode” option. Contrary to the desktop software, the minimalist look will help you have a better user experience.

Fewer clicks, less effort. PureVPN offers that quite well with mobile apps

Security protocols

As you have already seen in the software setting above, PureVPN has seven different protocols. The Stealth mode protocol is dedicated to PureVPN itself. Next to protocols you will see “Lightning bar” depicting the speed and “security bar” depicting the security.

The more speed you want, the less secure your server is. However, as for the IKev2 protocol, you can get both dedicated speed and security at the same time. It all depends on the usage purpose of the VPN service.

learn the details of the purevpn protocols you can use within the software

PureVPN gets a good rating from us, as it has all core protocols PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, SSTP, IKev2 as well as unique ones for a reliable and secure connection.

Other devices

PureVPN expanded its service by being compatible with the Kodi, Routers, Android TV, Firefox, and Firestick.

If you do use any of these devices, 5 simultaneous connection will help you stay secure besides PC and smartphones.

Free services from PureVPN

It is not often to find a free service from VPN companies. However, PureVPN acts exceptional and they have an amazing free service called “Bad Ad Jonny”

You already know these ad blockers in the market block only a few of the ads as they have an agreement with big advertisement companies like Google, Bing etc… For example “ABP – Ad Block Plus” does not omit the search result ads.

PureVPN has a handy solution for this. Bad Ad Johnny blocks all ads including pop-ups, inserted ads as well as search result ads. Such improvement in the free market might have a big impact on the advertisement companies.

Note: The plugin needs improvement as it also blocks website article thumbnails.

Note 2: Ad blocker currently works on Firefox. The company works on the Chrome version.

Is PureVPN working properly?

According to our tests in desktop and mobile environments, PureVPN proved to be working great. Its software is compatible with many devices. If you do not wish to use any kind of software, you can also set up a VPN connection with manual settings and connect to it.

Other than security, PureVPN also offers dedicated servers both for “Streaming” and “P2P”. According to our Netflix and BBC iPlayer tests, dedicated servers offer quality and stable speed performance. That being said, you can enjoy up to 4k streaming experience!

There is a problem, though! If you are visiting China, Turkey, Russia or any other country where VPNs are blocked, PureVPN is not recommended. The company does not have any “obfuscated servers” and it does not work properly.

Customer support

I had to contact customer support to learn more about the “Bad Ad Jonny” extension. It took precisely 28 seconds for my message to be read. It’s amazing how a company with so much customer density offers such fast support.

I got my answer pretty fast with accurate information.

Beside live chat, PureVPN has so many articles about getting started, troubleshoot, setup guides, account&billing, streaming and bypassing…

What is more interesting articles are written so neat and to the point that, you get actually what you need!

Yet, there is a single issue. All articles are written in English. Even if PureVPN landing page has 14 different languages, they ignored the translation of the articles and non-English speakers have to use Google translate.

Logging policy! Does PureVPN keep logs?

PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based company. Therefore, there is no legislation enforcing any companies to share any kind of information with third parties. It means that your information is safe.

Let’s take a close look at “No-log” promises of PureVPN:

We have no logs or records of:

  • Your origin IP address
  • Assigned VPN server IP address
  • VPN session timestamp
  • Your browsing activities
  • DNS requests

In a nutshell:

  • We don’t know what you access, browse, upload or download with our service.
  • We are unable to identify at what time you connected to the VPN, with which IP address and which VPN IP was assigned to you.
  • Even if we are compelled to share user information, we simply cannot because we have nothing personally identifiable to share.

At the very beginning, you may assume that PureVPN has a clear log policy to be trusted! However, it is not that easy.

Digging Ryan Lin case in the USA, FBI asks plenty of information from PureVPN leading the arrestment of Lin. Refer to this link to learn more about the case. Furthermore, you can read Golden Frog analysis to learn how PureVPN actually keeps some logs.

So far, PureVPN has not refuted the rumors. Therefore, we cannot trust PureVPN’s privacy policy at all.

Summing up!

PureVPN is an inexpensive VPN service provider working pretty well on plenty of different platforms. Supporting almost all kinds of mobile and smart devices, PureVPN has an amazing compatibility range.

5 simultaneous connection; average speed performance; easy to use “Select mode” feature to bypass streaming sites and “Kill Switch” feature are some of the main features you can make use for your daily needs. However, PureVPN desktop software feels outdated in 2019 and it should definitely bear minimal looking.

Last but not least, you cannot trust PureVPN no logging policy. Because of the Ryan Lin FBI case, PureVPN turned out to be a VPN provider that you cannot trust in terms of privacy.

Just a friendly warning: do not use PureVPN if you are doing anything illegal online!

7.3 Total Score
Inexpensive VPN service

With a competitive price, PureVPN will give you any option you may want. Simultaneous connection up to 5 devices, dedicated software, and mobile apps; 24/7 customer support, 7 different protocols for more privacy and security; 31-day money back guarantee. Try PureVPN risk-free!

Customer support
  • Great support
  • Great price for two years plan
  • The software is working properly in desktop and mobile devices
  • Netflix and BBC iPlayer streaming approved
  • No option to choose a specific server in a selected country
  • Outdated software
  • Controversial privacy policy
  • Handed out user info to FBI