OperaVPN shuts down – Check free OperaVPN alternatives!

OperaVPN -proving VPN service to its users for a very long time, has decided to shut down its service as of April 30th, 2018. There is no clear statement from Opera about why they shut down the VPN service. Moreover, the company asks its paid user to move to SurfEasy VPN service (Paid users will be granted for a 1-year free subscription.)

operavpn shuts down, check free alternatives here

No matter OperaVPN has been being used by thousands of people, they were falling back of its competitors when the speed performance is taken into consideration.

There might be two important reasons why OperaVPN ceases it service:

  1. They do not have the capability of handling server burden for thousands of people.
  2. They might have a deal with SurfEasy to force you to go for the paid service.

OperaVPN also cuts a deal with SurfEasy for the new users. If you decide to switch from OperaVPN to SurfEasy, you can enjoy sweety %80 discount. Still, in case you do not want to pay, I have listed 3 free VPN service provider you can use in the absence of the OperaVPN.


Windscribe is one of the fastest and free VPN service providers. It works totally fine along with 11 server options in the free plan. Moreover, you can enjoy 10 GB bandwidth/month. There is no other free VPN service in the market giving you as many features as WindSribe can.  In case you like the service, you can go for the monthly or annual plan and enjoy utmost privacy.

Other free services you can enjoy:

  • Block unwanted ads and tracking cookies
  • Access blocked websites
  • Change your IP address and download torrents freely.


Speaking of features, Hide.me limits you to 3 different locations with 2 GB bandwidth. What is great about this free service is that the company guarantees you at least 3 Mbit connection; good enough for smooth social media streaming and watching HD videos.

Lastly, you can only use the free version on a single device. In other words, when you want to use the service both on your PC and your smartphone, you have to go for the paid plan.


Here comes free, yet, super limited VPN service…

When you want to use the free version of the SurfEasy, you are limited to 500 MB bandwidth -can be easily consumed up by watching 3 HD videos, downloading a single torrent file or checking Instagram for few hours.


Off-shore based -one of the fastest and best provider, ExpressVPN hooks you up with exclusive VPN service you can use up to 5 devices. The company never keeps activity logs and help you vanish in the online world.

Summing up

It is very sad to learn OperaVPN shutting down its free VPN service by the end of the April. However, there are several other free options you can rely on! Simply check WindScribe (10GB free), Hide.me (2Gb free) or SurtfVPN (500 MB) to enjoy ultimate online freedom.

Furthermore, if you do not want to deal with any limitations, and use the service in 5 different devices, go unlimited and check ExpressVPN’s deal!

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