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Founded in Malta, iVPN provides secure and stable vpn service covering 6 countries around the world. In this review, we will have a deeper look into iVPN and see if it could meet our expectations from speed to logging and from customer support to software efficiency.

iVPN has 5 different price tags; Annual, Biannual, Quarterly, Monthly, Once Off Monthly. iVPN clearly states that they are not one of the cheaper vpn service provider and they provide unmetered traffic without any restrictions.

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Obviously, iVPN is one of the most expensive VPN service out there. Below, you can see the detailed plans and price chart.

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In addition to these plans, there are two other plans you could pick.

Biannual: You get charged 70$/6 Months.

Once off: One time payment. If you do not want to use any subscription based plans, you could pick this one. Please be warned that this plan is 20$/Month far more expensive than the average VPN service.

[box type=”note” ]iVPN currently accepts only Paypal and Bitcoins.[/box]

Setting up and Software Interface

Once you have purchased the service, it is easy to get along with iVPN. It support many devices as you can see below.

ivpn device supports

iVPN has a beta software- with which, indeed, you can do a lot. It is user friendly, easy to use and even you may not find some of the feature anywhere else. Let’s have a deeper look into this software.

ivpn software interface

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As you can see iVPN beta software has a simple interface. With this software you can:

  • Select server among 6 different countries. (Connect)
  • Select UDP  with 53/2049/ port and TCP protocols with 443/80 ports (Connect)
  • Start at login, minimize to tray, start minimized, automatically connect to the last server on startup, automatically connect to last server when joining an insecure wireless network. (Setting)
  • Enable DHCP renew/pre-release workaround: Aggressive DHCP lease renewal and release to prevent hanging in the “Assigning IP address…” state. (Advanced setting)
  • Enable delayed routing workaround: Wait a short amount of time before updating the routing table (Advanced setting)
  • Use obfsproxy to circumvent censorship: Obfuscate the connection to the VPN server to try to bypass common Internet filtering systems, such as the Great Firewall of China. (Advanced setting)
  • Disable DNS leak protection: DNS leak protection sets the primary network adapter’s DNS servers to an unreachable address while the VPN is connected. (Advanced setting)
  • Network Proxy: To increase connection security.
  • Lastly, you can also send logs to the iVPN just in case you are having a trouble with their service. They will diagnose the logs and try to solve your issue. (Diagnostics)

Speed test – Download, Upload and Ping

I am used to make a lot of server tests when reviewing a vpn service. However, this time, it is different. We only have 6 countries in two different categories. First one is the single hop servers and the later is multi hop servers in which your data gets encrypted twice.

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Speed test itself depicts what you could get from iVPN

If you are from any Europe country, you will definitely enjoy the speed. However, if you are from Europe and want to watch USA shows, you may not find the speed sufficient. Still, you could watch 360p videos.

Additionally, there is a significant slow down when using USA-Europe multi hop servers. But if you prefer multi hop servers both from Europe, you will experience almost not slow-down.

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Customer Support

iVPN currently only provides ticket support. According to my experience, I could say that average response time is around 2 hours. In addition to that, iVPN has a perfect knowledge base covering almost any topic you want to learn.

ivpn customer support knowledge base

iVPN money back guarantee

In case you are not satisfied with iVPN, you could ask for a [highlight]refund in 7 days[/highlight].

[box type=”note” ]Please note that you will not get any refund or credits if you happen to abuse any of the terms stated in iVPN ToS page.[/box]

Does iVPN keep logs?

Privacy has the top level priority for anyone surfing the internet. However, not many pay attention to it. Those, indeed- taking this into account, generally uses vpn services.

While some companies have unclear statements, others like iVPN keeps it very simple.

As a Malta based off-shore company iVPN is super serious about your privacy. Please read the official e-mail below.

[box type=”info” ]We keep close track of the EU data retention directive. We researched this topic in depth when we were writing our series on data retention (e.g. https://www.ivpn.net/data-retention-laws/united-states) which covered quite a few countries (australia, USA, Netherlands, UK etc.) and obviously sought legal advice locally in Malta.

Basically it comes down to how each country transposes the EU DRD and specifically whether VPN’s are explicitly or implicitly included. In Malta’s case, the ‘Processing of Personal Data (Electronic Communications Sector) Regulations (S.L. 440.01)’ legislation (link) which transposes the EU DRD does not explicitly or implicitly include VPN services and therefor we continue to not log any data. To be clear, we exist to protect our customers privacy and we believe that the only way this is truly possible is by not having any personal logs available. It’s actually not technically easy to not collect logs and it’s something we have gone to a lot of effort to ensure from the start. If the legislation changes such that we are required to log and retain personal data we will relocate the company to a new jurisdiction (we’ve had contingency plans to do this from the start). [/box]

iVPN is ready to move their company to another jurisdiction just in case they may be required to keep or retain any personal data in Malta.

What makes iVPN unique?

Being an off-shore company and providing double vpn service make iVPN unique in some ways. You will feel secure as non of your activities will be kept.

Wrapping it Up

iVPN-covering 6 countries, provides no logging VPN service with which you will totally feel secure. However, speed tests did not meet my expectation. For me, any activity withing Europe borders is fast yet I cannot say the same as for the USA tv shows, HD youtube streams and good download results.

What I like most about iVPN:

  • Off-shore company, no logging laws.
  • User friendly software and website.
  • Advanced software features even it is in beta.
  • Very clear ToS page and logging terms.

What I don’t like about iVPN:

  • I do respect the pricing policy but service is so expensive.
  • Not good speed results while using USA-Europe multi hop servers.

Personal suggestion to iVPN:

  • Hoping to see iVPN cover more and more countries soon.

Please feel free to share your experience with iVPN. How do you rate this service?

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