IPVanish VPN review – Based on analytics and real user experience

We are welcoming a USA based VPN service provider: IPVanish. The company has a notorious reputation because of some legal cases and user activity log issues in 2016. This problem was one of the biggest drawbacks of the company. However, Stackpatch acquired IPVanish and they now strictly clean their current situation as well as depict new privacy policies to keep the user data safe.

After tossing no log reputation to the wall, IPVanish efforts so much energy to recover. A new owner, new features, new policy and more…

Can we trust IPVanish again? We will dig the all details in this review!

Country, server coverage, and performance

As of 2019, IPVanish provides VPN service in more than 70+ countries with 40.000+ IP addresses hosted on 1200+ servers. These numbers are very promising when we have a look at the improvement in the numbers. Only in one year, IPVanish doubled its capacity. However, the number of countries stayed the same.

Changes in the server number and IP addresses provide better and faster service for the users.

Coverage map provides where the VPN servers are located. As you can see, English-speaking countries, as well as Europe, take the biggest credits in the map. When compared to other VPN companies, IPVanish servers only lacks in South America. For the rest of the world, coverage is great and it is very possible to find a server in your country.

Having lots of server or IP addresses does not mean that you will get great speed from each server you connect. That is why I pay great attention to analytics and put the IPVanish to a hard test during a peak internet usage time. (GMT +2 10 PM)

Below you can see the test result

IPVanish speed test results

Note: The speed test with (50 Mbit download 10mbit upload) fiber connection.

RegionDownload / MBpsUpload / MBpsPing
Mobile 3G+23.23.5569
North America
New York2.422.82304
San Jose0.251.42442
Los Angeles2.041.78444
Canada - Toronto2.672.33334
Canada - Vancouver0.551.55418
South America
Costa Rica1.490.82419
Hong Kong0.981.14642
Africa-Middle east-India
South AfricaFailedFailedFailed

According to the speed test we have run, IPVanish provides average speed performance for daily browsing and video streaming.

Especially the speed from the European countries is promising. Moreover, IPVanish is one of the rare service provider giving you acceptable results not only one country but most of them. Stable upload and download speed will also give you the freedom to choose any country you want -no matter where you are located.

Furthermore, with my 3G internet, I was able to get 23,2 Mbps download, 3.55 Mbps upload speed. Online browsing and streaming on my smartphone (Samsung A7) were fairly well, yet, there were some lag issues from time to time and I had to switch to other servers.

Overall, I do like IPVanish speed performance. Still, they need to work harder to reach out to top performers like Cyberghost, SaferVPN, and VPNUnlimited.

IPVanish torrenting test results

Contrary to speed test Netherland (2.31mb/s), we have got an amazing result while torrenting. After being connected to the P2P server, we started to download a popular 372 MB TV show with 720p quality. It took less than 3 minutes to finish the process.

Below you can see the peak download point in the Vuze torrent software.

After collecting reliable download seeds, IPVanish immediately peaks up to 2 MB/Sec download speed. Following the process, there were some ups and downs. However, download speed stabilized around 2.5 MB/Sec and finished in a few minutes.

Popcorn time results

Privacy is getting more important each day. Countries like Germany, England, and Australia have strict rules against usage of copyrighted materials. Popcorn time gives you the freedom to download any movie and TV shows you want. Therefore, If you are living in such a country with strict rules, you might want to use VPN service to keep you on stealth mode and bypass law restriction.

That is why we tested IPVanish Popcorn time performance.

Is it any good?

IPVanish proved to be working great with its P2P servers. Even with just 17 active seeds, the download speed reached up to 1.5 MB/Sec. Then, we got the following result while watching the show…

Background download speed is fast enough to give you a smooth streaming experience. You can enjoy your favorite shows without seeing any unwanted buffer sign on the screen.

IPVanish passed the P2P with a good score!

IPVanish online gaming experience

Coming soon.

IPVanish Netflix and iPlayer experience

In our previous review, IPVanish told us all of their servers were blocked by Netflix and it was not possible to watch Netflix USA abroad.

Time has passed. IPVanish has updated its service as well as software. Still, I did not give any chance to the company to bypass Netflix censorship. Yet, I was wrong.

Somehow the company managed to bypass this blockage after three years! It took so much time but they did it. The streaming quality of the USA show from Europe was pretty amazing.

In case of experiencing problems with Netflix, make sure to contact to live chat and ask for available servers from the representative.

Moving forward to IPvanish BBC iPlayer…

Does it work with it?

No, it does not.

I switched between several UK servers. Unfortunately, all of them are blocked and you cannot watch BBC iPlayer abroad with IPVanish.

Overall, IPVanish manages to get around streaming problems. However, if your priority is unblocking several streaming services, then make sure go after VPN services with dedicated streaming servers. Trial and error should not be an option at all!

Pricing and refund policy

I like budget-friendly services. Probably, you do, too.

IPVanish has three pricing plans starting: monthly 10$, annual 6.49$  and bi-annual 3.7$. In order to make the deal more appealing, use “SAVE20NOW” coupon!

IPVanish refund policy is super clear and easy to understand. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can simply send a cancellation request to support team within 7 days and your money will be fully refunded. However, there are some criteria which refund cannot be applied. Like many VPN companies, you are somehow limited while requesting your refund.

Here are some of the activities you cannot do with IPVanish:

  • You cannot send spams via Usenet or mail.
  • You cannot affect user experience by wearing the bandwidth out with consistent upload or download.
  • You cannot transmit or receive, upload, using or reusing material that includes sexual or explicit depictions of minors in any form.
  • You cannot upload illegal materials that are abusive, defamatory, harassing, obscene or menacing or a breach of confidence…

If your account is terminated due to these activities, you may not ask for a refund.

Desktop software and mobile app

I do not like IPVanish software.

It has been more than 3 years that the company has not updated the interface. It just looks modern but not user-friendly.

The main interface will give you a lot of information which is not necessary at all. The software does not have any dedicated servers for different purposes. You have to use drop down menu to reach out to your preferred server.

Beside the main interface, there are few other options you can play around with:  “Settings” menu!

I find auto popping apps pretty annoying. Simply, I prefer to have the overall control on the app I am using. That is why we need the features above.

IPVanish makes both system and app startup pretty manageable. You can adjust the app according to your startup liking.

Furthermore, we have connection settings in the “Settings menu”

Here comes the most interesting part. Earlier, IPVanish did not have “Kill Switch, Scramble, and Leak Protection” features. Recent updates added these must have security measurements and make the software more reliable along with 256 Bit encryption.

I tried all these features and they all work fine.

  • “Kill Switch” shuts down your internet traffic in case you drop out of VPN connection.
  • “Scramble” is a way to make the VPN connection look natural. Without this feature, you cannot use IPVanish in Turkey, Russia, China or Iran. “Scramble” feature works fine in Turkey. Tested, approved!
  • “IPv6 leak protection” is a way to keep your IP address secure. According to our test, IPVanish stops the DNS leaks and runs the all traffic through its own secure DNS service.

IPVanish is also compatible with any mobile device in the market. Here is how IPVanish looks on my Android phone.

ipvanish mobile interface. here is how it looks on your android mobile phone.

It has all the features that your desktop software has.

here is the ipvanish server option you can see in your mobile app

Servers in your mobile device look nice. However, there is no search option. It could be a nice feature in the upcoming updates.

Moreover, “Scramble” feature is also added to the mobile apps and it works pretty well in Turkey.

Overall, IPVanish has not improved its software or apps a lot since 2016. While top players in the market going minimalist, it is weird to see IPVanish still keeping plenty of unnecessary features in the software.

Less is more, right?

Other supported devices

Besides smartphones and PCs, you may also use the IPVanish with routers, Chromebooks as well as Fire TV.

Speaking of compatibility, IPVanish offers 10 simultaneous connection meaning you do not have to log off your active device to run the service on another device.

Security protocols

Your security is covered by 5 different protocols. These are IKev2, IPSec, L2TP, OpenVPN and PPTP (Windows only). Depending on the privacy as well as encryption you need, you can choose from these protocols. Each protocol encrypts your data by 256-Bit. It is good enough to create an impenetrable wall against brute attacks.

To learn more about how these protocols work, make sure to visit our detailed VPN guide and pick the best option for yourself.

Free services from IPVanish.

Currently, IPVanish does not provide any free service on their website.

Is IPVanish working properly?

We have tested different IPVanish apps and software in different environments. So far, IPVanish proved to be working great. Great news about the software is that it is being updated by the tech team properly and they make sure you are using the latest version of the software in your devices. Yet, it is pretty hard to find new features or optimization.

The software has a unique feature called “Scramble” and this will help you establish a VPN connection even when you are in a restricted country!

According to our long period usage, we did not experience any lag, slow performance or server disconnection issues. The only problem with the IPVanish service at the moment is that they lack a bit of bypassing geo-blocked content such as BBC iPlayer.

Customer support

Like I have mentioned about the Netflix issue before, I have sent an email to customer support and I received the reply in less than 30 minutes.

Response time is exceptional!

Earlier, IPVanish did not have any live support service on their website. Apparently, they took the critics to serious that, now, they have 24/7 live chat representative on the website.

Related with the latest server optimizations, I contacted the support team about Netflix and asked for a server suggestion.

Tomy was there during the chat. He joined the chat under 20 seconds and he was pretty fast with the answers.

Last but not least, IPVanish updated its knowledgebase. Currently, they have plenty of articles leading you through with FAQ, troubleshooting, setup, billing questions.

It is convenient to know that someone is there.

IPVanish logging policy!

Like many other VPN companies,  IPVanish also collects some data to improve the user experience. All of the collected data is via cookies, third parties like Google Analytics and GIFs. However, if you do not like to be tracked by the third parties, you can simply disable the cookies and Google tracking URL (https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout).

As for collection user activities in IPVanish, they have a clear statement: “…we do not track user activities outside of our Site, nor do we track the web activities of users when they are logged into our VPN Services.”

It that so?

IPVanish was caught sharing personal information with the Security Department in 2016. This problem led us to a simple conclusion: You cannot trust words.

Logging issue labeled IPVanish with an unfortunate reputation. However, the company was acquired by StackPatch in 2017. The new CEO depicts with the new administration, there will be no logging activities.

Summing up!

IPVanish evolved a lot since Stackpath acquire. Now, we have new features, pricing, better support as well as a new administration. Being a USA based company and losing so much respect in the name of privacy, IPVanish will suffer a lot for sure. Trusting the company about their controversial log policy is totally up to you.

That being said, if the main reason you are using a VPN service is to have greater online privacy, IPVanish is not recommended until they come clean out of a new case. Again, we cannot trust words!

Furthermore, IPVanish performed reasonably well with speed performance. You can enjoy high-speed P2P download, HD Netflix streaming and stable Popcorn time experience.

Still, IPVanish has some issues with bypassing firewalls in Turkey and Russia. As the IPVanish login ports were blocked you cannot use this service in such countries. “Scramble” feature comes handy in this case, however, it will only work after you bypass login blockage.

Do we recommend IPVanish?

Not, yet! We still have to wait and see how new administration will handle lawsuits and user privacy in the future!

7 Total Score
Great speed, competitive price!

Easy to use, fast VPN service with tier network, mobile compatibility, simultaneous connection up to 10 devices; 7 days money back guarantee. Try IPVanish now!

Customer support
  • Great software for desktop and mobile devices
  • Competitive price
  • Up to 10 simultaneous connection!
  • Controversial log policy
  • Notorious background as IPVanish shared one of the user's logs with authorities
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