HideMyAss review – Based on analytics and real user experience

Today, you will read a detailed review about HideMyAss -one of the fastest growing VPN service provider- and learn all the details about this service.

We have seen tons of changes in since Hidemyass was acquired by VGA. Hence, we have to refresh our review and provide you the latest updates for this service. Furthermore, HideMyAss increased the number of the service and expanded to almost all world so it is a must to test the new servers and their performances.

Country, server coverage, and performance

HideMyAss is one of the fastest growing VPN service provider company in the market. Only in 3 years, HideMyAss expanded the number of its servers from 600+ to 900+. The company currently operates in more than 190+ countries with 120.000+ IP addresses.

The numbers make HideMyAss the top VPN service provider when compared to other companies if the matter is the map coverage.


How about the stability and performance of the servers?

In our previous review, HideMyAss failed many times when we were testing the stability of the servers. My online game experience was a disaster as I was getting disconnected from the server in almost every 10 minutes.

Servers, coverage, the number of IP addresses, software interface, and even the owner of the company has changed. Now, it is time to run a new test and see if the changes are any good or not!

Hidemyass speed test results

RegionDownload (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)Ping (Ms)
Mobile 4.5G17.963.187
North America
New York6.942.56268
Canada - Montreal6.472.4291
Canada - British Columbia5.071.63392
South America
Hong Kong3.621.03544
Africa-Middle east-India
South AfricaFailedFailedFailed

Our speed test usually goes from Northern America, Southern America, Europe to Asia. We tend to run a test covering all over the world.

We are located in Europe and not expecting a great deal of speed performance from America and Asia. However, HideMyAss proved to be one of the FASTEST VPN service providers we have tested so far.

Almost all of the servers we tested were stable with an enormous amount of download and upload speed. We were even surprised by the Asia and Southern America servers. So far, no other VPN service provider could give us what HideMyAss gave.

Finally, there were several problems with the Africa servers. Both Kenya and South Africa servers failed. Looking forward to seeing some improvements for the African users.

With our updated review, we have also tested Hidemyass on our smartphones. We were able to get 17.96 Mbps download, and 3.1 Mbps upload with 4.5 G internet connection.

Torrenting test results

Torrenting is a big deal if you like free stuff. Privacy while torrenting is a bigger deal.

We tried to download a popular TV show

The file was around 300 MB and it took less than 10 minutes to download the show. Moreover, the download speed peaked up to 3 MB/sec.

On one hand, we had a great experience with the connection stability of the server, on the other hand, there is a great problem to complain.

As you can see the download speed performance above, at first, it immediately peaked up to 1.7 Mb/Sec, later on, there was an instant drop and it last around 1 minute. In other words, when using Hidemyass P2P servers, you need to condone the instant drops.

If you are an impatient guy, then you should most definitely check our top picks for torrenting for a greater experience.

Popcorn time results

With the latest server updates, Hidemyass pushes the download speed limits! You can experience the same results with Popcorn time as well.

hidemyass optimized popcorn time servers will help you watch hd or full hd shows without any lag issues.

Hidemyass popcorn time performance is pretty exceptional that the seed collection only took 5 seconds and the download reached up to 2.7 MB/sec under 20 seconds.

hidemyass popcorn time background download speed performance.

Similar to the torrenting experience, the speed had instant drops to 800KB/secs time to time. However, background download speed was good enough to give us a smooth watching experience.

Download speed greatly depends on the number of the seeds. If you are trying to watch a very old TV show or movie with fewer seeds, your download speed might be slower…

Hidemyass online gaming experience

Coming soon!

Hidemyass Netflix and iPlayer experience

If you are living outside of the USA, you will need a VPN service provider to watch TV shows only dedicated to USA NetFlix.

VPN will help you to connect to a USA server and convert your current IP address into the USA one. Therefore, you can act as if you are living in the USA. It is a way to cheat Netflix to watch TV shows.

We have tested HideMyAss v2 to unblocked Netflix. Yet, it failed. Then, We have tried the V3 and here is the result.

Contrary to other VPN service providers, with HideMyAss you can have HD quality streaming. If you are willing to have greater streaming experience with this service, you should most definitely download the v3.

We are very surprised that HideMyAss figured a way out to bypass Netflix restriction.

BBC iPlayer is another platform where you can watch fantastic documentaries. Yet, you need to bypass geographical restriction again. In other words, you have to live in the United Kindom to watch BBC iPlayer.

With HMA pro, we connected to Berkshire server and below you can see out experience.

Again, we had the chance to watch a TV show with Full HD quality.

HideMyAss proves to be working great both for Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Furthermore,  you will be satisfied with the video quality.

Nothing more to say!

Pricing and refund policy

HideMyAss comes along with three different pricing plan 1 Month, 12 Months and 24 months. The price policy is relatively higher than the competitors. However, the service you will get from HideMyAss %100 deserves the amount of buck you pay.

HideMyAss has a strict refund policy. Check the restrictions below to learn more about HideMyAss refund policy…

  1. HideMyAss is a subscription-based service and it renews after a certain amount of that. The company limits you to ask the refund within 30 days. For the renewals, the same rule does not apply.
  2. In any case that you have breached any usage policy, you cannot ask refund.
  3. If you used more than 10 GB, it kinda means that the service was being useful for your end. Therefore, there is no excuse for you to ask for a refund.
  4. If the amount of connection session -the number of the connections to the HideMyAss servers-  exceeds 100 times, you cannot ask for a refund.
The payments on mobile devices from Google Play or the Apple Store are non-refundable.

Desktop software and mobile apps

The HideMyAss desktop software has changed a lot! It now has a brand new and cleaner design. In the previous version, the interface had lots of features. However, it was looking like a puzzle.

In the current software, the design team has omitted anything unnecessary. By going after a minimalist preference, HideMyAss did a great job.

hidemyass has a brand new software interface in 2019

The new interface provides three different option. Each option gives you what you actually need. No more confusion or setting adjustments!

  1. Instant mode: You want to have privacy and hide your online identity? Simply use this option. Your connection will be encrypted with the best server available.
  2. Location mode: There might be some specific websites you want to unblock. Location mode comes handy in this case. HideMyAss covers more than 190 countries and you will find plenty of server options you can connect. The latest version of the software has a quick access feature enabling us to choose from “Streaming, Peer to Peer, Favorites” servers. Therefore, you do not have to struggle with searching for a dedicated server. A single click will list what you truly need.
  3. Freedom mode: If you are living in a country where so many websites: Gambling, betting, 18+ etc.. blocked, this feature will bring you full freedom as well as ultimate privacy. It will automatically connect to a free-speech country and let you access any website you want.

In the new version of the software, HideMyAss does provide as few settings as possible.

Except for the quick access feature, there are only two options. These are “IP shuttle” to change your IP address periodically and “Kill Switch” feature to lock down internet connection in case you are disconnected from the VPN server.

one and only option from hidemyass. kill switch to shut down internet in case you drop out of vpn server.

According to long-term experience, Hidemyass has done a great job by embracing “less is more” motto. It simply looks beautiful and works under any condition for any purpose.

What else would we need?

Note: Windows version of the software is only different in a way that you can select the TCP or UDP version of the OpenVPN protocol.

HideMyAss mobile apps

HideMyAss is compatible with your mobile devices. As I am an Android user, I have downloaded the HMA app from Google Play and started to investigate more about it.

Similar to the experience we had with the desktop software, HideMyAss has the same features for its mobile apps.

The interface is clean, easy to use and fast. Yet, it is missing some features such as; kill switch, selecting appropriate protocols. On the other hand, the software helps you have the best possible VPN experience while using it.

hidemyass mobile app interface

“Help me choose” will lead you to another page where you can find 4 different options:

  1. Secure my connection: The very purpose of this feature is to encrypt your connection. It will find the fastest server for you. You are safe now.
  2. Choose a country: Maybe you have an intent to unblocked a specific website hosted in a specific country. Go for this option.
  3. Paranoid mode: This feature will hide your all internet identity and make sure that your privacy is %100 safe.
  4. Anti-Censorship: If a website is blocked in your country, this feature will connect you a server outside of your location and help you unblock any website you want.

Security protocols

HideMyAss has two different software options you can download and install. Latest version V4 does not have any kind of protocol option. On the other hand, v2 has OpenVPN and PPTP options.

Free services from Hidemyass.

HideMyAss has several free services for us. I will try to give you brief information about them:

  • Proxies: HideMyAss gives away hundreds of free proxies daily. Fresh and ready to use. It has a dedicated page where you can adjust some location settings for your usage purpose.
  • Free web proxy: It gives you more privacy when trying to access blocked websites. It is okay to use but you will need a premium account to have a faster experience.
  • Anonymous email: Have you ever wanted to create an account and delete the email after some period of time? Then, you need to use this free HMA service.
  • Anonymous referrer: It is super easy to be tracked when you are referring a link out. HMA has a solution for you. You can simply anonymize a link and hide your website to be tracked. HideMyAss also has a JavaScript code to help you convert all of your referring links into the anonymized version.

Is Hidemyass working properly?

We have tested HideMyAss Pro VPN service for around 3 weeks. So far, we have not experienced any kind of issues. The servers were stable, fast and reliable. Our mobile experience was also fast enough for daily, social media and streaming purposes.

HideMyAss is not working or not connecting to a server? Here we have some quick fix for you…

Make sure to:

  • download the latest version of the software.
  • be connected to a proper internet connection.
  • add HMA Pro to secure list in the antivirus software or firewall.
  • get dedicated help from customer support.

Customer support

HideMyHas has one of the fastest customer support services I have ever experience. The chat with the represent was immediate and my question was answered within a few seconds and the problem was solved in 1 minute.

hidemyass customer support experience

Simply, I asked the representative why I cannot choose any protocol I want and I was answered with “It is not available in the new version anymore”.

Do you have a question? You can easily solve all of your problems with HideMyAss live chat. Moreover, HMA has a discussion forum where you can share your experience and problems with other users.

Does HideMyAss keep logs? Hidemyass logging policy!

Log policy has been a big issue for HideMyAss users. A LulzSec member was arrested with the information given away by HideMyAss.

HideMyAss collects so much information:

  • username
  • the time when you connect to their server
  • the amount of data transferred
  • your IP address used to connect to VPN server
  • the IP address of the individual server used by you.

HideMyAss is a fast and reliable VPN service provider that you should not use for any kind of illegal activity. If you spam or share illegal files, your account may be blocked in the future.

The company claims that they never voluntarily give away your information to third parties. However, if asked, they have to obey England laws.

Summing up!

HideMyAss is a fast, easy to use and reliable VPN service provider. Especially after it was acquired by VGA, the server performance, customer support increased drastically. Moreover, the VPN servers now cover almost all over the world.

The dedicated apps both for your desktop and mobile devices will help you connect to a VPN server with two clicks.

If you are looking for a VPN service provider to have full freedom, unblock streaming websites such as NetFlix and iPlayer, HideMyAss is a big help. Yet, Hidemyass can keep your personal data up to 90 days! If privacy is crucial for you, then you should check our top picks that do not keep any logs!

HideMyAss has strict terms about spamming and uploading explicit content. If you are planning to go after such activities, do not use HideMyAss.

8.8 Total Score
Great performance

HideMyAss is a great VPN service provider you can use to hide your identity, download torrents, watch Popcorn times, unblock Netflix and BBC iPlayer. The server quality with great download and upload speed as well as worldwide coverage will help you get the best out of this provider. HideMyAss is not for spamming! Give it a shot!

Customer support
  • Super fast servers
  • Amazing customer support
  • Working great both for Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Additional free services
  • Some of the IP addresses are blacklisted by Google
  • Relatively expensive
  • Keeps log
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  1. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!! Stay far far away. Their “free trial” is just to hook you in. If you actually require a refund they will artificially inflate your usage stats to deny you one, and then tell you they can pull the stats only if you send them a selfie holding your ID and a utility bill?! I’m using your service for anonymity. I used their service for one day, realized it didn’t work for me, requested a refund and was told i’d used 40 GIGS. Give me a break.

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