FastestVPN review – Based on analytics and real user experience

Today we have a newcomer: “FastestVPN” not as an adjective but as a noun. However, Cayman-Islands based company states “We don’t just say Fastest VPN, We mean it!”.

So far we have reviewed many VPN service providers with such an assertive statement. Yet, many of them failed in one or another performance required platforms such as downloading P2P files or streaming TV shows online. We will figure out if FastestVPN is really the fastest or the statement is just made of promotional words.

Keep up reading our unbiased review and find answers to any FastestVPN related questions!

Country, server coverage and speed performance

As of early 2018, FastestVPN covers five different continents with a variety of server numbers. Unlike some other VPN service providers, FastestVPN has not ignored Asian market and deployed as many servers as possible. Currently, the company operates in 21 different countries along with 70+ servers.

The company is new in the market and they do not have so many servers to manage at the moment.

Let us see how the company scores at providing reliable server performance. Check the stats below.

FastestVPN download/upload performance test

We were kind of surprised in both negative and positive way. While running the test, we used Macbook Pro IKev2 protocol. As there were only a few servers, the test did not take much time.

Unfortunately, as for the USA servers, FastestVPN falls behind its competitors. Yet, Europe servers are pretty fast. Still, Russia and Singapore servers should be optimized or changed.

With the speed, you will get:

  • Full HD streaming quality in USA, 4K experience in Europe.
  • Super fast browsing and social media experience.
  • Reliable and fast torrent performance – to be mentioned soon!

Apart from that, the company lacks so many server options for the Asia market. Almost whole China prefer to choose Hong Kong servers to access blocked websites. If the China market to be targeted, Hong Kong server is a must. This could bring better speed performance experience for the eastern part of the world.

Moving forward to mobile performance…

Currently, FastestVPN only has Android app. We have tested the service both on Wi-Fi and 4.5G connection. Ping, download and upload values are very promising.

While you are on Wi-Fi, you will be getting top performance. Europe and USA servers are pretty fast. Moreover, we get almost 30 Mbps download and 11 Mbps upload while we are on the 4.5G connection.

This amount of speed performance will give you smooth streaming, social media and browsing experience. Lastly, we never had connectivity issues while using FastestVPN mobile app.

FastesVPN torrenting performance

While downloading a file in a P2P platform, hiding your IP address should be your first priority. Your ISP can easily track what you are downloading and, if the file has distribution rights, you might be sued and fined.

A quick way to hide your online identity (IP address) can be handled by a secure VPN service provider. Apart from privacy, speed and stability will be your next priorities. And how about the FastestVPN torrenting performance?

check how fast fastestvpn while downloading a torrent file

This time we chose 2.19 GB file to download. At the very beginning of the download, it took around 1 minute to collect active seeds and the speed did not hit more than 500KB+/second. However, after waiting few more minutes, the torrent software found better seeds and the speed peaked up to its full capacity and we were able to download the file under 30 minutes.

Our overall speed performance was great. There were no ups and downs or any kinds of stability issues.

Popcorn time experience – Is it fast enough?

There is only a few VPN service to provide us reliable speed performance while streaming Popcorn time files. One of them is FastestVPN.

We tested a 720p TV show. It took around 20 seconds to collect seeds and start downloading.

check popcorn time speed performance

The average download speed was around 500KB/seconds. This was enough to give us full HD quality movies or TV shows. Yet, do not forget, it is all about the available quality seeds.

Overall FastestVPN Popcorn time experience is fine. Speed is great and stable. We never had lag issues. What else do we need?

Enjoy your favorite shows!

FastestVPNonline gaming experience

Coming soon!

FastestVPN NetFlix and BBC iPlayer experience

There are plenty of websites FastVPN can help you stream restricted content abroad. Yet, Netflix is not one of them. We have tried all of the USA servers and got caught by the Netflix servers. Therefore, if you are a big Netflix fan, and traveling a lot, FastestVPN is not for you.

On the other hand, the servers are working great while streaming BBC iPlayer TV shows or documentaries. You will enjoy the server performance while watching shows in HD quality. Zero lags, smooth streaming!

check if fastestvpn is working fine with bbc iplayer or not

Last but not least, there are several important servers missing all around the world. Once the company deploys more servers, we will update our review accordingly and inform you about unblocking restricted streaming contents abroad.

Pricing and refund policy

FastestVPN is one of the cheapest VPN service available in the market. Just like any other service, the company kinda force you to choose one or two-year plans. One month starts 10$/Month, one year plan will save you %70 and the price will reduce to 2.9$/month, lastly, the two-year plan will also have a great deal of discount by %83.3 and the price goes down to 1.66$/month.

Last but not least, the website has an exit intent promotion: 5 years plan 1$/month. You have to scroll to exit to grab this deal. Or simply click here 😉

Each plan has same features. The only difference the amount of the discount you will get.

As for the refund, each policy is easy to understand. If we put them short:

  • If you are not satisfied with the server, you can ask for a refund within 7 days. You have to send the request via email and must have a valid reason.
  • If you have already consumed more than 3GB of data, that means VPN has been working fine by your end and you cannot ask for a refund.
  • Upon your refund request, your account will be immediately suspended.
  • If you violate any of terms of service, your account will be terminated and you cannot ask for a refund either.
  • Furthermore, any payment method that is not covered by refund option cannot be refunded.

Desktop software and mobile apps

We had really hard time to get the VPN worked. At the very beginning, neither Windows nor Mac software worked. After a while, both software was updated and MAC version was working fine.

The PC software is not user-friendly and does not the critical feature: “kill switch.”

check fastestvpn server list names and learn the available countries across the world

Once you log in to the software, a server list will welcome you. Unfortunately, there is no server search in the menu, moreover, when you are connected to the server, you have to go back to the menu, select locations and find another server. When we have the chance to do such changes on the main screen, why do we have to go back to the main menu again?

fastestvpn connection status when you are connected to the available server

There is one another irritating issue with the software…

When you want to connect to the desired server, you have to enter your pc password each time. Each different server will force you to enter the password again.

Both MAC and Windows software needs a great deal of improvement. Once it is done, we will update the review.

Lastly, FastestVPN PC software comes with default adblocker. Any ads displayed on the websites will be blocked automatically.

Q: What if I want to see ads?

A: Sorry. You cannot see.

Our overall PC software experience was under average. Windows software was not working and MAC software has few bugs and features to be taken into consideration. Looking forward to seeing some changes soon!

FastestVPN for mobile devices

Currently, FastestVPN only has Android app. iOS version is being reviewed by the AppStore team. We have tested the Android version and it just works fine.

The app offers two different OpenVPN variables: TCP and UDP. Whichever you choose, the server will be lined up if they are available under the specified protocol.

There are no settings in the app. It is just a single tap to connect, tap to disconnect. Moreover, the favorite button will help you pick servers faster. Other than these, you cannot find anything else in the app. It just works fine.

Once the iOS version is approved and the company brings about new features, we will update this part.

Security protocols

There are several protocols available for both MAC and Windows users. If your OS is Windows, PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN would be your options. As for the MAC; L2TP, Xsec, IKev2 are available.

Each protocol will give you different speed performance. For the utmost speed experience, you can always choose PPTP in Windows, and Ikev2 in MAC.

FastestVPN also offers free NAT firewall to give you additional security layer. It is free!

Is FastestVPN working properly?

Yes and no!

If you are a Windows user, there are plenty of issues ahead. And if you are MAC user, the software works fine but permission request each time when want to connect to a server is super irritating.

On top of PC problems, FastestVPN only has an Android app at the moment. The iOS app to be approved soon!

Update: FastestVPN updated its service and now it is compatible with iOS as well. You may also use the service with Firesticks, Kodi, and routers…

Customer support

There was a puzzling issue! There are plenty of features offered by the FastestVPN. However, there is no settings menu and you cannot find them.

Related to this, We connected to live chat and asked: “How do you provide NAT Firewall?” in your service. The answer was super fast and fulfilling. Live chat represent told us the NAT feature was implemented on the server side. Soon, there would be a new update to provide this option to the software side.

Taking this conversation into customer support evaluation, FastestVPN offers pretty fast live chat support.

In the website, there is a support page where you can find answers to FAQs and many other service related issues. Moreover, the support page also covers some troubleshooting guides to help you find a fix as soon as possible.

The company also offers ticket support system.

Our overall customer support experience is pretty fast. Additional support feature in the software would be nice, though.

Log policy! Does FastestVPN keep logs?

What we appreciated most is the FastestVPN log policy. It is super easy to understand and there is no misleading statement on the website.


  • FastestVPN does not store any logs: the website you visit, the files you download are not being logged. The only data the company keep is the login attempts to the server
  • sole information collection is the billing e-mail address
  • in case an authority ask any kind of information, the company cannot relate any activity to the specific user, so you are safe
  • the company is located in Cayman Island and there are no “Mandatory data retention laws”

In short, you are safe! Yet! If if the company does not keep any logs or records, how can they know the amount of data I spend while connected to VPN?

Answer by Adam Miller: “We don’t analyze the amount of data used. We only keep login attempts i.e how may devices have made a connection; this is done in order to counter abuse of 5 multi-login policy and to troubleshoot connection problems.”

Summing up

FastestVPN is an off-shore -Cayman Island-based company offering reliable VPN service with 13 different server locations. It has zero log policy as well as additional security measurements such as NAT firewall, adblocker, and anti-malware protection.

According to our two weeks experience, the software has some compatibility issues with the Windows. On the other hand, MAC and Android tools are pretty neat yet not feature rich. Besides these, the VPN servers are relatively faster than its competitors.

Is it okay to call them “The Fastest”?

No! Long way ahead to go!

7.3 Total Score
3 reviews
Fast but not fastest!

FastestVPN is founded on an Island where there is no data retention law - Cayman Island. The company offers no logging policy, 5 simultaneous connection, free NAT firewall as well as default adblocker. Try FastestVPN now! You are covered by the 7-day money back guarantee.

7.5Expert Score
Customer support
7User's score
Customer support
  • No logging policy
  • Affordable price
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Reliable and fast servers
  • Free NAT firewall and adblocker
  • Software compatibility issues (Windows)
  • Limited country coverage
  • Netflix not supported
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  1. 0.5
    Customer support

    Trust me fastestvpn is not worth your money no matter how deal you’ll get. And here’s the bottom line why: CONSTANT LEAKING, terrible CONSTATNLY CRASHING app, NO KILL SWITCH for torrenting only for your web browser. Shall I continue? Sure thing, EMPTY PROMISES and FLAT OUT LIES. Yes, I’ve been in contact with both their customer service (which is one guy, or at least any time talk to them the person is identified as Savvas) and their so called “back office”, who never sign off any emails with any names. I was promissed times over that they would add new servers (including my country). This was to take place in November 2018 then when it didn’t happen, they said before the end of the year 2018. Never happened. Now a month later they are not bothering to reply to this question any more. They also promissed they were working on releasing the new version of the app by the end of the first week in January 2019, that would fix the leak issues. Oh well, no new app and also they are no longer communicating on this issue either. The whole point of buying a vpn service for a lot of people is to hide their torrenting traffic. With fastestvpn the app will freeze without a warning every now and then, but your torrent traffic will keep running as if nothing happened. However, what did happen is that the traffic nis no longer redirected through the vpn server but through your actual own IP. I was able to identify this using an IP magnet tool, which sends back the IP address that the torrent client is actually sending out.

    Sometimes fastestvpn seems to work, but even then you can’t connect to about half of their servers. Only around half will work at any given time I’ve tried. But yeah, sometimes several times a day the service will leak your actual IP, so there is no way I’ll recommend fastestvpn to anyone.

    + PROS: Can't think of any. I'm sorry.
    - CONS: It's not a vpn service, it's a scam. I believe that's a major con.
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  2. I’ve tried it for several days now, and the connection is indeed quite fast, but extremely unstable. FastestVPN loses its connection every 15 to 30 minutes, making it extremely unreliable. Sometimes the app will automatically reconnect and fix it, sometimes it won’t and you have to switch to a different location (where you will have the same issue 15 to 30 minutes later). Completely useless!

  3. 5
    Customer support

    They have changed a lot, after the news apps they have fixed all issues. I had same issues last year but few months back I saw their lifetime deal so I approached to their live chat and asked for a free trial before purchase and they gave me 1 day free account. I was surprised by the new apps they are totally different and have advance features like, split tunneling, smart connect and auto connect, disconnection issues are now barely come.
    I would suggest you to ask for a trail account before purchase, if you satisfied then proceed for payment.

    + PROS: New version of FastestVPN apps are up to the mark
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  4. 5
    Customer support

    Comparing on price I must say this is one of the best affordable VPN that does it job very well.

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