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I always wonder why I have to give so many permission to the messaging apps. Companies likes to track people? I am sure they do!

Privacy becomes more important each day. While we benefit from the applications on our smart phones, we also sacrifice our privacy to the companies. They store our all activities:

  • Messages you send, when and to who.
  • Your coordinates.
  • Your multimedia transfers.
  • Recording your mic.
  • Stuffing cookies for the advertisements and many more…

Today, I am happy to give you a great news that Golden Frog created an encrypted messaging application for smart phones by giving you the top privacy online. Cyphr Messaging is now here.

Cyphr Messaging is secure way to chat with the people around you. All you need to do download 6 mb appliation from AppStore or Google Play and start chatting with your friends.

Here some of the storing details you need to know about this application.

cyphr encrypted messages golden frog

How Cyphr Works?

Cyphr works with very simple security idea:

  • You get your message from a friend.
  • Message goes to super secure area called “Locked envelope”
  • Locked envelope prevents 3rd parties from reading your messages. So that you need a key to unlock it.
  • You create your public key to insert messages and a private key to withdraw them.

All of these steps are handled through 256-bit AES Symmetric Key Encryption system. You are safe now with Cyphr.

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