How to change Udemy currency/country to buy cheaper

Udemy offers different pricing policies according to the virtual location of the visitors. When you are visiting Udemy from the USA, the price will be in dollars; or from the UK, it will be a pound; or from any European country, the tag will change into Euros. Such a policy makes it easier for Udemy to localize its service and collect the bucks easier with the local currencies.

But, there is one other thing! The purchasing power!

Udemy changes the prices of the courses to a lower price when you are visiting the website with less power in a purchase. For example, if you are new to Udemy, and visiting the website from Germany, the discounted first-time price will be 9.99€; from the UK, the same course will be 10.99 pounds; from the USA, 9.99$; from Russia; 899 Ruble (12.15$) and so on.

There is one interesting country where you can get the best Udemy deals, Turkey! Interestingly, if you are visiting Udemy from Turkey and want to buy a course, the price policy changes to lower rates. The same course above will now cost 27.99₺ (4$) and in order to make this happen, we just need a quality VPN service with a Turkish server.

Right before the detailed instruction, I would like to give a brief analysis of the topic and walk you through the quick steps.

Analysis: Udemy changes its pricing policy and currency according to the country you are visiting. Usually, the western countries in the EU, UK, and North American block have to pay more than the countries with lesser purchasing power like India or Turkey. At this point, the sweetest deal goes to Turkey!

As a new customer, changing your virtual location will also help you get the Udemy courses with the best deal possible. All you need is a VPN service with a Turkish server.

In this tutorial, we will be using SurfShark.

A quick guide on changing Udemy’s currency/county to buy cheaper

  1. With its fast and reliable Turkish server, visit SurfShark VPN provider.
  2. Click the “buy now” button and choose a plan.
  3. Enter your email address, and complete the purchase with a preferred payment gateway.
  4. Login to SurfShark with the credentials sent to your e-mail address.
  5. Download the compatible SurfShark app to your device and install it.
  6. Login to the SurfShark app with your website credentials and click on the “Locations” section.
  7. Search “Turkey” and connect to Istanbul or Bursa server.

There you go! Now you have a Turkish IP address and buy the udemy courses at the cheapest price possible.


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  1. can i buy any course using a usd paypal?in turkey vpn?

    • As far as I know, you can use any currency to buy the udemy courses in TRY.

      • This seems to be blocked now at least for me. Are others also finding it difficult? Any other workarounds would be great it just tells me i need to contact support when i try to pay.

  2. Turkey doesn’t work anymore. Are there any other countries which still accept payments without a local credit card?

  3. Hi.
    My creditcard also dont work anymore. And it seems that there isnt a udemy gift card at your 2 links. Has you an other idea?
    Thank you

    • Hey there,

      Unfortunately, udemy stopped selling cards in Turkey. Once it is back, I will let you guys know again.

  4. Hi Burak, is it possible to buy virtual Turkish card online to buy Udemy courses. I checked some Turkish banks online they accept only Turkish ID, can’t find any other bank.

    • Hey Alex,

      I will be updating the article later on with the most demanded topics. Currently, I do not have enough information about virtual cards at the moment. Frankly, I did not even think this article would drive such huge visitors around the world.

      Surely, when I have sufficient data, I will do the necessary changes and help you guys make use of this service cheaper.

      • Hey Burak,
        have you tried with a turkish credit card to buy courses in the last month or so?
        With the low lira the courses are very cheap, but it looks like to me that we can´t buy with foreign credit cards anymore.

        • Yes, Turkey is extremely cheap when you convert USD to TRY but we need local cards to purchase from outside of Turkey. I am still trying to find local solutions to offer you in the future. Right after that, I will be editing the article.

  5. I am in Turkey and can confirm it doesn’t work with a credit card from abroad. UK prices are a rip off so I am going to try PirateBay instead. If I was still a UK resident I would pay, but I am a Turkish resident so I have no qualms about downloading a course or two for free, with the UK being 5 times the price.