5 Best VPNs for Ukraine – Tested, approved in 2022

No matter if you are a Ukrainian citizen, ex-pat, or a short-time traveler, you might need a quality VPN service in Ukraine. In order to make things easier and more understandable for you, I made a list of the 5 best VPN services you can use during your stay in this beautiful country.

The VPN services in this list will help you enhance your online privacy, browse the internet freely and stream any inaccessible content from Ukraine. In addition to such critical topics, I also made sure that you do not have to spend huge sums to get the best VPN experience.

Important note: This article talks about the “Best VPN for Ukraine” in terms of privacy. If you are looking for services that have Ukrainian servers so that you can access Ukrainian content, please refer to this article.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the quick list consisting of my 5 best VPN picks for Ukraine.

1. SurfShark: Based in British Virgin Island, no-log policy; 3200 servers in 65 different countries; Best price/performance ratio; Unlimited simultaneous connections; Starting from 2.49$/month.

2. CyberGhost: Based in Romania, no-activity-log policy; 7400 servers in 91 different countries; Best streaming VPN for Ukraine channels; 7 simultaneous connections; Starting from 2.25$/month.

3. VyprVPN: Based in Switzerland, proven no-log policy; 700 servers in 40 different countries; Cheapest option in the list; 30 simultaneous connections; Starting from 1.81$/month.

4. NordVPN: Based in Panama, reliable no-log policy; 5134 servers in 60 different countries; Privacy oriented but expensive; 6 simultaneous connections; Starting from 3.4$/month.

5. Hide.me: Based in Malaysia, reliable no-log policy; 2000 servers in 46 different countries; Good option for speed and privacy required activities; Starting from 4$/month.

How did I choose the best VPNs for Ukraine?

On the internet, you can find hundreds of irrelevant articles about the “best VPN services for the Ukraine” keyword. Most of them are affiliate-oriented and just focus on leading people to certain VPN providers to make huge profits.

VPNxD also earns some bucks when you make a purchase through our affiliate links but we never mislead people when it comes to listing the VPN services properly. That is why I went to Ukraine personally to write this article.

Landed in Lviv, took an old Soviet train to visit Brody, enjoyed some museums, and had a night walk in the center. In the meantime, I run all of the tests in this article with a local Wi-Fi and Lifecell mobile provider.

The test consisted of the following criteria below:

  • Privacy policy

Online privacy should be your main concern when you are in Ukraine. There are so many free public hotspots with an unsecured (HTTP) connection that your private data could be exposed to third parties in no time.  That is why a no-log VPN with enhanced security features is recommended.

  • Streaming servers

Watching something in the Ukrainian or Russian language would be quite annoying if you do not know the languages. In this case, you might need a VPN offering global streaming services like Netflix, channels from your own country, BBC iPlayer, etc…

  • Speed performance

Noone likes slow internet. I ran three different speed tests with the VPN services to get a general point of view of the given speed performance. Therefore, you will not have any difficulties when browsing or streaming online.

  • Compatability and pricing

No matter what device you have, you should not have issues with compatibility. That is how you can enjoy a VPN service to the fullest with any of your devices.

Finally, we will learn how many devices we can use the services simultaneously and how much we are supposed to spend for a decent VPN service.

5 Best VPNs for Ukraine

Here are my top 5 VPN picks for Ukraine. The list only has the best of best and the VPN services will meet your ultimate demands. However, do not forget that each VPN service is different in terms of privacy, streaming, and speed performance.

Make sure to read the listing thoroughly and decide which VPN is the best for your needs.

1. SurfShark

HeadquartersBritish Virgin Island
Log policyAudited no-logs
Servers coverage60 countries
Performance52.51 Mbps
Official sitewww.surfshark.com

SurfShark review covers pricing; compatible apps, privacy policy, server locations and customer support experience.

SurfShark is a British Virgin Island VPN provider committed to users’ online privacy. Because of its off-shore legislature, Surfshark does not have to keep any activity logs of any users. The company also got its service audited by an independent cybersecurity company to approve being a log-free VPN service.

In short, what you are doing with the VPN stays between you and your smart device. Ukrainian government cannot sneak into your personal online affairs.

SurfShark is also a well-known VPN for its ability to unblock content from other countries. It has huge Netflix libraries. You can access BBC iPlayer; watch Hulu, DAZN, Amazon Prime, and more in Ukraine.

If you are a Ukrainian citizen and looking for local content as well, then SurfShark will help you access local betting sites like Parimatch, Favbet; or streaming websites such as OLL TV, Football 1, 2, 3, etc…

In order to make use of these features above, we do need a quality server offering decent download speed for each user. That was why I ran a speed test from a local Ukraine cafe. Here is what I got with SurfShark.

  • USA: 50.79 download, 26.86 upload
  • Germany: 53.44 download, 49.23 upload
  • Australia: 53.31 download, 41.05 upload

With the speed given, you can browse the internet or watch any 4k online video as if you are not connected to a VPN service. Yet, on which devices we can make use of SurfShark?

SurfShark has several apps compatible with the most popular smart devices. These are:

  • PC: Linux, Windows, MacOS
  • Mobile devices: iOS, Android
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge
  • TVs: FireTV, Apple TV, Android TV,
  • Consoles: Playstation, Xbox
  • Others: Flashrouters…

A single account will get you the available platforms above. What is more fascinating is that you can use the SurfShark on unlimited devices simultaneously. Such an amazing service starts from 2.49$/month.


  • Audited privacy
  • Huge server coverage
  • 50+ Mbps download speed
  • Best for streaming/unblocking content
  • Best/performance ratio


  • Not recommended for local streaming services like MeGoGo
  • Price doubles after two years

2. NordVPN

Log policyAudited no-logs
Servers coverage60 countries
Performance55.87 Mbps
Official sitewww.nordvpn.com

NordVPN is a Panama-based VPN provider focusing on the online privacy of daily users and companies. Like many other VPN providers, NordVPN also got its service audited by a cybersecurity tech company and got the approval of being a true log-free VPN provider in the market.

In addition to that, NordVPN runs all infrastructure on RAMDisk servers to make the tracking impossible on the server-side.

Unlike SurfShark, NordVPN’s primary focus is privacy and users should not have higher expectations when it comes to streaming and unblocking online content. Currently, the company has 5000+ servers in 60 different countries including Ukraine.

While I do not recommend NordVPN for ex-pats trying to expand outside of Ukraine, NordVPN can be an amazing pick for local people if you are to access MeGoGo, OLL TV, or any other Ukrainian channels. Moreover, you will love the speed performance of any NordVPN server.

According to the NordVPN test, I got the results below:

  • USA: 56.36 download, 29.77 upload
  • Germany: 51.55 download, 54.85 upload
  • Australia: 59.70 download, 15.20 upload

Once you decide on NordVPN, you can use a single account on 6 different devices simultaneously with the following devices:

  • PC: Linux, Windows, MacOS
  • Mobile devices: iOS, Android
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox
  • TVs: Android TV
  • Consoles: Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch
  • Others: Flashrouters, FireStick, Chrome cast

Unlike inexpensive companies in the market, NordVPN prefers to keep its service price higher. You can get the best deal if you choose 2 years plan which starts from 3.71$/month.


  • No-log VPN provider
  • Amazing speed performance 55+ Mbps
  • Great pick for privacy geeks


  • Not recommended for streaming purposes
  • Limited simultaneous connections
  • Pricy VPN plans

3. VyprVPN

Log policyAudited no-logs
Servers coverage63 countries
Performance35.83+ Mbps
Official sitewww.vyprvpn.com

VyprVPN is a Switzerland-based VPN provider standing out as the first audited and no-log approved service in the market. Separating from the other VPN services distinctively, VyprVPN optimizes and uses its own server in each data center. This makes the company have full control over personal data and online traffic in case of a breach or a leak.

In short, your data is safe with VyprVPN.

Unlike many VPN services, VyprVPN prefers to keep the server numbers as low as possible. Currently, the company has 700 servers in 63 different countries. The coverage looks okay. However, the number of servers might seem insufficient.

Such a low number may lead you to think that you would have a problem with streaming or accessing contents online. Yet, VyprVPN pays great attention to global content as well as local Ukrainian ones. Yet, I had a small problem when testing VyprVPN’s speed performance out.

  • USA: 16.32 download, 13.37 upload
  • Germany: 55.34 download, 44.98 upload
  • Australia: Failed

As seen on the speed test above, VyprVPN could not deliver impressive results like the other providers on the list. It also failed when connecting to the Australia server.

If you think VyprVPN would be your pick, here are the platforms where you can install VyprVPN.

  • PC: Windows, MacOS
  • Mobile devices: iOS, Android, Blackphone
  • Browsers: N/A
  • TVs: Android TV
  • Consoles: N/A
  • Others: Flashrouters, Anonabox

VyprVPN does not offer compatibility with many devices like the other providers. However, they are quite competitive with the pricing. A single account will grant you 30 simultaneous connections and it only starts from 1.81$/month.


  • First audited no-log VPN provider
  • Generous simultaneous connections up to 30 devices
  • Works with global and local streaming services


  • Average speed
  • Insufficient compatibility
  • Does not work with MeGoGo

4. CyberGhost

Log policyNo activity logs
Servers coverage93 countries
Performance23.81+ Mbps
Official sitewww.cyberghost.com

CyberGhost is a Romania-based VPN provider operated by Kape technologies. The company has no-log claims on its websites. However, I do not recommend CyberGhost for the privacy required activities.

On the other hand, CyberGhost can be your top pick when it comes to streaming. Supporting global streaming platforms as well as local Ukrainian services, you can bring the whole world to your smart devices.

Currently, CyberGhost has 7400 servers in 91 different countries. This makes the company one of the most expanded VPN services in the market. Yet, is it fast enough?

Well, CyberGhost offers an average speed performance:

  • USA: 3.81 download, 16.26 upload
  • Germany: 53.77 download, 50.88 upload
  • Australia: 13.85 download, 10.25 upload

When you are in Ukraine, you will love the speed from European servers. However, if you try to access a streaming platform from USA, or Australia, then you might experience some low-quality browsing or streaming experience.

Being one of the cheapest providers on our list, CyberGhost has quite impressive compatibility.

  • PC: Windows, MacOS
  • Mobile devices: iOS, Android, Blackphone
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox
  • TVs: Android TV, Amazon Fire, Apple TV.
  • Consoles: Playstation 3/4, Xbox One & Xbox 360
  • Others: Routers

When you purchase CyberGhost, a single account will grant you 7 simultaneous connections on the compatible platforms above. As a competitive player in the market, you can buy CyberGhost plans starting from 2.25$/month.


  • Best choice for local and Europe based streaming services
  • Generous pricing with 7 simultaneous connections
  • Huge country/server coverage


  • Low-speed performance from USA/Australia servers
  • Not a privacy friendly company

5. Hide.me

Log policyAudited no-logs
Servers coverage46 countries
Performance50.3+ Mbps
Official sitewww.hide.me

Hide.me is a Malaysia-based VPN provider focusing on true online privacy with its reliable no-log policy. Because of the data retention law in Malaysia, Hide.me can offer its service by keeping the least data possible. Once you are registered, anything you are doing online stays between you and your device. No third parties!

Currently, Hide.me has 2000 servers in 47 different countries. The numbers may look insufficient for streaming. However, you can access several Netflix catalogs, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime catalog, and local Ukrainian platforms such as OLL TV, Sweet TV, Megogo, etc…

If you are not into super-extended server coverage, then Hide.me can be your privacy and streaming friend. Moreover, you will love the speed as well. According to the local test, I got the following results:

  • USA: 44.62 download, 24.04 upload
  • Germany: 54.23 download, 55.99 upload
  • Australia: 52.1 download, 21.9 upload

Not only with the downloading, but also uploading results are pretty impressive. If you like to upload huge files or watch videos at the best quality possible, Hide.me can help you with those. But, where can you use this service?

  • PC: Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Mobile devices: iOS, Android
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge
  • TVs: N/A
  • Consoles: N/A
  • Others: Routers

Being not compatible with several platforms, Hide.me has some other cons as well. The company is the most expensive service on our list. The most reasonable plan starts from 4.99$/month and it only offers 10 simultaneous connections per account.


  • Privacy and streaming friendly
  • Easy to use apps
  • Reliable speed performance


  • Fewer country coverage
  • Expensive pricing
  • Limited compatibility

How can a VPN help you in Ukraine?

Now that we have listed the 5 best VPN services for Ukraine, it is time to analyze more how they can help you.

As mentioned before, each VPN has different usage purposes and they might not meet your all-in-one expectations. Yet, overall, a VPN can help you with the following topics.

  • Online privacy

Ukraine, Russia, and Turkey are the top countries with online hacking. Almost any public Wi-Fi in Ukraine does not have passwords and many of them are not secure.

That is a free gateway for hackers to sneak into your online activities and even personal data when you are connected to one of these hotspot connections. In such cases, a VPN will add second-tier security to layer your connection and send your online activities through a private tunnel. That will prevent any hackers from accessing your private data.

  • Accessing global content

Even if you are a short-time traveler, ex-pat, or local person. A VPN can help you expand beyond boundaries.

Ukraine is not in the EU zone and does not share a common platform for streaming activities.

In other words, when you are in Ukraine, you will have problems when streaming content from your country. In addition to that, anything you will hear and see in Ukraine will be in the Ukrainian or Russian language. If you are not familiar with those languages and want to access content from your local tongue, then you need a VPN service having a server in your own country.

Let’s say that you want to access sports events from Germany, then just connect to the VPN’s Germany server and start streaming DAZN or ZDF, etc…

  • Bypassing censorship

Ukraine is not an oppressing country when it comes to online censorship. However, the conflict between Ukraine and Russian make the Ukrainian government take some hard steps against Russian services.

Currently, MatchTV, Okko, Yandex, MoreTV, WinkRu, and so many Russian newspaper websites are blocked in Ukraine. By using SurfShark or CyberGhost’s Russian servers, you can overcome this restriction easily.

  • Getting cheap deals with different IP addresses

Because of the low purchase power, Ukraine is, unfortunately, a developing country with low income. However, some online deals might be in USD rather than local currency UAH. By using a VPN service, you can connect to Turkey, Mexico, India to get better deals from Netflix, LinkedIn learning, Youtube, Spotify, Turkish Airlines, etc…

  • Accessing local betting sites

Ukraine is so strict when it comes to online betting in the country. As of now, only local services such as Parimatch, Favbet are available for placing bets.

When you are in Ukraine, you will most likely have to access problems to any other betting websites. They are either blocked by the internet service providers or you get a “Not working in your current location” error.

In order to bypass this issue, simply connect to the server country where the betting website is official and legal. Then keep on betting on your favorite matches.

Summing up the best Ukraine VPNs

If even you are in Ukraine for the short or a long term, you do need a VPN service. Bearing this necessity in mind, I went to Ukraine, tested their local and mobile online internet providers personally.

Keeping privacy, streaming, speed performance, and censorship in mind, SurfShark, NordVPN, CyberGhost, VyprVPN and Hide.me stood out to be the best VPN solutions for Ukraine.

Yet, do not forget that each VPN has distinctive features separating one from another. Make sure to pick the one depending on your personal needs or usage habits.

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