5 Best Google Chrome VPN extensions

Google Chrome is a sophisticated, easy to use, and fast browser by Google. With more than %60 of the market share, Google Chrome is the true leader. Furthermore, it has millions of extensions to make the browser multifunction. Such opportunities make Google Chrome a favorable solution. However, users may also need a VPN service to get rid of their privacy concerns and bypass censorship in their countries as well.

At one point, Google Extention host thousands of VPN services. Still, you cannot trust them! So many free VPN providers got caught selling personal data to advertising channels. In order not to have such an issue, I have listed 5 best VPN proxy services for Google Chrome. By using one of these services, you will get more than you need.

A quick look to best 5 Google Chrome VPN provider

1. SurfShark – Legislation: British Virgin Island. No activity logs. Ads, tracker, cookie, and malware blockers. IP/DNS, and Webrtc leak prevention. 60+ countries, 1700+ servers. Starting from 1.99$/month…

2. NordVPN – Legislation: Panama. No activity logs. Ads, and pishing website blocker. Webrtc leak prevention. 59 countries, 5800+ servers. Starting from 3.59$/month…

3. ExpressVPN – Legislation: British Virgin Island. Proven no-log policy. Webrtc leak prevention and fake GPS locations. Servers in 94 different countries. Starting from 6.67$/month…

4. UltraVPN – Legislation: United Kingdom. No activity logs. 60+ countries. Starting from 2.25€/month…

5. WindScribe – Legislation: Canada. No activity logs. Comprehensive blocking technology for ads, analytics, cookies, social media, and more… 63 countries. Starting from 4.08$/month.

How I evaluated the best Google Chrome VPNs

First of all, do not fall into the wrong feeling that your data will be encrypted or you will be invisible with a Chrome extension. The VPN providers cannot offer you the all benefits of VPN encryption. You will be just making use of proxy servers to change your IP and prevent DNS leaks.

Bearing this in mind, I have created three sup topics to cover while choosing a Chrome VPN provider. This way, we will understand what each provider offers in terms of privacy and how its features are implemented to the extension.

Privacy by the company and the Google Chrome extension

Privacy is key when choosing the right VPN. In order to keep your personal and browsing data safe, we will take a close look at the privacy policy of the companies. We will also analyze each privacy-oriented features embed with Google Chrome extension.

Country coverage and speed performance

In the online world, no one likes to wait. That is why we need a VPN service with worldwide server coverage and decent speed performance. That way, we can have smooth social media, online browsing, and high-quality streaming experience. Furthermore, I will also analyze if VPN providers have dedicated servers for popular on-demand streaming services (Netflix, BBC iPlayer, etc…)

Pricing and refund policy

A quality VPN should not hurt our budget. As not many people can afford expensive services, in our list, you will find budget-friendly providers with the best price/performance ratio. Just in case if you experience an issue, you will be under “no question asked” moneyback guarantee as well.

5 Best Google Chrome VPN proxy services

According to the three criteria and my long term experience, here are the top Chrome VPN proxy services you can enjoy utmost privacy and amazing speed performance.

1. SurfShark

British Virgin Islan based SurfShark offers unmatched privacy and security. Thanks to the offshore legislation, the company does not keep any activity logs. Therefore, in case of an official demand, SurfShark will have nothing to give away. Just to make things clearer, SurfShark has a dedicated transparency report page as well.

As for the privacy on the extension side, SurfShark offers WebRTC leak prevention with its servers. This feature will keep your IP address, your location, and internet service provider hidden. Furthermore, you can also make use of the CleanWeb feature to prevent annoying ads, online trackers, and malware websites.

surfshark google chrome vpn proxy

Privacy is important to some extend. We do also need speed and as many servers as possible.

SurfShark currently offers 1700+ servers in more than 60 countries. According to my long term experience, SurfShark not only provides stability but also amazing speed performance with its servers. You can get 70+ Mbps download speed. This makes the SurfShark the fastest VPN provider on our list.

In addition to the coverage and speed performance, the SurfShark Chrome Proxy service also has dedicated streaming services. Instead of installing additional VPN tools, you can easily stream Netflix, BBC Player, and many other on-demand platforms throughout SurfShark extension.

Last but not least, the pricing! SurfShark has the best price/performance ratio in the market. The company ranks 1st in our cheapest VPN provider list. Under a 30-day moneyback guarantee, you can start using SurfShark from 1.99$/month.

The deal is a steal as you can use the service with unlimited devices simultaneously.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is a Panama based VPN provider focusing on ultimate online privacy for its users. The company keeps up with the latest innovations (latest protocols) in the market and implement the necessary update patches to its apps. Moreover, the offshore location of the company helps them stay away from data retention laws. This also enables us to break free of activity logging sessions on the server-side.

In addition to that, NordVPN takes privacy seriously on the app side as well. The proxy app has two critical features:

  1. Webrtc block: Enabling this feature will prevent IP leaks and keep your online activities safe.
  2. CyberSec: Once activated, NordVPN will try to block ads, phishing, and other online threats from the server-side. However, this feature may fail from time to time. If you realize the ads are not blocked, you may need to reestablish a proxy connection.

nordvpn google chrome vpn proxy extention

After getting so much criticism from the users, NordVPN invested a lot on the server performance. Earlier, the download speed was just around 20 Mbps, yet, as of now, it is possible to reach 70+ Mbps download. This performance makes the NordVPN second-fastest VPN provider on our list.

In terms of coverage, I have a complaint. While its competitors hit up to 90+, NordVPN is stuck to 59 countries. At one point, it is fairly enough for streaming, social media, and daily browsing. On the other hand, NordVPN is an old player in the market. It would be nice to see them growing, rather than getting stuck at 59.

Looking at the bright side, it is possible to unblock streaming services from Chrome proxy extension as well. NordVPN is an amazing option to watch Netflix USA, BBC iPlayer abroad.

NordVPN price/performance ratio is on an acceptable level. You can enjoy 6 simultaneous connections under a 30-day moneyback guarantee – starting from 3.49$/month. 

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is another British Virgin Island VPN provider with a proven no-log policy. It has all privacy measurements to keep the users off the radar. At one point such strong privacy may look appealing. However, ExpressVPN has a few flaws worth mentioning.

First of all the offshore location grants ExpressVPN the right not to keep any logs. They actually proved it with the Karlov shooting incident. Secondly, ExpressVPN runs its servers on RAM Disk infrastructure making the login activities impossible. In short, your privacy is in safe hands.

On the other hand, ExpressVPN forces its users to use a desktop app as well. You cannot simply use the standalone Google Chrome app. If you are just looking for an extension, ExpressVPN is not for you.

As for the privacy settings in the Chrome extension, ExpressVPN has three features:

  • Location spoofing: will stop HTML5 geolocation from revealing your physical whereabouts while connected to VPN.
  • Webrtc blocking: will prevent websites from discovering your true IP address and location.
  • HTTPS everywhere: will automatically connect to a more secure https version of the website if available.

ExpressVPN offers quite impressive features in terms of privacy. However, the service would be more appealing if it could block ads, trackers, or phishing websites.

expressvpn google chrome proxy vpn

If you are looking for huge server coverage and amazing speed performance, then you will love ExpressVPN. Currently, the company has thousands of servers in more than 90 countries. This makes the ExpressVPN number one provider in terms of map coverage.

Secondly, the latest improvements help ExpressVPN offer greater speed performance. According to our latest tests with 100 Mbps fiber connection, we got 60+ Mbps download speed. The values make the ExpressVPN third-fastest VPN provider we have tested so far.

Finally, the pricing policy. Unfortunately, ExpressVPN is one of the most expensive VPN providers in the market. The cheapest plan starts from 6.67$/month. You can use the service simultaneously up to 5 devices. In case you are not content with the service, you will be under the protection of 30 days moneyback guarantee.

4. UltraVPN

UltraVPN is a UK based VPN provider. The legislation may scare VPN users. However, UltraVPN does not keep any activity logs. Still, I strongly suggest you use UltraVPN just to stay anonymous not to use it in any illegal activities. Even if the company does not log online activities, they have to abide by UK laws.

As for the privacy on the extension side, UltraVPN has a web shield feature to check the search results and show you the secure websites only. Furthermore, there are shortcuts on the extension to clear cache, history, and open incognito mode with a single click.

Finally, yet importantly, there are two issues worth mentioning. First UltraVPN cannot block ads or trackers. You may need a second-tier extension for that. Secondly, when UltraVPN is active, there is no sign of it. Surely, the extension needs an update to fix these problems.

ultravpn google chrome proxy vpn

Only at the end of 2019, UltraVPN was just covering 14 different locations. Yet, as of now, the company has thousands of servers in more than 60 countries now. As a new company, this is an acceptable improvement on the server-side. You will love the speed as well.

According to our test, UltraVPN ranks fourth in our fastest VPN listing. You will get up to 50+ Mbps download speed. Furthermore, you will love the speed performance when it comes to online gaming. A low latency server will help you get the best possible gaming experience on a VPN. You can take a closer look at the details here.

Finally, there is one another pro of being a new player in the market: pricing! UltraVPN offers 10 simultaneous connection plans starting from 2.25€/month. For your information, you can also add ad blocker, priority support, family protection, and additional devices to your plan. These will all come in extra, for sure.

5. WindScribe

Windscribe is Canada based VPN provider with a strong no-log policy for online activities. Additionally, the company depicts that it must keep minimal user logs to keep the service running. This may sound frustrating. However, according to the Windscribe transparency report, no user data was handed into DMCA or law enforcement letters.

As of Google Chrome, Windscribe has the most sophisticated extension in the market. I would like to point out some critical features.

  • Ad Crusher: You can block unwanted ads across the websites
  • Tracker eradicator: In order not to be tracked, you can block analytics tools spying all of your online activities.
  • Malware evader: Some websites may try to infect your device. A handy feature to block them all.
  • Social distancing: Social media websites may track you throughout their share buttons. This feature will block the online social media tracking and buttons
  • Cookie go away: Tried of forceful “accept cookie policy” notifications? Cookie Go Away is here to block them all
  • Do not disturb: A quick way to block notifications from websites.
  • Cookie monster: When you close the browser tab, this feature will delete all of the cookies.
  • Webrtc slayer: Activate this feature to prevent DNS/IP leaks.
  • Location and time warp: You may want to change your location and time zone to the proxy server you are connected to. Active this feature to make it happen.
  • Split personality: This feature will continuously change proxy servers to make tracing hard.

So many of these features are unique to WindScribe and you can use them to enhance your online privacy. However, some features are not useful at all. Blocking everything may break the synchronization of your browsing activities. This may also prevent Google Chrome and Firefox function properly.

windscribe google chrome vpn proxy

It is quite surprising that many features can fit into this tiny extension. We are not finished yet.

WindScribe currently offers servers in 63 different countries. While the numbers stand at an acceptable level, unfortunately, I do not like the speed performance. According to my review, Windscribe has a mediocre speed performance idling around 10+ Mbps. This is enough for streaming HQ videos, fast social media, and daily browsing experience. Yet, for 4k videos, it won’t be enough.

Last but not least, it is possible to find dedicated streaming services within Chrome extension. Under the WindFlix category, you can access your favorite on-demand shows abroad.

Starting from 4.03$/month, you can secure unlimited devices simultaneously. Yet, the Windscribe pricing policy is a little bit higher than its competitors, indeed. I also do not like three days moneyback guarantee. It is way too of a short period.

Summing up

In this article, we talked about the 5 best Google Chrome VPN providers according to our reviews. In order to make the listing right, I have created three different sup topics. First of all, I focused on the privacy offered by both company and the extension end. Secondly, we paid huge importance to speed performance and server coverage. Lastly, we took the price/performance ratio seriously as well as pricing policy.

Keeping the topic in mind, 5 VPN providers we have reviewed earlier stood up. These were SurfShark, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, UltraVPN, and WindScribe. Each provider has different features. While SurfShark looks appealing with its pricing, no-log policy, and server-side adblocker, WindScribe steps in with a variety of privacy features where you cannot find on some other extensions.

Depending on what you actually need, you can choose one of these trusted VPN providers, and start browsing privately.

Do not forget, never use free Google Chrome Proxy extensions! These apps are built to track your online habits and sell them to third-party advertising companies.

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